Xi Jinping’s tribute to the war “epidemic” hero 丨 insist on the position and be brave

Xi Jinping’s tribute to the war “epidemic” hero 丨 insist on the position and be brave

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 26th. They ran on the streets and alleys, fields, and fields, and carried out the epidemic arise in depth, organized publicity of prevention of epidemic prevention, and made every effort to ensure the lives of the masses.

They struggled to re -production and re -production, fighting out the battlefield of poverty, and actively promoted the resumption of work and re -production while doing their best to prevent and control the epidemic. The corporate factory also reported the roar of the machine, and the ram of production in the field of spring …

Shen Gang (first from left), the power supply and inspection team leader of the Power Supply Center of the State Grid Hubei Power Supply Company Development Zone, use infrared imaging instrument to check the hospital’s special power supply line (photo taken on January 24). Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Liu Gang)

At a special moment of fighting the epidemic, there are such a group of grass -roots cadres who want the masses to think about it, the crowd is anxious, not afraid of sacrifice, courage to take responsibility, and use hard work to help dispel the haze of the epidemic situation in people’s minds, let the disrupted rhythm that disruptions rhythm Social life gradually returns to normal.

Building an epidemic prevention and control barrier, strictly prevent the risk of overseas input -different epidemic situations, the same severe test

On February 16th, more than 20 days after the outbreak prevention and control, Dong Lihui, the director of Chengnan High -tech Park, Jingzhou District, Jingzhou City, Hubei, 41 -year -old Dong Lihui, director of Chengnan Gaoxinyuan Health Office of Jingnan District, Jingzhou City, Hubei fell on his job. Information statistics table and work arrangement table.

This is Dong Lihui (third from left), director of Chengnan Gaoxinyuan Health Office, Jingzhou District, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. Xinhua News Agency

As early as the 29th lunar month of the lunar calendar, in the face of a severe epidemic, Dong Lihui gave up his vacation and devoted himself to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Responsible for the epidemic arbitration of the urban area, docking and coordinating the prevention and control of the epidemic of the management committee … The tasks of Dong Li will have many work tasks and mixed, and they are all thousands of work.

It is a grass -roots cadre and a mother, wife, and daughter, but in the eyes of colleagues, Dong Li will always put his job first. The old mother who was paralyzed in bed had no time to visit; every night after get off work, her 10 -year -old daughter had already entered the dreamland. The heavy work allows the child’s phrase “can your mother sleep with me for one night” has become an eternal expectation.

Wang Xiaorong, Chief of the Public Health Department of Chengnan Hospital in Jingzhou District, often read thousands of chat records with Dong Li contest. “She was still communicating with work for 30 minutes before falling.” Wang Xiaorong said.

This is the last twenty days of Dong Lihui’s life.

Today, the epidemic prevention and control situation has changed positively. In order to prevent the risk of input risks of overseas epidemic, airports in many places have become an important level.

On March 18, Lu Tao (left), deputy captain of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Assault Team of the Public Security Bureau of the Capital Airport, helped passengers solve the problem at the T3-D area of ​​the Capital Airport. Xinhua News Agency

Leaning on the chair of the Police Station of the Capital Airport T3-D area, Lu Tao, deputy captain of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Commander of the Public Security Bureau of the Capital Airport, showed his exhaustion. Through the foggy goggles, he vaguely shows his bloody eyes and thick dark circles.

This is the new situation facing Lu Tao’s work: the continuous growth of passengers has brought about continuous operating pressure, and the staff at the terminal of the terminal is dense.

Starting on March 10, the Capital Airport T3-D area is classified as an international flight stop. While on -site surveys, Lu Tao discussed the work process with relevant units, coordinated the police work plan, planned a fixed duty point and the position of the mobile patrol;

On March 15th, all international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of the Capital Airport and Daxing Airport were adjusted in the disposable area. Lu Tao coordinated the “strategic materials” and other “strategic materials such as mineral water and instant noodles and adjusted the schedule for the first time.

In the following days, Lu Tao and colleagues became “gyro” that could not stop. As they guide the crowd, they coordinate all parties to step up the process adjustment to ensure that the transfer of transfer disposal is safe and properly carried out.

Lu Tao’s voice has long become hoarse, but guarding the country must have the responsibility of “the epidemic is endless and fighting”. After a moment of rest, he will usher in a new number of passengers …

Light the lights, unblocked the arteries -different jobs, the same silent dedication

The night under the epidemic is particularly precious. It shows the stubborn vitality of a city, and also brings peace and hope to countless families.

Shen Gang, the head of power supply and inspection, the power supply center supply center of the State Grid Hubei Power Supply Company Development Zone, is the “light messenger” of the night.

“Epidemic prevention and control, electricity is an important guarantee.” This is what Shen Gang is always hanging his mouth. He is responsible for the patrol, shortage, and inspection business of 170 electricity distribution lines, 39 opening and closes, 258 ring cages, and 1,500 public transformers in Xiaogan City.

From the neighborhood to the alley, 170 electrical lines are all over the large and small corners of Xiaogan City. Shen Gang led the team members to strive to achieve full coverage of the line. The streets of the epidemic can always see them carrying infrared temperature and ultrasonic detection equipment to escort the protection of epidemic prevention and power supply.

“Accelerate the movement, hurry up and find the fault point, so that users have electrical use.” … After a day of work, Shen Gang’s shoes and pants are often covered with mud and weeds.

Every night before get off work, Shen Gang will carefully check whether the sterilized materials of the team are sufficient and whether the repair appliances are complete, and they will also care about the health and living conditions of colleagues in the WeChat group.

“I keep in mind every detail of the epidemic protection and electricity, dare not forget, and can’t forget.” Shen Gang said, “The masses may not feel the existence of the power supply person, that is because we have always been there.”

