15 cost-effective diapers review: These two have slippery seepage, parents should pay attention

Flower Dad said:

In June this year, Hua Dad did a review of 10 high-end diapers

“10 high-end diapers review: the most expensive one, but almost at the bottom!” 》

, the price of a single piece (L code) is more than 3 yuan.

However, diapers as a baby’s daily consumables, the daily use of about 3~8 pieces, long-term use of high-priced diapers is not realistic.

In order to meet the needs of more families, the diapers in this issue are

Cost-effective series


Because when buying samples, it happened to encounter the Double 11 event, and the price dropped greatly.

In order to include more popular brands in the evaluation, Hua Dad set the price range of cost-effective diapers as a single piece (L size) of 1~3 yuan.

Which diapers at this price point can make strict flower dad “satisfied”? Let’s look down together~


Evaluate samples

Measurement indicators

Sensory experience

Diaper performance

Overall Experience Score

Security detection

Overall review

Recommended products

According to the sales and brand awareness of major e-commerce platforms, as well as the messages of pollens, Hua Dad selected 15 baby diapers (size L) for evaluation.

Note: The price of a single piece (size L) of each diaper is calculated based on the best purchase price.

Because the real baby test cannot be used, and there are individual differences in real babies, this assessment, like the last time, only compares several indicators of the diaper itself.

Softness, breathability, thickness, elasticity

Softness: Bea*a, b*byc*re are the softest

The baby’s skin is delicate, and the softer the diaper, the more comfortable it is to wear.

Hua Dad asked a number of colleagues to feel the parts of these 15 diapers that are in contact with the skin one by one, repeatedly compare and verify, and comprehensively obtain a softness evaluation.

Softness test

The results are as follows:

Brief summary:

Bea*a and b*byc*re have the softest skin feel.

You N Jia, Daddy D B, Rou Y, Flower W these 4 diapers, the surface and the skin contact area feel hard.

Air permeability: Pine D has the best air permeability

Diapers with good breathability are not easy to produce a feeling of heat, which can increase the comfort of the baby.

Test method: pour 100mL of water into the beaker, record its initial weight, put the beaker on a diaper, put it in the microwave oven on low heat for 1 minute, let it stand for 30min to cool the beaker to room temperature, record the beaker weight again, and calculate the weight difference.

Microwave heat

The measured results and scores are as follows:

The water vapor transmission of pine D is 0.5g, and the air permeability is the best.

The water vapor transmission of most diapers is less than 0.3g, the breathability is poor, and if the diaper is not replaced for a long time, it may cause the baby’s butt to be stuffy.

Thickness: Flower W is the thickest

Light diapers feel better to wear,

Especially now is the season when you need to wear thick clothes in winter.

Test method: use the thickness gauge to measure the thickness of the center of the diaper for many times, and finally take the average value to be the center thickness of the diaper.

Thickness test

The experimental results and scores are as follows:

Five Y, Bang B Shi, Tai D Bear, Song D, Soft Y, these 5 diapers are thinner, with a thickness of < 2mm.

Large W, You N Jia, and Flower W are thicker, all more than 3mm thick.

The thickest is the flower W, which is 4.18 mm thick.

Elasticity: 7 models have good elasticity

The waist of the diaper has an elastic band, and the more elastic the elasticity of the elastic band, the better it can adapt to babies with different waist circumferences.

Test method: Stretch the diaper elastic band with your hands and feel its elasticity.

Good elasticity

Elasticity in general

Five Y, help B fit, ba B bean, b*byc*re, good Q, finch S, big W

Good elasticity.


The urine shows a strip that changes color after suctioning

All 15 models have urine display strips, and parents can change diapers according to the progress of the display strips.

Whether a diaper is good or not, in addition to seeing whether it is soft and breathable, it is more important to see whether its “ability” to absorb urine is excellent.

Permeability performance: all meet the requirements of national standard

The permeability performance of diapers contains three indicators: slippage amount, re-osmosis volume, and leakage amount.

