To prevent your car from being frostbitten, 6 essential supplies for winter owners

As the weather gradually gets colder, more and more car owners are starting to buy some winter supplies to their cars. In this article, the editor shares with you some content about the purchase of winter car supplies, hoping to provide a little help to car owners in winter shopping supplies.

1. Seat cushion

I believe that many car owners have had such an experience, that is, the moment they get into the car in the morning, the chill is really in the heart and lungs. Therefore, replacing the seat cushion in winter is the first task of many car owners, which is why the plush cushion has become a best-selling product in car supply stores in winter.

2. Winter plush steering wheel cover

Adding steering wheel covers and gear handle covers can be described as mixed, and some people will think that after installation, it will affect the normal operation of the steering wheel and gear handle, and there is a hidden danger of accidents. Therefore, when installing, we must first pay attention to whether it affects the normal operation of the steering wheel and gear handle; After that, look at the comfort of contact with the hand; Select Appearance.

3. Snow removal brush/snow removal shovel

These two things should be commonly used in the north of the car, winter wipers for the car glass often have more than enough and insufficient strength, at this time a suitable snow removal shovel / brush is very necessary, snow shovel is generally used to clean the snow and ice on the glass, for other parts of the body should use more efficient snow removal brushes, for daily use convenience we can choose to buy a two-in-one snow thrower.

4. Add cotton car clothes

With a cotton jacket, your car will have the following situations: the car is easy to start, reduce the warm-up time, protect the temperature inside the car, protect the car from rain, snow, frost and wind, prevent children and bored people from scratching your car, anti-theft, prevent the harm of fireworks to the car, etc.

When using, because the front buckle of the car jacket is closed, it should be put in from the head; The rear buckle strap is open, and the car body and the rear of the car can be fixed with a latch, and it cannot be removed without a special key, and then the spring hooks on both sides of the car body can be hooked to the lower edge of the car body, and the car body can be firmly fixed on the car body.

5. Antifreeze glass water

The use of glass water is to clean the windshield with the wipers, so that the owner can have a better view when driving the vehicle. In summer or early autumn, when glass water is insufficient, people usually use tap water or mineral water for emergencies, but in winter, it is not advisable to replace glass water directly.

In addition, in winter, it is easy to have the phenomenon that the wiper nozzle does not spray water, in most cases because the owner still uses summer glass water or ordinary water caused by the icing phenomenon. Therefore, in winter, we should pay attention to the applicable range of glass water temperature in order to avoid the embarrassment of being frozen in winter.

6. Winter tires

It is well known that rubber becomes hard and relatively brittle at low temperatures, and the friction coefficient decreases. Generally, winter tires are replaced below minus 7 degrees. Winter tires are relatively soft, with wider and deeper tread and grooves, which can provide grip and anti-slip on snow and ice, ensuring the adhesion of the car on the road at low temperatures.

In general, winter tires are made with special rubber formulations, such as silicone-contained. Tires with silicone-containing formulations perform well in wet grip and drive, and are also fuel-efficient and energy-efficient. In the design of the tread, you can choose a deeper tread to improve the adhesion of driving in the snow.

To prevent your car from being frostbitten, 6 essential supplies for winter owners

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