I really want to ALL in these foundations that hit the market this year

I really want to ALL in these foundations that hit the market this year

Source: Lisa’s Beauty Diary (text/Xiaotian)

Good noon, sisters! During this time, due to the epidemic, we are basically working from home, and the evaluation is not in a position to provoke recently, but the opportunity to plant grass has increased a lot. I can pull you guys along with me to buy and buy QAQ

Some time ago, Lisa didn’t release the annual foundation list to everyone, most of them are almost products that have been launched for a long time, after all, the choice of foundation products, everyone is still quite cautious. If you accidentally buy the wrong one, it is really a loss.

But sisters, I tell you! In 2020, many big names are really going to launch a new base makeup collection, which really makes me look forward to it! So today I will take stock with you to take a look at this year’s new base makeup products. Before you are tired of using it, the face of 2020 should be matched with a new base makeup~

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YSL supermodel foundation has been upgraded, first of all, the packaging has changed from the original round bottle to a square bottle, and it is said that the packaging design is derived from the haute couture dress. The overall look is quite advanced.

Upgraded supermold foundation

Focuses on skin nourishing effects

, which contains extracts of calendula and medicinal sunflower, in addition to modifying pores to create a flawless foundation, it also soothes redness, which sounds quite magical.

It still is

Creamy texture

, There are a total of 7 shades, specially created for Asian women, 4.24 will be listed first in Japan, the old version of the supermodel is more suitable for dry skin, the newly upgraded supermodel is still the same, but the main skin nourishing effect is a little grassy.

Armani’s new shade of liquid foundation from the Soft Shine range. Counting the previous ones, there are a total of 40 color numbers~

Soft Liquid Foundation is creamy in texture, and according to bloggers on INS, this liquid foundation can

Effectively covers dark circles, redness and blemishes

, the coverage ability is quite excellent.

There are a total of ten colors, and there are

A new range of concealers

。 The foundation is so powerful, the concealer should be better, it is expected to be released in March, and the blemished skin can squat.

The new neo nude foundation for dry skin is also creamy, and looking at this hose texture, it should feel a bit like a powder cream.

It contains hyaluronic acid and is one

Suitable for dry skin

, a foundation with excellent moisturizing ability that makes skin look fresh, comfortable and moist. It is expected to be available in April.

This one I think is more inclined to the feeling of tinted cream, the coverage should be quite weak, for the noble lady’s skin with few blemishes, it should be the icing on the cake.

Air cushions also have a new series, it seems to be the master series, the color matching of electric blue is really cool, and the color matching of air cushions of other brands is completely different.

It has up to 30% moisture inside, and the high moisture and hiding power are also very good, which can be created

Radiant and hydrated natural skin

The SPF50++’s sun protection index is also superior, and I Air Cushion Party will not miss it. 3.27 will be listed first in Japan, and it is estimated that it will be in the second half of the year in China.

TF finally launched a noble lady foundation series, priced at $150, real lady-level treatment, luxurious glass bottle, from the inside to the outside to reveal a noble atmosphere.

With SPF50++++’s high sun protection index, it can resist high UV rays in hot summer, and skin care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins are added to it, making it a foundation and skin care product.

While glossy and moisturizing, the soft focus factor can also effectively cover imperfections and decorate pores, and the finish is relatively moist and delicate, which should be very good

。 Japan will be listed on 3.13, there are expectations to lose!

Shu Uemura’s small square bottle foundation series is launching a new foundation bar. It is a portable foundation product that is convenient to take out the door.

The advantage of the foundation stick is that it applies makeup quickly, and it can also be used to touch up makeup, and like the small square bottle of liquid foundation, this foundation stick is even more

Sisters suitable for oilskin and mixed oilskin

。 The texture of the upper face will change from a paste to a refreshing powder.

It is added with oily ingredients that melt with body temperature, so the finish will be more natural after oiling, which is often said to be “the more beautiful the night”, and the teardrop-shaped paste design is also more suitable for the eyes, nose and other parts. It will be released in Japan on February 2.26.

By Terry’s velvet foundation has always been considered the white moonshine in my mind, and the price is really super weak at the same time. I still feel sad that it didn’t make the list.

But to get down to business, this time it’s new

Dropper liquid foundation

, I still have high expectations. Featuring hyaluronic acid, moisturizing, all 18 colors, priced at 54 euros, it was first sold in France on February 15. There is no official color test map yet, and I personally think it should be a comparison

Liquid foundation for dry skin

One of Lancôme’s new spring 2020 base collections, the new Glossy Foundation, contains beech bud extract and grape seed oil known as “botanical gems” to give the skin long-lasting hydration while applying makeup

Large dry crust of the dish

The texture is like a beauty serum, which is quite special, and it is said that this foundation has the same moisturizing ingredients as the new Aurora Water, which can create a natural skin finish, so the coverage should not be very strong, but the makeup effect will be natural.

The new rose cushion with SPF50+ is also another new product of Lancôme’s spring makeup range 2020, which contains five natural botanicals such as rose extract and peppermint extract, which can moisturize skin care and modify the skin well.

At first, I thought that this air cushion would be more suitable for dry skin, but it was said that the face of this air cushion is quite dry, creating light and breathable watery skin, I guess it will

More suitable for mixed skins

A few.

CHANEL is coming up with a new air cushion again! Le Coole series, in addition to air cushions, also has the highlights of the same series!

The air cushion itself

The main positioning is touch-ups

, it can brighten the complexion, make the makeup appear slightly rosy natural finish, and effectively modify pores. Showing radiant skin that looks like natural skin, 3.6 will be released first in Japan.

Givenchy also joined the melee of the new spring 2020 foundation with a new hose foundation, which is a foundation that focuses on 24H protection, although I can’t quite understand who applies makeup 24H??

The new Teint Couture City Balm series of foundation is a new liquid foundation technology that is said to keep the skin hydrated while allowing the foundation to “pull” tightly on the face, and the special powder-like particles inside can soften the skin and play a role in improving pores. The soft mist matte finish, so it seems to be a comparison

Liquid foundation for oily skins

, 2.1 has been released in Japan~

The new air cushion with SPF20 PA++ is completely different from all previous air cushions.

At present, all air cushion designs inject foundation into the sponge air cushion, so it will be wasteful to use. But this one air cushion

A unique tension mesh with repulsive force is adopted

The texture will be more conformable than previous air cushions, and the fine tension mesh seems to have been perfectly filtered, so it is a new breakthrough in craftsmanship.

The air cushion itself is supplemented with glycyrrhiza extract, hyaluronic acid and shea butter,

Long-lasting hydration while modifying pores for a long time

。 It is still available in Japan as the 2.1. TB already has a purchasing, powder box plus powder core set of about 500!

Isn’t the platinum foundation picked by several sisters in the office newly upgraded, worried that the new version will not be as good as the old version of us almost everyone stocked up on a bottle, but I never expected Estée Lauder to launch a new moisturizing foundation.

Although it is a moisturizing foundation, it focuses on high-strength breathability and coverage, which is more subtle. It looks like it should

Suitable for all skin types

, has been listed in January, but there is no domestic yet, the purchase price is about 280RMB. It is a new product with a relatively high cost performance.

The background makeup control means that this year’s new base makeup products are really Mrs. and I have an appetite! Many models have been added to the must-buy list, and I will definitely start as soon as they are listed!

Suitable for dry skin

Recommended high-quality packaging materials: foundation glass bottle Seal is not easy to leak.

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