It can be seen that the national standard GB/T28004-2011 “diapers (sheets, pads)” has the most basic requirements for the slippage, re-seepage and leakage of diapers.

On the basis of reaching the national standard, the smaller the slippage, re-seepage and leakage, the better the penetration performance of diapers.

Test method: Huadad tested the penetration performance of 15 diapers according to the national standard GB/T28004-2011 “diapers (sheets, pads)”.

The experimental results are as follows:

1. Slippery volume: 15 diapers meet the requirements of the national standard.

Good Q, Ba B beans

Slippage occurred, and the slippage amount was 4.19ml and 5.03ml, respectively, but did not exceed the national standard limit.

Good Q slip test

Slippery seepage experiment of Ba B beans

2. Re-osmosis amount: 5 models have a re-osmosis amount of less than 0.5g.

Help B fit, flower W, five Y, b*byc*re, pine D

The amount of reflux is less than 0.5g, and the urine reflux is less, and the baby’s fart will be relatively dry.

And the most re-osmosis is

Daddy D Treasure B

, the re-osmosis is 3.13g.

If the baby’s butt is in an environment with urine and feces stimulation for a long time, it is easy to cause red butt. If a mother uses this diaper for her baby, change it in time.

Reosmosis & leakage experiments

3. Leakage: 15 diapers meet the requirements of the national standard.

Ba B beans

The leakage is the smallest, only 0.01g;

Sparrow S

The leakage is the largest, which is 0.3g.

Water absorption: generally slower than high-end diapers

The urine excreted by your baby is received by the surface layer of the diaper, penetrates downward, then diffuses along the deflector layer to the absorption layer, and finally is absorbed by superabsorbent resin (SAP).

Diversion principle

Extracted from “Study on the structure and properties of guide layer materials for diapers”

If the surface layer penetrates slowly and the diffusion speed of the deterivity layer is slow, after multiple urination, the urine will concentrate on the adsorbed surface layer, forming a puddle of water, resulting in urine leakage. To this end, Hua Dad designed a diaper absorption rate experiment to evaluate the absorption rate of 15 diapers.

Test method: 60 mL of liquid is released at a constant speed in the center of the diaper and the timing is started, when it is observed that the urine is completely absorbed by the diaper, stop the timing. After 30min, the operation was repeated, and the liquid was drained 3 times. Finally, the sum of the time spent absorbing urine three times for each diaper was compared.

1. The 15 diapers of 1~3 yuan / piece this time generally have a slower water absorption rate than high-end diapers above 3 yuan / piece.

Of the 15 diapers, only

Pine D

The total water absorption time is within 25s, and the water absorption time of the rest of the diapers is greater than 25s.

2. The total water absorption time of Bea*a, Bang B, Bird S and Ba B bean is more than 35s, and the absorption rate is slow.

Side leakage test: none of them showed side leakage

The two sides of the diaper have an anti-side leakage guard, which is generally composed of rubber bands and water-repellent non-woven fabrics, which can effectively prevent urine side leakage.

Referring to the slippage amount experiment in the national standard, Hua Dad designed a side leakage experiment.

Test method: spread the diaper flat on the test table, pad a filter paper under it, and put 60mL of liquid in the center of the diaper to observe whether the diaper anti-side leakage barrier can hold urine and prevent it from flowing out of the diaper.

None of the 15 diapers showed side leakage.

Regarding diaper side leakage, Hua Dad has a little experience:

After putting on the diaper for the baby, manually straighten the side leakage fence of the diaper, so that there is no need to worry about urine leaking out from the side~

Lock water volume: The smallest is YouNjia

The absorption core inside the diaper, the main component is superabsorbent resin (SAP), which can absorb a large amount of water and lock in moisture, so that the baby’s butt remains dry after urination.

The maximum lock water volume of a diaper is related to its SAP content, and the higher the content of the diaper, the greater the lock water volume.

