Juyou Macao Product: Conscientious Recommendation! Australia’s 7 most worthy of maternal and baby products~

Do you really know what products expectant mothers need to prepare? Today, we recommend the 7 most sought after overseas products in the near future, I hope you will like it! In addition, this recommendation is all from “Juyou Macao Products”, and the platform promises that the goods sold are all directly sourced, original and genuine products from Oceania. And through strict quality control, to ensure that you buy the best quality goods at a satisfactory price.


Banana boat roll-in sunscreen

–Product Details–

【Good things to share】

Australian Banana Boat Banana Boat Sunscreen Roll-Ball Type, Australian mothers are very fond of using ball-type sunscreen for their babies, because babies are generally more resistant to applying sunscreen products and using

The roll-on sunscreen is quickly applied after a few rolls on the small face or arm, and the baby finds it fun and very cooperative.

This product is small and delicate, and easy to carry. Banana Boat sunscreen roller type is available in baby (BABY) pink cover for children up to 2 years old and children (Kids) blue cover for 2 years old and older.

【Reason for recommendation】

Verified by pediatricians – very mild sunscreen suitable for children, adults with sensitive skin can also be used. Tear-free formula free of PABA, fragrance and oil, Banana Boat Kids SPF50+ provides powerful sun protection to protect baby’s delicate skin, with a gentle scent and fun-filled rollerball design that will make babies fall in love with sunscreen.


Vitamin E cream

Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Moisturizer is as gentle as a body lotion, moisturizing and easy to absorb, with the moisturizing effect of a cream, only a light avocado smell, which helps to repair the skin and make it softer and more moisturized. Contains effective natural vitamin E to protect skin from harmful substances in the environment and neutralize free radicals that damage cell tissue. Highly moisturizing sorbitol

Helps keep skin hydrated, it is a refreshing non-greasy body lotion with good moisturizing effect and can make skin healthy and elastic

Suitable for both pregnant women and children

Natural Vitamin E Moisturizer is the brand’s only boutique cream,

Free from artificial colors and fragrances

。 Rich in avocado oil to soothe and nourish the skin,

No irritation

It reduces moisture loss and protects skin from dry weather damage, leaving skin moisturized and silky and can also be used as a pre-makeup primer.

The body’s own antioxidant capacity declines with age, and after the age of 25, the production of oxygen free radicals gradually exceeds the body’s ability to bear, and aging characteristics begin to be produced. At this time, proper supplementation of natural vitamin E can effectively delay aging. Vitamin E is a gem for anti-aging and beauty and freckle removal. From the pursuit of vitamin E by women in their thirties and forties to the preference of eighteen-year-old girls, vitamin E has become a daily dietary necessity for adult female friends who love beauty.


Cockzo High Calcium Milk Powder

Maxigenes Milk Powder By

100% quality fresh milk

Made with a safe and advanced process. Milk is produced from

New Zealand, which is recognized worldwide as a base for quality milk

。 Rich in variety

Vitamins & Minerals

, a can of milk powder can replenish the energy of the whole family. Full-fat immediate, creamy, delicious and nutritious.

Australian maxigences

This name may not be familiar to everyone, but when it comes to “fat milk, blue fat”, many people must know! Because it is short and fat, so everyone calls it blue fat, is a popular Australian local super high packaging super cute milk powder, but also after Deyun another fresh milk taste of the milk powder, cute white fat look is very pleasing to watch! Many people fancy it as canned, easy to transport and preserve, and has a light taste, similar to pure milk.

Moreover, Australian maxigences is a full-fat high-calcium adult and children can drink milk powder, 3 years old babies, primary school students, pregnant mothers, adults, elders are suitable, diabetic people can also eat with confidence.


Children’s multivitamins

This product is specially designed by Swisse for children over two years old

Children’s vitamin chewables

After more than 25 years of global research and clinical certification, it has been continuously updated with scientific development.

Australia’s pure and pollution-free raw materials, cutting-edge scientific research and strict pharmaceutical factory and government control

, to create green top children’s health care products.

This product can not only provide children with 21 kinds of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant elements needed daily, but also reduce the malnutrition caused by partial eating and picky eating, help the growth of bones, and make the baby grow and develop healthily. In particular,

It contains American ginseng to maintain energy levels in children’s bodies, while nettle and rosehip strengthen children’s immunity

。 Complete nutritional formula, uneven nutrition caused by picky eating and anorexia in children, easily 1-2 capsules a day.