The light in the night affects millions of households, and the smooth flow of the transportation line is related to the overall economic and social development.

The Yakang Expressway in western Sichuan is the throat of the throat from Sichuan, with a bridge and tunnel ratio of more than 80%, and 96%of individual sections. It is called “high -speed on the cloud”.

Qiang Wei, the captain of the Fifth Detachment of the Fifth Detachment of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation, Qiang Wei, the captain of the Yakang Brigade of the Ayakang Brigade of the Yakang Expressway, conducted epidemic prevention inspections on the Yakang Expressway (taken on February 1). Xinhua News Agency

“This road is the great artery of Sichuan -Tibet’s materials, which cannot be broken!” Qiang Wei, the captain of the Fifth Detachment of the Fifth Detachment of the Expressway Traffic Law Enforcement of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation, has been on the front line from New Year’s Eve.

The climate of the plateau is changing, and the cold at night is compelling. After the night inspection, Qiang Wei’s shoes and socks were often wet by rain and snow. When they returned to the station, their toes were often frozen.

“Road safety inspection, entrance and exit and service area operation inspections, emergency emergency response … every link dare not be sloppy.” In the early stage of the epidemic prevention and control, a large number of epidemic prevention and living materials entered Tibet. Ensure that the supplies arrive safely and smoothly.

With the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the epidemic prevention checkpoint on the highway has been revoked, but Qiang Wei still dare not take it lightly. “The flow of people in the service area is dense. We are still strengthening the disinfecting of the service area.

Qiang Wei also remembered the day during the epidemic. After receiving the blessing information of her mother and the crooked blessing picture of her younger daughter, she remembered her birthday that day. “It’s too busy, so I didn’t put my birthday in my heart.”

From January 23 to March 17, Qiang Wei led the brigade to ensure a total of 4,497 vehicles transporting epidemic prevention supplies and 152 units of migrant workers returning to work.

The first line of re -production and production, the battlefield of poverty alleviation -watch the same spring, welcome hope and tomorrow

On March 21, Shenzhou International Group’s personnel in Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang reached 100%.

As an annual output of 500 million clothing, the vertical integrated knitted clothing manufacturer and sellers with a great influence in the industry and the return of employees safely returning to the job safely is the key to ensuring the successful re -production and re -production of the group.

At the hand of Chen Zhongjing, the executive deputy general manager of the group, a pile of records recorded the name, address and contact information of more than 18,000 employees from 14 provinces and cities inside the group.

Shenzhou International Group plans to charter the car on March 26 to Hubei to pick up more than 1,000 employees to return to work. Chen Zhongjing, executive deputy general manager of the group (second from left) to step up coordination arrangements (Photo on March 25). Xinhua News Agency

The number of employees is large and the prevention of epidemic prevention is strict. It is a huge project to arrange employees to take a chartered car. “According to the requirements of epidemic prevention, the passengers and passengers should keep a safe distance, and leave the isolation area in the back row. After calculating, at least 700 buses are needed.” Chen Zhongjing said.

Only by understanding the health status of employees in advance can we better prevent and control the epidemic in the process of organization return. Chen Zhongjing transferred the exclusive QR code of the team development company, collected the health information of employees and sorted it.

In order to make the return journey smoother and safer, Chen Zhongjing also organized relevant persons in charge to keep in touch with the returning employees to ensure that the departure time and place of the return bus in each class were notified in place, and the road conditions were in the minds.

At noon on February 11, the first batch of 27 employees returned to Beilun, Ningbo from Shaanxi Baoji; that night, the second batch of 27 Lanzhou employees in Gansu arrived …

Since the start of the employee’s return plan, hundreds of line leaders have given information to Chen Zhongjing in real time every day. “Receiving the phone to receive the hand soft, and the maximum day picks up hundreds of days.”

Zhang Choufu (first from left) in the Baodian cadre (first from left) visited the farmers’ home in Luoqiu Village, Daxing Town, Yongshan County, Yunnan Province (taken on January 29). Xinhua News Agency

Thousands of kilometers away, a warmth of Luoqiu Village, Daxing Town, Yongshan County, Yunnan. Spring is here, and Zhang Choufu, a cadre of Baocun, is busy leading the villagers to a new home outside Dashan.

Luoqiu Village is located deep in Wumeng Mountain. Dozens of households in the village spread on both sides of the valley. At the end of 2017, it was designated as a poverty alleviation area.

Affected by the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, local poverty alleviation and relocation work can only be temporarily relocated. Village cadres know that only by doing the epidemic prevention and control can we better prevent poverty due to illness and return to poverty due to illness.

Zhang Jiaofu rushed back to Luoqiu Village from his hometown on the second day of the New Year, using small speakers to promote the knowledge of the epidemic to prevent and control knowledge, help the masses measure body temperature, distribute masks, and appease the people who are urgent to move. The mountain road is difficult to walk, and Zhang Jiaofu still runs all over 77 households within two days.

The mountains can’t stop people’s steps towards happiness. With the increasing improvement of the epidemic, Yongshan County gradually launched the relocation of poverty alleviation. Understand the needs of villagers, solve the difficulties of the villagers, and arrange the time of relocation … The rural roads can be seen everywhere.

The sun is gentle, and the spring is just right.

“The epidemic cannot stop our determination to fight poverty. I am really happy to watch the folks move out of the mountain!” Zhang Jiaofu said.

Text reporters: Wang Peng, Lu Chang, Hou Wenkun, Hu Xu, Gu Xiaoli, Lin Bifeng, Peng Yunjia, Yang Xiuda

Video reporter: Zhang Caixia, Yang Jing, Yu Gang, Cao Li

Editor’s director: Tian Tian, ​​Wang Jian, Li Jie

Comic Author: Geng Xiaohan

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