After the 95th romantic seaside wedding personality, seaside wedding planning

After the 95th romantic seaside wedding personality, seaside wedding planning

After 95, he has his own unique personality. He likes to pursue personalization, and marriage is no exception. So, how do new people in the post -90s create a romantic seaside wedding? Let’s take a look at the post -90s seaside wedding planning plan recommended by Xiaobian.

Seaside wedding

Post -95 post -seaside wedding planning plan 1: Time arrangement

1. Since the sea wedding is held outdoors, it is necessary to learn about the four seasons of weather changes in the beach, so as to choose the days of wind and sunshine to host the beach wedding.

2. Try to avoid the strong noon time of the sunlight and select the ritual at the time of the sunset with a soft light, so as to take a photo of the sea view ritual with a better effect.

3. When exchanging vows, choose when the wind is small. If the sea breeze is too violent, it is necessary to block the scenes behind as a barrier.


Later Sea Wedding Planning Plan 2: On -site arrangement

1. The welcome arch should be used to the sea. The arch can wrap all colors or light gauze. Use a bech shell or a wooden stick with a tulle bow to lay a beautiful path. Tie the sky blue ribbon on the pure white seat, and sprinkle the random white shell on the white ceremony, which makes people feel lazy and casual at natural freshness.

2. Because it is a wedding at the beach, the layout of the wedding dining table is also full of tropical taste. Wooden tables are placed with various flowers. White tableware, with transparent glass, is simple and elegant. Let the wedding field exuding the taste of tropical nature.

3. The simple stage built on the stage design is arranged with some flowers and leaves. Put two tables on the front of the stage, one cake, one placing champagne, the four corners of the table and the table legs are wrapped in flowers; the arc bar, a variety of drinks on it, beach cocktails, orange juice, vodka, modulation drinks, drinking drinks , Let the guests choose arbitrarily.

Later seaside wedding planning plan three: wedding clothing

1. It is recommended to wear a simple, lively and light dress. In order to avoid sweating, we must choose fabrics with light, thin, and breathable. On the beach, the long -tail -tailed wedding dress will look very cumbersome.

2. The beach is very windy, so it is not suitable to wear veils. Putting a small flower on your hair is a good choice. If you really want to wear a veil, be sure to fix it, so as not to fall with the wind.

3. High -heeled shoes are not suitable for beach weddings. Walking barefoot on the beach, or wearing a pair of fashionable towers is the most decent dress.

Later seaside wedding planning plan 4: Item preparation

1. Food. At the sea wedding, whether you eat on the terrace or small restaurants on the terrace, it is best to eat some fresh and light foods. Naturally, seafood is inevitable. In addition, you need to choose some local special dishes. In addition, desserts can choose chocolates in tropical fruits or shell shapes.

2, sunscreen. The ultraviolet radiation of the beach is very strong. The newcomer prepares a few bottles of sunscreen for themselves and guests in advance, and it will be worried about crazy!

3. Sound equipment. On the wedding day, it is likely to fight against the sea breeze and the wave, so bring some corresponding equipment. For example: the flute or string trilateral may require a microphone, and the pianoist or guitarist may need a amplifier.

Later seaside wedding planning plan 5: Seaside wedding process

1. Newcomer enrollment ceremony: The bride took his father to enter the ceremony at home, and went to the groom to give the beautiful bride to the groom.

2. Oathing ceremony: The newcomer reads the love declaration face to face, then puts it into the bottle, drifted into the sea water, and let the blue water and blue sky verify this beautiful love for the newcomer.

3. Switching ring ceremony: The groom kneels to propose to the bride with one knee, and then finds the love token from the beach. The ring can be installed in a coconut shell to exchange the wedding ring with each other.

4. The groom kisses the bride: lit the love ring on the beach, the newcomer kisses each other, and the atmosphere will reach the climax.

5. Cutting cake ceremony: The cake composed of fruits is more happy and sweet. The newcomer cuts it together and feeds each other. The sweet feeling naturally emerges from the heart.

6. Participation of relatives and friends: After the ceremony, you can choose some parts of relatives and friends, such as grass skirts, so that the lively atmosphere of the wedding can continue to rise.

The above is the post -90s seaside wedding planning plan for the editor of Jiujiu Wedding Network. If you also want to have a romantic and very individual seaside wedding, you may wish to refer to the suggestion of the editor. Maybe you may have unexpected effects!




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