The Magic Leap One spatial audio headset Ambeo AR One is officially available

The Magic Leap One spatial audio headset Ambeo AR One is officially available

Designed for “transparent hearing” November 20, 2018

The upcoming Black Friday marks the start of the North American holiday season, but if you’re looking to give a gift to a Magic Leap One headset user, you’ve got the perfect option now.

Today, Sennheiser officially fulfilled the partnership agreement announced with Magic Leap in September to bring the first officially certified spatial audio headset, the Ambeo AR One, to the Magic Leap One.

Unlike Sennheiser’s noise-cancelling headphones, the Ambeo AR One is designed for “transparent hearing” and is designed to blend naturally with the sound of the user’s physical environment.

In addition, Sennheiser has released an application to support users in creating and visualizing soundscapes. Through the Magic Leap World menu on the Magic Leap One, the Ambeo Augmented Audio app can capture the sounds of its surroundings before converting them into the corresponding looping soundscape. Sennheiser has commissioned British composer, music producer and ventriloquist SK Shlomo to create a sound loop library for the app.

“For artists like me who love to work with loops, it’s exciting to see sound instantly transformed into vivid pulsed 3D visualizations that can interact with the user in space while having full binaural sound,” says Shlomo. ”

With Magic Leap’s Soundfield Audio feature, applications can visualize in the user’s environment, and the user is able to move and place virtual objects through the controller. Users can also record videos and share them on YouTuBe or Twitter.

Interested users can purchase it directly through the Magic Leap website for $250 and include three sizes of silicon ear adapters, a pair of mid-size Comply foam earbuds, an AAA alkaline battery, a storage bag, a wire clip and a quick start guide.

Of course, the Magic Leap One can provide its own audio through the built-in speakers, but at least according to my experience, the built-in speaker audio is comparable in quality to smartphone speakers, so I can imagine Sennheiser headphones making apps like Tónandi more immersive.

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