What kind of hotel is generally required for a wedding banquet?

What kind of hotel is generally required for a wedding banquet?

I’m serving wine for a wedding banquet. I’ve seen a lot of wedding receptions, and from what I know, this is true.

1;The price of the banquet should be determined according to your financial ability. But the minimum should not be less than 300 yuan. If the economic ability is medium, it is recommended to choose a 3-4 star hotel, because such hotels generally have banquet halls, but also banquet reception capacity and experience. There can be good hardware systems, such as beautiful banquet chair covers, tablecloths, etc., and audio equipment and a lectern suitable for wedding activities;

2;If the price of the banquet is higher, you can also ask them to provide banquet hall decoration, or facilities such as Shangbin Tower to add color to the wedding banquet. But don’t choose a signature hotel in the downtown area. A little remote, 3 star standard, fully equipped to save a little. If the dishes are good or bad, you can try them first. It is generally not more delicious than making it yourself;

3;If you have negotiation skills, you can ask for bring-your-yourself alcohol or semi-bring-your-yourself to save a lot of money. And the formulation of the menu can be your own choice, you can talk about it at the suggestion of the head chef, tell him whether there are more southerners or northerners among the guests, Chinese or Western or Chinese-Western compatible Taiwanese. Generally, 8 cold 8 hot or 10 hot plus soup and two desserts are enough, meat and vegetarian matching, but be sure to have two or three main dishes (like seafood, festive.).

4; The menu given by the head chef is his reasonable, but it is also his most profitable, you can ask for a change of dishes (such as changing fish to crab, etc.) He will only reduce the profit but will not not do your business. The same is to say hello how many inches of the dish is a few inches plate.12 is good, generally 10 inches. Generally, the first table of the wedding banquet is the table where the bride’s family sits, you can ask for different colors of chair covers, and the position opposite the rostrum.600-800 A table is a medium level, which is the price without drinks!

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