I am really not drunk! Summer is a little wine, and then sing “Red High Heel Shoes”

I am really not drunk! Summer is a little wine, and then sing “Red High Heel Shoes”

What do you want to do most in summer? Is it impossible to search for a variety of crayfish shops, and want to eat a happy life on the roadside and hot pot in the middle of the night?

Drink another one or two cups, like Sister Liu Mindao who sang “Red High Heels”, sneered at two points, two points of chic, three -pointers, and three -pointers, and did the most stubborn person in the summer!

Drink on the island

For modern people, they may not be good at drinking but enjoying drinking. Of course, there are many young people who accept beer and liquor like Xiao Nuo, but they like the type of sparkling sweet wine. Drinking at this time is more like a choice of relaxation, and the sense of ritual becomes particularly important.

I like to bubbish the brewing wine, and also like fruit wine with various aromas. The degree of wine is not important. The important thing is the mentality of drinking and the refreshing feeling of summer. The gray -blue bar chair and white bar are the most suitable for this kind of sweet wine. Whether it is going home from get off work or a six -day break, a small glass of sweet wine here is the best comfort for life.

Alcohol: 1-5%

Micro -Loqi Index: 16%

Recommended index: ★★★★★ (A few mouthfuls of sons on the island at home, taste cool summer)

Live meal

It is often sweaty when eating in summer, and some people have to say that the appetite declines in the summer and is not interested in anything. At this time, many people will choose to add a few cool dishes and drink a few glasses of drinking. Blue wine and beer are all possible. The purpose is to open the box and talk about daily life.

Red wine is suitable for a few sips of meals, which is rich in taste; beer wants to open the way to open the gossip, and the sound of “Zeri” in the pull ring immediately gives people a feeling of sincerity in summer. Regardless of whether you order takeaway or eat home -cooked dishes, drinking such a few sips of wine seems to be more comfortable, and he is more willing to speak.

Alcohol: 8-20%

Micro -Loqi Index: 27%

Recommended index: ★★★★ (A few sips, a good helper to open the box daily)

Summer tea breeding

Of course, everyone likes drinking. For young people who value health, various tea drinks are also very attractive. Put a tea set on a large wooden table, and then take out your favorite tea. When you cook tea, you will make your heart down unknowingly.

After a afternoon, cook tea with my parents to experience the fragrance of Zen. Of course, you can also make a few good friends. You can have a different grid of tea, and then bring milk, pearls, and fairy grass frozen. The hot milk tea outside can also make it at home!

Alcohol: 0%

Micro -La Index: 0%

Recommended index: ★★★★★ (I don’t want to drink, drinking tea in summer is also excellent)

Quality furniture product recommendation: bar chair white

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