The third car of the baby: Meiya enters Recaro Easylife Ultra baby cart

The third car of the baby: Meiya enters Recaro Easylife Ultra baby cart

Since the baby is born, the hand cart, safety seats, and dining chairs have become subjects that Bao Bao’s mother must study.

After that, I met Aunt Zhang because of this

The first car:

For the first time, after all, I did n’t have experience when I was shopping in the mall. The good price was appropriate. I thought that I should be able to use it for a long time.

Quinny Buzz

Well, he is Quinny Buzz (please ignore His Royal Highness of the Queen)

Unexpectedly, the problem came. The weight of the car (more than 10 kilograms) occupied the space (the trunk of the car was basically stuffed, and 7 seats should be pressured).

So the purchase of light carts has gradually been on the age

———————————————— ———————————————— ——————手动分割

The second car:

This is after knowing Aunt Zhang ~ After reading various carts to open the box, in fact, my first choice in my heart is Bugaboo Bee3, but I asked Bao Ma to give up and give up. The main reasons are three: 1. The purchase channel is single; 2. The price is a bit high; the third, the second is the most important one and then strongly recommend the Aprica Karoon Plus in His Royal Highness.

The lightweight is indeed good, and the functionality is OK (two -way push -pull, the whole puff mode). It is still more convenient to use it to be acceptable to the corner. The connection is not very easy to work hard (after all, the lightweight car is not as strong as the car)

Out of consideration of the safety of the baby (Bao Dad has already secretly studied the RECARO EASYLIFE currently sold on the sale, and I have studied some opportunities to feel)

The third car: [Pig feet are here]

When it comes to RECARO, those who like cars should be more familiar with racing seat brands? Each man should have the mind of a car (the heart of Bao Dad is an AMG).

Just as Kidsroom placed an order (the safety seat chairs are all under this website), I accidentally found that Meiya actually had a different look. Is it a new model? But watching the price of 229 knives was still hesitant.

But it didn’t take long for Meiya to tell me that this price was reduced by 160 knives direct mail! (Undocked tax and freight)

Make up the link:

Don’t wait for His Royal Highness to consider, and place the order directly back

So I just arrived today ~~~~!

It is almost the same as the EasyLife structure. You only need to install two wheels ~ Just make great achievements

It’s just that some details have changed some details



From bottom to top



Observation window

The back of the back through contraction and adjustment angle


Three wheels

Car collection effect

Let’s take a group photo ~

Take a photo with the car ~

After opening the box ~ Thank you for watching ~

Is it the first? ~ The information about EasyLife Ultra is not found on the Internet

You need to practice more, you can basically not need the effect in the video

I will have the opportunity to update the experience in the future ~

The third car of the baby: Meiya enters Recaro Easylife Ultra baby cart

Product Recommendation: Pushchair

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