Today’s headline original Skoda Xinrui does maintenance and change glass rear drum brake upgrade disc brake

Skoda Xinrui, English name Rapid, is the real original Skoda original car, and the new Jetta and New Santana on the same platform are using this platform only for the Chinese market of special cars, that is, in addition to Chinese mainland, there is no new Santa and new Jetta elsewhere in the world, but Xinrui is a globally synchronized model, so speaking of this, do the drivers of Kaixinrui feel complacent about buying the right model.

In fact, Xinrui this car, a little is quite a lot, the car is small and flexible, the failure rate is low, the engine is the classic EA211, the gearbox is Aisin 6AT, a proper failure low-incidence model, so many people complain about the German car has many problems, that is the German high-end car, the German scooter is the same as the Japanese car, there is no problem. You haven’t seen the city full of streets of Xinsang New Jetta to do taxis, can do taxis, are leather durable with standards, if you just want to travel and want to save fuel do not care about the scene, the three German brothers: New Sang, New Jetta, Xinrui is your best choice.

But this car, there are also shortcomings, the power is a little meaty, no way, carefully 1.4 and 1.6 engines, just such a little force, you still want so. There seems to be no inner bar in the rear bumper, this is a more excessive thing, but you can add it back by yourself, it is nothing more than eight screws, but another more pit thing, that is, the rear wheel is actually a drum brake, big brother, what is the age, you should still be a taxi in the 90s Charipsan, how can you be embarrassed to make a drum brake out.

As the saying goes, there must be a road in front of the lane mountain, and there is a road drum that can’t be braked, so let’s upgrade. However, the upgrade and modification are different, the upgrade uses Volkswagen original parts, the original parts of the same platform, the original position, everything meets the original factory standards, just replace the original disc brake system with the drum brake system of the gnawing father.

It was him who came today, a local Xinrui

Compared to the new Sang and the new Jetta, it seems that the size of Xinrui is a little larger, isn’t it

Classic EA211 engine

ID card nameplate

This is the drum brake of the pit daddy, the effect is poor, that is, the appearance is pulled down

This time I came not to upgrade the disc brakes, but because the glass was cracked, and during the conversation, the owner said that the brake effect was not meaningful, so there was this upgrade disc brake trip

First solve the original intention of the coming, change the glass first, and the teacher is old and skilled in changing the glass

One shovel glue, one glue, clear division of labor, high efficiency

Look, how neat this glue is

After finishing the whole thing, drain the oil by the way, and it’s time to change it

Fill it with new oil, the oil used by his eldest brother Audi, it is not a disadvantage to him

This is the highlight of today’s upgrade, the rear disc brake system, are all original parts, the bearings are FAG, and they are also original and matched

After the sub-pump, Lucas OEM, Audi Volkswagen standard belt together

The sub-pump is with the assembly, so the brake pads are also brought, and this structure is used on the production line

Lavida rear brake baffle, original parts

The original handbrake pull line, which is used by the disc brake version of Xinrui, is not replaced by what Lavida Borai, and is also suitable for Xinshan Xinjie has his sibling Xindong

The rear wheel bearing is FAG, because the original car bearing will fall apart when pulled down, and the life is not long when it is put back, so it is planned to replace it with a new one, which is more reliable

Pry open the bearing cover

Remove the nut and remove the brake drum

Pull out the bearing using a pull code

After pulling it out, it falls apart, so it is not recommended to fight back, the life is not long, the bearing is not expensive, and it is safe to replace

Remove the screws from the bottom plate of the brake drum

Separate the rear stub shaft and the brake drum floor

This is the rear minor axis

Because the bearing inner ring is glued to the short shaft, it needs to be heated and cooled by using the heat to expand the inner ring

Then it was easier to knock out the inner ring

After removing the rear drum brake, you will be surprised to find that the original car actually reserved the position for installing the rear disc brake sub-pump, these two holes are used to install the sub-pump bracket, you say that the pit daddy is not the pit daddy, you obviously have a position, that is, to castrate the original design of the disc brake, obviously cut corners.

Install brake baffles and short axles

The bezel is in place, you see, is it the original position

Attach the bearing lock nut

Close the bearing cover

The ABS sensor is still the original position, which relieves many car fans of concern, saying that with disc brakes, ABS is still the original position

Look, the ABS sensor came through the hole and was still in its original position.

With the brake discs and sub-pumps, it looks a little bit presentable

Look, the bar identification code of the authentic sub-pump, my principle is that the original parts must be used

The brake oil pipe is also in the original position, the screw is seamlessly docked, and it is just stuck in the white clip of the rear axle, which is properly the original factory position

Look, the angle at which the tubing arches is completely designed

The brother fixes the brake hose on the other side

Then install the handbrake cable

This handbrake cable comes with self-locking function, no need to fix the clip, and can be directly connected to the sub-pump

Even the place where the cable and the original car clip are fixed are designed, who dares to say that it is not the original factory wire?

Pull the cable into the cab section and adjust the handbrake free travel by adjusting the nut

Of course, the other side has to exhaust the air, don’t forget

Until there is no bubble position in the brake fluid that comes out

Put on the tires and get ready to go out for a test run

In the process of test driving, at the beginning of a few brakes, relatively soft, because the brake pads and brake discs did not run in, but after a few brakes, the feeling immediately became hard, everything felt perfect.

After the test drive, it was found that the phenomenon of nodding and cocking the butt when the principle braked sharply disappeared, and now it is the front wheel 256MM ventilated disc rear wheel 232MM disc brake, the brake system is the same as Lavida and Bora, although it does not dare to compare with those luxury cars that abalone at every turn, but the normal brakes have become comfortable and calm.

Here, I want to say a few words, many riders are worried about modification, in fact, modification is not terrible, terrible is random modification, to be precise, we are not called modification, but upgrade. Because the optimal solution designed by the designer’s original factory is this, but in order to pursue profits, enterprises often castrate with simplicity, which is contrary to the designer’s original design ideas, we just restore the original intention of the principle designer, and correct the mess.

Well, this small upgrade ends here, I hope you can like it. If you are interested, you can also click “Learn more” below, there are more wonderful articles waiting for you.

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