“Snakeskin pipes can do floor heating, you know?”

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1, “Floor heating? Oh, that’s a plastic pipe, coiled on the ground, poured some water, cement poured can be, this is very simple, let me help you do it! ”

Xiaobai Zhizhao: Ask the salesman, what kind of plastic pipes are there for floor heating, what kind of cross-linking methods are they, and what are their characteristics~

2, “Choose floor heating, you must choose a brand, especially a big brand, the quality is guaranteed, such as our XXX brand, no problem you use it, or XXX star endorsement!” ”

Xiaobai Zhizhao: Ask the salesman, is the reputation of the spokesperson important, or the material, product raw materials, and production process of the floor heating itself is important~

3, “floor heating must choose the latest materials, because science and technology is developing, the latest products, things are definitely better, you see our “color” tube, good very!” ”

Xiaobai Zhizhao: Ask the salesman, what color is popular this year ~ haha ~ to be serious, the color and the quality of the tube are not directly related, just to distinguish the tube ~~ price ~~, the most important thing is to look at the material and cross-linking method of the tube itself~

4, “Our pipe is of good quality, this is not a mouth, you see our tube folded back and forth for half a day, not even a print ~ quality bar ~”

Xiaobai Zhizhao: Ask the salesman, can the snakeskin tube really be used for floor heating?

For this little white to focus on the conversation, easy to break or easy to fold the printed tubes are generally PE-Xb, PE-Xc and aluminum-plastic pipes, because these tubes themselves are relatively hard, the reason for their hardness is that their molecular structure is networked

Tubes that are not easy to fold out prints, such as PE-RT, PB, the material of these tubes is soft, and the molecular structure is linear, so it is not easy to break or fold out the print

(This figure shows the molecular structure of polyethylene)

Therefore, whether the print can be broken or folded has nothing to do with the quality of floor heating.

These floor heating salesmen, either novices come out to, tear down one to count one, or they are fooling around with a clear conscience.

The above questions are some of the information that Xiaobai gets from the customer’s mouth in his daily work. In the process of communicating with customers, many salesmen blindly promote products that are differentiated from the market regardless of the actual heating methods and conditions of customers’ homes, so as to facilitate their own profit maximization. Although there is nothing wrong with doing business, please remember that the ancients said “no adultery, no business”, in fact, “no sharp business”, and the interests of customers are the greatest interests.

Below, Xiaobai will pay attention to several aspects of choosing floor heating pipes according to some shallow knowledge he has learned in actual work and discuss with everyone.

1, first confirm your own heating method, is it an earthen boiler? Electric boilers? Gas wall-hung furnace? Municipal heating?

2. After confirming the heating method, determine whether the water quality in the heating system at home is good or bad, easy to scale, or the heating water itself is relatively dirty;

3, determine the main pipe material of their own heating system, especially municipal heating, the design institute in the design of the heating system main pipeline is to consider the heating temperature and heating pressure problems, so, when choosing the pipe must consider whether your household floor heating pipe is better than the main pipe, the same, or worse;

4, find out whether the heating pipe is so simple as plastic;

5. What are the materials of floor heating pipes?

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