Touch-free trash cans are easy to sort

Touch-free trash cans are easy to sort

Source: Economic Daily

Recently, residents of Zhonghaijingyuan Community on Changjiang Road Street, West Coast New District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, found that there was an extra foot pedal next to the classified garbage can in the community, and there was no need to lift the cover to throw garbage from then on, which was clean and convenient.

The reporter observed that the barrel lid handle of the classified trash can is newly installed with a wire pull ring, and an iron foot pedal is added to the lower right of the trash can, and a gentle step on it, the iron rod and drawstring connecting the foot pedal will pull up the barrel lid pull ring, the barrel lid can be opened, release the foot pedal, the lid automatically closes, and the operation is very simple.

“During our daily inspections, we often find that existing residents take too many things, so they directly put garbage bags outside the trash can in order to save trouble.” Yang Yijie, head of the garbage classification office of the Urban Management Bureau of Qingdao West Coast New Area, told reporters that at present, the West Coast communities generally use the lid garbage can, and these garbage cans “open mouth” phenomenon is common, the lid has almost become a decoration, not beautiful, but also easy to emit peculiar smell when it is hot.

The Garbage Classification Management Division of the Urban Management Bureau of the West Coast New Area, together with the garbage classification class of the Urban Management Center of Changjiang Road Street, visited various communities and property communities in the street and invented the convenient garbage dispenser. During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, this convenient garbage dispenser avoids direct contact between hands and container pollutants, convenient garbage placement, good sealing, reducing secondary pollution and the spread of germs, and has been praised by community residents: “The foot pedal is the same as a trash can, and it is also divided into four colors, which is very beautiful, which is not only particularly comfortable to throw garbage, but also enhances our confidence in garbage classification.” ”

The reporter learned that such convenient garbage dispensers will be popularized and promoted in other property communities in the future.

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