RVs are so expensive. Meow Brother takes you to see how it produces it? The production process is unexpectedly me

RVs are so expensive. Meow Brother takes you to see how it produces it? The production process is unexpectedly me

Today, Meow Brother took everyone to see the RV production line of Meow Brother, and why he talked with Meow Brother, it is too difficult to do industry now.

His car was changed for half a year before it was made like this. He was spit out for a long time by Meow Brother. Meow Brother took everyone to step by step. From the beginning of the factory,

The production process of RV.

Launching factory

First of all, I came to the wooden factory, because Meow Brother had also worked in the wooden factory before, it was very hard. It can be seen that the cabinets and cabinets on all RVs are produced according to custom standards, so it must be equipped with a wooden factory.

It’s just its

The materials in the wooden factory are relatively special.

This kind of cabinet looks very big, but Meow Brother can mention it with one hand, all of which

Lightweight RV.

Spraying room

To their spraying room, it is made of paint and paint.

We see a lot of iron products on the RV, all of which are here

Do lacquer and anticorrosive treatment

There are two such such spraying rooms.

Assembly workshop

Then, we come

Essence Start sorting according to station 1,

Installation of the assembly line.

You can think of it as the assembly workshop. In fact, their front engines, including the chassis, need to add a steel structure after buying it, which is the chassis support structure. Then spray it in the painting workshop.


They are looking for it

FRP manufacturer customization

, Then put it on the support structure.

Before putting it on, they need to do a hydropower layout. In the RV company, there are woodworks with hydropower workers. In fact, it can be regarded as a decoration.

While the box is installed, the lines have been distributed in advance. All of them are dedicated integrated line beams of the automotive -level. They are all 12 levels. Do you feel similar to the decoration at home and look like fine decoration.

Because the car is purchased out of the car, they only make the car of the car. They make a tables themselves, hang the box with the tablet, and then complete the contents inside.

This can improve its production efficiency. In fact, is it similar to being a carpentry? It is all nails, that is, the decoration in the home is exactly the same. A large number of wiring beams are wrapped.

They are all this model, and then install

Polyurethane insulation board

It is the kind of insulation board with a zero odor, flame retardant and zero odor.

At this step, basically, after the inside is packed, it is the floor.


Move in directly for installation, and then install the corresponding RV refrigerators, including microwave oven or whatever, all of which are installed. In fact, it is similar to the decoration in the home. Case.

Quality inspection

After the RV is basically installed, do some more

Appearance inspection

, Clean and clean, including processing connection parts.

Then do it again


Including all water warm lights, these must be performed once, and then debugging.

After finishing the last, it is basically here

After all the quality inspection, you can pay the car



To be honest, my brother Meow came, because I hadn’t seen RV production before, and it was quite different from imagination.

Especially before I came, I just went to the Chengdu factory of Citroen, a modern factory, Meow Brother felt the whole


, Really it is still

It belongs to labor -intensive industries.

This factory of Meow Brother, more than 50 workers, with an average of 8,000 a month’s salary. In this way, the pressure is actually very strong.

So why many people are unwilling to do industries now. It is indeed so calculated. It has not counted the rent of the plant, and they all bought social security for workers.

Moreover, there are sales in the future. After the various expenses are added, you may think that you can buy an Iveco, which is 100,000. Why does a RV cost hundreds of thousands? because

The middle is indeed true, and there are many invisible costs

To be honest, Meow is very admirable and dares to do labor -intensive industries, because it does solve the problem of many people.

This is this time, this time, I went deep into the friend’s car factory to see it. I realized that the production of the entire RV was really similar to the decoration in the home, but it also had some cars. It should be supported a lot, these do industry.

If there are friends who are doing industry in a down -to -earth industry and a lot of employment, then it is really worthy of praise and respect.

Assembly workshop


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