Test method: soak the diaper in normal saline for 30min, and then put it into the dehydrator to dehydrate for 2min, and calculate the quality difference before and after, which is the maximum lock water volume of the diaper.

Water lock experiment

1. Five Y, Bird S, b*byc*re, Bang B, Pine D, these 5 lock water volume reaches more than 450g, not easy to leak urine due to excessive urine absorption, is an excellent performance product.

2. The smallest water lock is You Njia, which is 317.43g, but it can also absorb 3 or 4 bubbles of urine (calculated according to 80mL of urine).

Faults: None of them appeared

Diapers will crumble because the SAP in the diaper will swell after absorbing water, which does not mean poor quality.

The diaper fault refers to the disconnection of the absorption core from the middle, because it cannot absorb urine in time, resulting in urine leakage. Generally, diapers do not have faults.

Test method: pour 200mL of normal saline into the center of the diaper, place it for 5min, hang and fix the diaper, let the diaper hang down naturally, and observe whether the diaper has a fault after 30min.

Tomography experiments

None of the faults appeared.

In summary, the diaper performance score is as follows:

After a series of evaluations, the overall rating ranking of 15 diapers is as follows:

Flower daddy carried out the top 5 diapers for strict requirements

Heavy metals lead cadmium, free formaldehyde, fluorescent brighteners and acrylic monomers

of detection.

In addition, there is a difference from the previous one, this time it was not sent for testing


Because the diaper itself has plastic parts, but does not come into contact with the skin. Even if plasticizers are detected, it does not mean that they are harmful to the baby, and plasticizers have been detected in the past, which is only a trace amount (limit value≤ 1000mg/kg).

In order to avoid unnecessary concern among parents, plasticizers (phthalates) were not tested in this assessment.

The test results are as follows:

1. Free formaldehyde, heavy metal lead cadmium, and fluorescent whitening agents were not detected in the four diapers;

2. Contains trace amounts of acrylic monomer, no effect on use:

Referring to the GB/T22875-2018 “Highly absorbent resin for diapers and sanitary napkins” standard, the trace acrylic monomer detected is far lower than the standard limit of 800mg/kg for absorbent resin raw materials.

Acrylic is a raw material for absorbent resin, and there will be certain residues during the production process. So far, all the diapers sent by Hua Dad have been detected, which shows that trace amounts of acrylic acid in diapers are very common.

Considering that acrylic acid is present in the diaper core, not on the surface, the amount of contact with the skin will only be lower, so it has no effect on actual use, so you can use it with confidence.

The security score is as follows:

The above five kinds of diapers sent for inspection have good performance and safety, and you can choose according to your own needs.

Consumption advice

1. NB: Don’t buy too much.

Children grow fast, and NB size diapers may not be worn in less than half a month.

2. Diapers with strong water locking ability should also be changed frequently.

The diaper has a strong ability to lock water, which means that it can withstand the baby’s urine more times without leakage, but the surface of the diaper will still be damp, and it will be in a humid and stuffy environment for a long time, and the baby is easy to get red butts. Mothers who want to put an end to the baby’s red butt should change frequently as appropriate, and do not always challenge the maximum water lock.

Little Safflower Assessment Introduction:

We are the first batch of people in China to engage in product comparison evaluation, and the purpose of establishing “Little Red Flower Assessment” is to recommend safer and more cost-effective children’s and household products to parents through independent, objective and professional comparative evaluation.

“Little Safflower Assessment” adheres to three principles: not accepting test samples provided by enterprises, not accepting advertisements and sponsorships that try to influence test results, and independently paying to entrust national certification and testing institutions to conduct testing.

Please pay attention to the “Little Safflower Evaluation” for more baby and child product comparison and evaluation content.

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Evaluate samples

Measurement indicators

Sensory experience

Diaper performance

Overall Experience Score

Security detection

Overall review

Recommended products

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

The experimental results and scores are as follows:

The experimental results are as follows:

The experimental results are as follows:

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