Xiaomi has the cheapest smart trash can on the shelf, infrared intelligent induction + intelligent adjustment of sensing height

Xiaomi has the cheapest smart trash can on the shelf, infrared intelligent induction + intelligent adjustment of sensing height

It’s been a long time since trash cans appeared, but most people haven’t experienced it yet. As for the reason? There is no doubt that the price of smart trash cans is relatively expensive, after all, compared to traditional trash cans, the vast majority of smart trash cans on the market only add intelligent sensing functions, although it will be more convenient to use, but many people still think that its cost performance is too low. In order to let more users experience the practicality of smart trash cans, Xiaomi Youpin recently put on the shelves a cheap smart trash can, priced at only 119 yuan, which is the NINESTARS waterproof induction trash can.

The appearance of NINESTARS waterproof sensor trash can is more stylish, somewhat similar to the architectural style of Chinese zun, the side looks very domineering, and the entire trash can body only has the front “NINESTARS” logo. The appearance size of the trash can is 261mm*261mm*335mm, the net weight is about 1.49kg, and the maximum storage capacity is 10L.

NINESTARS waterproof induction trash can is mainly divided into three parts, namely the lid, the pressure ring and the barrel body. The lid of the barrel is made of ABS plastic, the garbage bag storage mouth and the barrel body are made of PP plastic material, and the wall thickness of the barrel body is 3mm, and the material is relatively solid overall.

The NINESTARS waterproof induction trash can equipped with a barrel lid can firmly lock in the odor in the barrel, the lid and the barrel mouth fit very well, and there are two silicone pads on the side of the barrel mouth, so there is no collision sound when the barrel lid is closed. The lid and mouth are connected by screwed plastic parts, and the opening and closing of the lid is driven by an internal hinge.

The square black area on the front side of the barrel is the infrared sensing area of the NINESTARS waterproof sensor trash can, the left side of the sensing area is the indicator light, and the right side is the touch switch. The sensing zone also has a built-in digital display, which is mainly used to show the operating status of the trash can and the status of the battery level.

The standard version of the NINESTARS waterproof sensor trash can is powered by two No. 5 batteries, and the accessory is equipped with batteries. The installation of the battery is also very simple, just use a screwdriver to open the cover and install the battery reset. Since the performance and capacity of the battery are very different, the battery life of the trash can also varies from 5 to 12 months depending on the battery.

In fact, the garbage bag storage mouth is integrated with the barrel body by default, which may be to facilitate future cleaning, so it is designed as a removable structure, and the garbage bag storage port and the barrel body are fixed by snaps, which is also very convenient to disassemble.

In order to allow users to get started faster, the product accessories are not only attached with the instruction manual, but also provide 3 trial drawstring garbage bags. Compared with traditional garbage bags, drawstring garbage bags are more suitable for NINESTARS waterproof induction trash cans, after all, when dumping garbage, the drawstring garbage bag has a smaller area of contact with hands, and it is very convenient to carry and walk.

The installation of garbage bags is very convenient, first remove the lid of the bucket, then put the garbage bag into the bucket, the upper part of the garbage bag is stuffed into the pressure ring, and finally cover the lid, the toothed structure around the lid will be firmly pressed into the garbage bag storage mouth, the firmness of the garbage bag after installation is very reliable, so there is no need to worry about the garbage bag accidentally slipping when using.

Because of the use of infrared sensing technology, the sensing area of the trash can can quickly capture each action of the user, and quickly read the user’s instructions without contact throughout the process, and complete the lid opening action at the same time after receiving the hand command. In smart sensing mode, the trash can automatically closes the lid by 5S by default.

In addition to triggering the sensor with the hand, the user can also use the knee to send the trigger command, and the effect is the same as waving the finger, the command can be quickly feedback, compared with the hand operation, the personal feel that the knee will be more convenient to use.

If you want to keep the lid open at all times, you can turn on the long lid opening function of the trash can and touch the touch switch on the right side of the sensing area with your hand, at which time the digital display is displayed as U, indicating that the normally open lid mode is turned on. To return to sensing mode, touch the touch switch again to resume standby.

The default sensing distance of NINESTARS waterproof sensor trash can is 25cm, in order to meet the needs of different groups of people or different environments, its sensing distance can be freely adjusted between 8-32cm. The specific steps are: long press the touch switch in the shutdown state, the left light lights up after 3 seconds, the other hand is placed at the height that needs to be set above the sensing area to keep the height unchanged, stop pressing the touch switch, and the digital display flashes 3 times to indicate that the setting is complete.

BECAUSE THE NINESTARS WATERPROOF SENSOR TRASH CAN IS DESIGNED WITH A CLAMSHELL, IT CAN BE EASILY USED IN LIVING ROOMS, DINING ROOMS, BEDROOMS, KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS. For scenes such as bedrooms, dining rooms or living rooms, the all-white NINESTARS waterproof sensor trash can can be easily integrated into the furniture environment, but the disadvantages are also more obvious, that is, they are not resistant to stains and need to be wiped frequently, otherwise it will affect the beauty.

Since the NINESTARS waterproof sensor trash can supports IPX3 life waterproofing, it can also be easily controlled in environments such as toilets. If you want a healthier and more hygienic toilet, it is best to equip the bathroom with a trash can like NINESTARS, which not only reduces contact with the trash can, but also the trash can with a lid can better cover the smell of toilet paper, and most importantly, replace the garbage bag is also more hygienic.

For the kitchen, NINESTARS waterproof induction trash can may seem a little stretched, after all, its capacity is only 10L, a large amount of garbage rapid influx is bound to increase the frequency of replacing garbage bags, so if you want to use smart trash cans in the kitchen, then it is recommended to buy a product with a larger capacity.

Through more than a week of contact with the NINESTARS waterproof sensor trash can, I personally feel that it is a very cost-effective smart trash can. Although the price is also over 100, the price is still very close to the people compared with other products, and the appearance of the trash can is also very stylish, and the function is not reduced in the slightest. Fast and agile intelligent induction is very suitable for fast-paced young people, static normally open mode is more suitable for kitchen work and leisure entertainment in daily life, one-key intelligent adjustment of sensing distance is more convenient for the user’s personalized needs, daily waterproof makes it easy to control a variety of use scenarios, as for the endurance of it depends on how the bosses give it full horsepower, what I like most is its ultra-quiet opening and closing technology.

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Finally, let’s talk about its several shortcomings, first, the all-white color matching is not resistant to dirt and needs to be wiped frequently; Second, the 10L capacity is relatively small, and the frequency of dumping garbage is increased and the storage capacity is reduced; Third, in induction mode, manually close the cover, can not trigger one touch to close, still need to wait for 5S before automatically close the cover.

Quality garbage bin product recommendation: 12L square intelligent trash bin.

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