How much do you know about the proportion of stainless steel plates and price converts commonly used in sheet metal factory?

How much do you know about the proportion of stainless steel plates and price converts commonly used in sheet metal factory?

About stainless steel plates: We are rarely seen at the original tablet of the steel factory, but due to its large volume, high cost, difficulty possibility, and inconvenient transportation, the market is more common in the market. Stainless steel plate.

Common stainless steel plates are divided into two categories:

Stainless steel plate width classification

1. Cold -rolled stainless steel plates and coils and rolled plates open flat flats.

A, stainless steel roll plates are divided into 1 meter, 1.219 meters, and 1.5 meters.

B. The common size of stainless steel tablets is 1 meter*2 meters, 1.219 meters*2.438 meters

2. Hot -rolled stainless steel plates are divided into roll plates, open flat tablets and hot -rolled flats

A, stainless steel rolled plates are commonly used at 1.5 meters, 1.25 meters

B. Stainless steel plate tablets are commonly used in size 1.5*6 meters, 1.8*6 meters, 1.25*6 meters.

The proportion of the material of the stainless steel plate

The theoretical calculation formula of stainless steel plate:

Theoretical weight (kg) = long (meter)*width (meter)*thickness (mm)*gravity (density)

Flat plate price: curl price*actual thickness/theoretical thickness+open toll

Example of board rolling price conversion:

The actual thickness of a stainless steel plate with a standard thickness of 2 mm is 1.8 mm, so the stainless steel plate with a theoretical weight of 2 tons is 1.8 tons. If the calculation price is 11400 yuan/ton, the pound price is about (2/1.80)*11400 = 12650 yuan/ton, (weight negative (1.80-2)/2*100%= 10%, 11400/(1 1, 1 -9%) = 12650 yuan/ton) Generally, the price roll price is too pounds, the price is high; (Generally, the general merchant will settle in this way, because the general stainless steel plate will have a 5%difference, and some will even reach 30%, so the price of the pound will generally be very high).

Commonly used cold -rolled stainless steel plate size

Commonly used hot -rolled stainless steel plate tablet size size

Stainless Steel Computing Style


Cost = thickened ÷ Loin*Come in the price+freight+processing fee


The price of the rolling board is switched to a flat plate price = roll price*solid/thickness+open tuition 100


Tablet price switch to roll plate price = board price*thickness/strong-Kaiping fee 100


Volume length = rolling weight/7.93/ volume width/actual thickness


Algorithms containing tax price = total weight of the cargo/1.04 (1.04 (1.04 represents 4 points -1.07 is 7 points)

Example: 10,000 tons of goods/1.04=9615.3846 tons*ton price = get results

Example: 1 ton of goods = 15800 per ton/1.04=15192.3077 -free tax


The total weight of the known volume weight and the price of the price = volume weight*price


Stainless steel plate

Thickness 宽 Width χ long χ7.93

Such asχ2.44χ7.93 = 47.2kg/Zhang


stainless steel pipe

(Outer diameter -wall thickness) - wall thickness χ0.02491

Such as (57-3.5) - 3.5χ0.02491 = 4.66kg/meter


Stainless steel round steel

Diameter χ diameter 00 0.00623

Such as 18χ18000.00623 = 2.02kg/meter


Stainless steel corner steel

The side long χ χ χ 7.8χ0.000198

Such as 40χ40χ7.8χ0.000198 = 2.47kg/meter

(Border width+edge width-edge thick) χ side thickness χ0.00793

Such as (40 + 40-3) χ3χ0.00793 = 1.83kg/meter


Stainless steel flat steel

Thickness 宽 width 00 0.00793

Such as 8.80χ0.00793 = 5.08kg/m


Stainless steel square tube

(Border width 4 ÷ 3.14 -thickness) χ thickness χ0.02491

Such as (40 4 ÷ 3.14-3) χ3χ0.02491 = 3.58kg/meter


Hexagonal steel

Border χ 00 00 00 00 00 0.0069


Square steel

Border width χ χ 00 00 00 00 00 00 0.00793

The above -mentioned length and width unit of the board are outside the rice, and the other specifications are all millimeters.

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