Swisse Children’s Multivitamin – Tangerine Chewable for balanced nutrition and growth. Healthy development in childhood is essential for a child’s life. High-growth bones, muscles, blood cells and the brain require a large amount of nutrient intake, but most children have picky eating and anorexia, resulting in malnutrition in the body, and maintaining children’s daily nutritional intake is a very challenging task.


Bellamy’s milk powder

One piece of Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula

Applicable age: newborns up to 12 months

Product description: Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula, packed with whey protein and other nutrients for newborn to 12-month-old babies.

Use a special measuring spoon in the tank.

1 level spoon of milk powder (about 8.8g) mixed with 60ml warm water, feeding table is only a general guide, your baby’s specific situation will be more or less different from this table, please start adding complementary foods after 6 months.

Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula Stage II

Age of application: 6 to 18 months

Instruction for use: Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula is rich in protein, can be drunk in a bottle live cup or used to mix children’s solid food using a special measuring spoon in the can, 1 level spoon of milk powder (about 8.8g) mixed with 60ml of warm boiled water. The feeding table is only a general guide, your baby’s specific situation will be more or less different from this table, please start adding complementary foods after 6 months of age.

Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula Stage 3

Applicable age: 1 year old and above

Directions: As young children grow and need small nutritious meals each day, Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk for daily drinking, as well as as as snacks and food.

What comes to mind when you think of Australian milk powder? The first must be milk powder, A2, Aitami milk powder These Australian milk powders have become the hottest products in the milk powder market, but today we are introducing you to Australia

Upstart in the milk powder market – Bellamy’s milk powder,

It belongs to the rising star in the market, and its position in the market is also increasing day by day.

Bellamy’s Organic Farm is located on a beautiful island in Australia,

The pasture of the entire farm should not be used with pesticides, fertilizers, and cows should not be allowed to use any drugs, including antibiotics.

Bellamy’s uses the best organic ingredients, which come from certified organic farms, which means that the ingredients do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals, pesticides, etc. Coupled with the scientific ratio of vitamins and minerals, it ensures that your baby has a balanced nutritional mix for healthy and strong growth.


HC Propolis toothpaste

The anti-allergic and propolis formula contained in propolis toothpaste is effective and prompt

Sterilization, tartar cleaning, prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, and a unique new anti-allergic formula included

, can prevent root bleeding, tooth soreness and other symptoms.

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, active fluorine, protect teeth, can form a strong protective film on the tooth surface

It prevents periodontal disease, is gentle and protects teeth and gums from bacteria.

Propolis is collected by bees from a variety of plants, and Healthy Care Propolis Toothpaste is a special one, which not only protects teeth from caries, but also gives you healthy gums and fresh breath. It creates a protective barrier for teeth against tooth sensitivity caused by cold, heat, acidity, sweetness and brushing.

This product is mint flavor, sugar-free propolis toothpaste, the taste is very fresh, the cleaning power is very good; The only propolis toothpaste sold in major Australian pharmacies!


Swisse calcium + vitamin D

The calcium in Swisse calcium citrate + vitamin D is calcium citrate, which belongs

Natural biological calcium, which can be fully dissolved and absorbed, is easier to be absorbed by the body than other forms of calcium, and is more suitable for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Vitamin D can improve the body’s absorption of calcium, promote bone growth and development, and the demand increases with age.

Calcium is one of the most common nutrients in the human body and is known as the “reinforced concrete of life”

99% of calcium is distributed in bones and teeth, but because calcium is a nutrient that is not easily absorbed, calcium citrate and vitamin D are indispensable.

Calcium is a necessary macroelement for the human body, is an important part of the human body, with age, calcium loss is also increasing, bone pine on the elderly The impact is also increasing, more and more people begin to choose to take calcium tablets to supplement the loss of calcium, but there are so many calcium products on the market, how should you choose?

Citric acid can eliminate fatigue, make the whole body activate, no longer feel weak limbs, community citric acid can reduce the content of lactic acid in the body, so that oxygen and nutrients are smoothly transported to all parts of the body, enhance the body’s ability to produce energy, produce physical strength and power.

【Reason for recommendation】

【Reason for recommendation】

【Reason for recommendation】

【Reason for recommendation】

【Reason for recommendation】

【Reason for recommendation】

Bellamy’s milk powder

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