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Aladdin’s magic lamp

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Aladdin, the only son of the tailor Mustafa. The old couple wholeheartedly hoped that their son would learn to sew, but Aladdin was playful and never wanted to stay in front of the sewing machine.

One day, Aladdin met a mage who claimed to be his uncle and begged him, “Good uncle, take me outside to meet the world!” The mage said, “Okay, but the outside world is complicated, and you will run into walls without a little ability.” Let me test you!” Aladdin said, “As long as you can take me away and fly away, let me do anything!” The mage immediately conjured a balance, a container filled with water and a weight. He placed the container and the weight at each end of the balance to keep it balanced, and then said to Aladdin: “Move the weight to the left end and immerse yourself in the water of the container, if the balance can still be balanced, how many objects should be placed on the right end?” Aladdin asked, puzzled, “But you didn’t say how heavy water weighs and how heavy things weigh!” You asked reasonably. You just have to answer how many times the weight of the object at the right end is the existing object. ”

Aladdin quickly said the correct answer. The mage smiled and waved his wand gently, and a cloud appeared in front of Aladdin’s eyes, and he felt his body become fluttering. When the surrounding clouds cleared, Aladdin was surprised to find that he and the mage were stepping on the clouds and speeding through the air. Aladdin was thrilled, watching the river, rice paddies, and houses move rapidly backwards beneath his feet. After a while, they came to a mountain.

The mage said, “There is a treasure in this mountain. Aladdin rejoiced: “Ah, there is a treasure, tell me where it is, I’ll get it out.” The mage said, “There is no free lunch in the world, it is a treasure, how can it be easy for you to find it?” Aren’t you a mage? There must be a way!” Okay, okay, but you have to answer me a question. Aladdin patted his chest and said, “Just let the horse come!” The mage said, “There are 7 dominoes to make a double door, and there is also one more domino, can you touch the double door with this domino and take that dark card off without the door falling?”

Aladdin observed the door and did it with a light motion. The mage did not break his word, built a fire on the ground, and recited a few incantations. Only a “rumbling” sound was heard, and a stone door appeared on the ground. The mage said, “Aladdin, there is an oil lamp underneath this, that is the treasure, go and get it.” ”

It was dark in the cave, and Aladdin was too scared to go down. The mage removed the ring from his hand and said, “If you wear it, you won’t be afraid!” Aladdin put on the ring and carefully burrowed into the hole. In the dark, the ring automatically glows brightly. Aladdin found that in addition to the oil lamp, there were many boxes. When he opened the box, it was full of jewelry and gold! Aladdin was stunned and held the jewelry and refused to let go.

After a while, the mage saw that Aladdin had not yet come out, and shouted angrily towards the entrance of the cave: “Aladdin, what are you doing?” Bring me the oil lamp!” Aladdin was startled by the mage’s roar and thought: There is so much treasure here, but he only needs this broken oil lamp, why? Aladdin didn’t make up his mind and didn’t know how to answer him. At this moment, the mage was completely enraged. With a “pop”, the stone door at the entrance of the cave was closed. Aladdin hurriedly ran to push the stone gate, but he used his strength to eat, and the stone gate was motionless.

Aladdin was very anxious and accidentally scratched the ring. Suddenly, accompanied by a puff of blue smoke, a giant appeared in front of Aladdin and said to him, “I am the ring god, what do you want me to do?” Aladdin said, “I’m going home, please take me home!” The ring god said, “It’s not difficult to take you home, but the mage won’t spare me.” However, if you can solve a code, you can get the mage out of the place. Aladdin said, “Say, what password?” It is a strange calculation, there are no numbers on it, only the words ‘you’, ‘I’, ‘he’. It is necessary to name how many numbers each of these three personal pronouns represents and the results of their calculations. Aladdin went home heartfelt, struggled with his brains, and finally solved it. Sure enough, the mage was expelled. Aladdin took the oil lamp and some jewelry and returned home smoothly with the help of the ring god.

Aladdin wanted to wipe the oil lamp clean, and who knew that after three wipes, a giant appeared. The giant said: “I am the god of lights, and whoever has me, I will do things according to whose command.” Aladdin was a little suspicious, and tentatively said: “Then you can buy me a banquet!” Soon, a table of delicacies appeared in front of Aladdin’s eyes. Since then, Aladdin and his parents have had a happy life.

Soon, the king was going to find a colt for the princess, and Aladdin ordered the lamp to conjure a castle for himself. He then rushed to the palace with gold and silver treasures and begged the king to marry the princess to him. The king said, “A princess can only marry a wise youth.” Are you such a person?” Aladdin said confidently: “Am I a wise person, don’t you know if you try it?” The king said, “Okay, I’ll show you a picture, and each number on it represents a letter.” If A can only be connected to B and C, C can only be connected to A and E, and D can only be connected to B, which number does F represent?” Aladdin gestured at the diagram for a moment before saying the answer. The king was so satisfied that he gave the princess to Aladdin.

Unwillingly, the mage is determined to take back the lamp. While Aladdin was away, he disguised himself as an oil lamp seller and called near the castle. Unbeknownst to the princess, she fell for the mage and exchanged Aladdin’s magic lamp for a new oil lamp. As soon as the mage got the lamp, he wiped it three times and said to the lamp god: “Give me the princess and the whole castle to move to Africa!” Suddenly, the castle was gone, leaving only a few weeds.

Without the magic lamp, Aladdin became impoverished. The king was very angry when he found out, thinking that Aladdin had deceived him and wanted to punish him. Aladdin said, “Please let me go to Africa first to rescue the princess!” When I return, I am at your disposal. The king agreed. Aladdin called out the ring god and immediately flew to Africa.

The mage was very cunning, and he hired a door god to guard the castle. Aladdin stood under the city gate and asked the door god to let him in to save his wife. The door god asked Aladdin, “I heard that you are very smart, then I will test you.” If you can answer correctly, I’ll let you in. There is a turntable with numbers 1-11 on it, and I need to add up the three numbers on each line and the result is equal to 18. Apparently, there are numbers on it that are misplaced. You have to adjust the numbers correctly. Aladdin was overjoyed when he saw it. He quickly adjusted the numbers, and the door god was very impressed and welcomed him into the castle.

So, Aladdin took back the magic lamp and brought the princess back. The king thought that the mage would still do something wrong, and ordered that the mage be arrested. Soon, the mage was locked up in a dungeon. Since then, Aladdin and the princess have lived happily ever after.

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