Suitable for women’s anti -aging cream after 30 years old, but the price is not expensive but the effect is very good. You can close your eyes closed

Suitable for women’s anti -aging cream after 30 years old, but the price is not expensive but the effect is very good. You can close your eyes closed

Per capita anti -aging has become a hot topic for skin care today, and it has also become a skin care point for many people. So that when you choose skin care products, you can see the words “promoting collagen regeneration” and “anti -wrinkle and anti -aging”, and it is easy to pay for it for it.

But for women with strong anti -aging demand after 30,

Collagen is not the only item for anti -aging. What we need to consider is not only the sense of filling the skin, but also includes the smoothness and elasticity of the skin


If you want to achieve all -round anti -aging, Koala will share with you

3 anti -old cream, the price is not expensive but the effect is very good

With their help to improve skin aging, it is simple, and you can close your eyes!

Clarinus poetry stretch cream

The products that can supplement collagen on the market are very rich, but in the products that can be repaired by the elastic protein in charge of skin elasticity, this spring cream is very good. On the basis of the planting skin care system, users provide a relatively comprehensive anti -aging nursing experience.

The plant extract of Clarins is rich in reserve, and this spring cream uses the combination of Australian kangaroos and rough fruit caps. Our skin state has improved from the surface layer to the inside, making the skin stronger and full.

Spring cream, as a star single product of Clarins, has also been upgraded and progressing, providing corresponding skin care solutions for the different cares required by the skin in different periods. There is a special series of antioxidant ingredients in the daily cream, and in the evening, it pays more attention to the repair of skin injury.

Spring creams of different textures are sufficient but not greasy on the face. It is most suitable to choose it for fragile skin, sensitive skin, and relaxation skin.

L’Oreal honeypot

Little honeypot cream is a single product with high configuration and cost -effectiveness in L’Oreal’s product series. The application of small honeypots is actually very extensive. Whether it is a young skin or young skin that wants to start anti -aging as soon as possible, it is a good choice.

In terms of formulas and ingredients, L’Oreal’s technical sharing characteristics have also given the honeypots and the lady’s single products in the brand very similar.

The core anti -aging ingredients used in the honeypots are currently the star of the anti -aging skin care industry. It has excellent performance in both repair and anti -aging, and has a significant effect on improving the fullness of the skin. In addition, the application of peptide ingredients also achieves the effect of promoting collagen and enhancing the supporting force in the skin.

The honeypot’s exclusive Manuka honey component is a top honey raw material. Its moisturizing factors and trace elements are rich in oil content. In terms of antioxidant and skin repair, the effect is more efficient than ordinary honey components. Little honeypot is an anti -aging item that can coordinate the three aspects of tightness, abundance and repair.

The small honeypots also have different products. The moisturizing version is not only rich in fat, but also has a strong moisturizing effect. It improves the softness of the skin significantly. The light version emphasizes the refreshing sense, and the moisturizing and skin feel are well fused. You can choose according to your skin type.

Kyan’s purple glass A cream

The Kyan -Glass A series, which also uses anti -old skin care as a selling point, is unique in its mild and low sensitivity. Although there are diverse anti -aging skin care ingredients on the market, it is common to establish tolerance.

For 30+ skin quality with strong anti -aging needs, the health of the stratum corneum is a time when it is fragile, so it is not easy to resist both aging and mildness. The emergence of purple glass A cream just made up for this shortage.

The core ingredients in the cream have a very good effect in promoting collagen, and it can also achieve the three aspects of enhancement of skin connection and filling.

In addition, “A” is a plant bionic A alcohol component. It has similar effects to A alcohol, which can smooth the skin while improving the skin collapse problem.

However, it is higher than A alcohol, has no sensitivity, and has no sense of irritation. The applicability of various skin types is very high. In addition, the addition of antioxidant ingredients in the cream also avoids the aging damage to a certain extent, which is helpful for the stability of the skin state.

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