Designers traveled north, Shanghai, and even Italy, to create a home that is no less than a hotel

If you have seen Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, you will definitely be captivated by the charm of Mr. Darcy in the play, and Mr. C from Shenzhen is a gentleman who pays great attention to life like Mr. Darcy. Mr. C’s home is a 300㎡ mansion, he spent many years in the mall in his early years, it can be said that he is well-informed, and the decoration of his new home also pays great attention to the quality of life and comfort.

As an elite mature man who is elegant and cultivated, Mr. C has a rigorous insistence on personal living. In order to meet the needs of Mr. C, the designer team traveled north, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and even to Italy to inspect the hotel, furniture, materials, and measured various functional dimensions in Mr. C’s current home in Shenzhen and Shanghai, tailoring this restrained and warm gentleman’s residence.

As a business elite, Mr. C often meets guests at home, so the living room must be large. The two sofas, arc and rectangular, are the main activity space in the living room, and it is not a problem to accommodate more than a dozen people. The designer used the contrast between wood and stone to highlight the beauty of silence, the main material chose CMECH doors and windows, striped ice jade, platinum Shaanna, Athena gray and other brands of stone, with a rounded sofa to create an open layout, to meet the needs of Mr. C at home. All the hanging boards and shelves in the home are custom-made by the factory, some furniture is made of expensive wenge wood, and the floor is from Weitzerparkett. Fabrics, curtains, etc. from La CanTouch.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows maximize sunlight, and a round coffee table makes it easy for children to play in the living room without worrying about bumps. The design of home lighting highlights simplicity and fashion, abandons the rigid main lamp, and illuminates the part through light strips and multiple auxiliary table lamps to create a uniform and warm lighting environment. The TV wall is designed as a combination of simple marble and wood veneer, saying goodbye to bulky TV cabinets and directly using simple wood veneers as shelves for storage. As a person who pays great attention to the taste of life, Mr. C’s furniture is all imported brands, including Armani/Dada, B&B, Baxter, B&O, Flexform, Giorgetti, Minotti, Molteni&C, Poltrona Frau, MAXALTO, Magis.

The left wall is designed with shelves to increase storage space, walnut color is unified with the overall style, the upper floor serves as a display shelf, and the lower floor serves as a storage cabinet. The shelf shelf continues to the dining room, which is used to display Mr. C’s collection of good wine, and it is also convenient to take it directly when dining or entertaining friends.

The view is stunning through the spacious balcony, which has also been planned by Mr. C as a green recreation area, and a whole plant wall is directly connected to nature, and comfortable seating is perfect for spending a leisurely afternoon.

The living room and dining room are directly connected, Mr. C’s home has excellent lighting, the restaurant also has two huge floor-to-ceiling windows, a round table is convenient for many people to eat or meet guests, the roof is a built-in ceiling light, which not only ensures the lighting, but also does not destroy the overall unity and simplicity of the home. Floor-to-ceiling windows are already the choice of many home decorations,

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The restaurant is directly connected to the open western kitchen, which is the best moving line, and the prepared meals can be served directly on the table, or you can chat with the family while cooking.

The custom-made dining cabinet provides a rich storage space for the restaurant, and most of the owner’s collection of wine and favorite drinks are stored here. The invisible cabinet door is not only beautiful, but also integrated into the overall environment and more uniform.

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The invisible door is made like this, which will definitely make you think

After reading this article, you will definitely fall in love with the invisible door.

The construction and production of invisible doors generally requires carpentry and bricklayers to cooperate, and the decoration process first makes the frame of the door according to the design, and then carries out the overall wall treatment, and then does the wall modeling after processing, and finally installs the door. Some invisible doors do not have any handles, just need to push open, and there are handles behind the door that can be opened from the inside. Someone installed a door closer, so that after pushing the door open, the door will automatically close, but the hidden door closer installation is more complicated, and you need to pay attention to the installation to avoid damage to the door and door frame; At the same time, the door closer has a lot of power, and it is more difficult to push the door.

The central air conditioner is installed in the whole house, which not only makes the whole home beautiful, but also easy to use, saving a lot of trouble. The central air-conditioning indoor unit has a supply outlet and a return air outlet respectively, the airflow circulation is more uniform, and one host can be connected to multiple indoor units, so that each space can feel the comfortable airflow. And for a large mansion like Mr. C’s family, the installation of central air conditioning saves space, and the central air conditioning is hidden in the ceiling, which can be perfectly combined with the top decoration, and it is more beautiful and fashionable, like Mr. C who has high requirements for the quality of life, especially attaches importance to the temperature and humidity of the home, and Daikin central air conditioning is a very good choice.

The Western kitchen is the most frequently used place by the owner, so the whole house is selected from a low-saturation champagne lacquered board in the Western kitchen Armani/Dada, and extends to the selection of wooden floors, wood finishes and other materials. All colours are unified within the grey champagne hue, with shades of light and light colours orderly to complement public and intimate spaces, creating an emotional experience that is unbounded.

This is a study room with a cigar bar, under the exquisite exterior, the timeless charm of the old gentleman and the precipitation of life are even more charms that cannot be replicated. Mr. C traveled to the United States to work as a bartending when he was young, so he loved to store wine, and also loved to collect Italian crystals and auction paintings. The design is not a traditional study layout but a red wine and cigar bar, you can read, video, smoke cigars, taste wine, and the richness and variety of aging perfectly correspond to the personality scale of the owner.

The custom walnut color TV cabinet enriches the storage space, and the TV or storage cabinet are embedded to ensure the unity of the room as a whole.

The white fabric sofa has a simple shape and comfortable sitting, and Mr. C likes to sit quietly and smoke a cigar or read. Light strips for supplementary lighting, carefully selected landscape oil paintings make the home linger with nature.

It can be seen from this angle that the study room is also designed without a main light, and a circle of light strips illuminates all corners. The whole is composed of dark tones to create a sense of tranquility, and is embellished with peacock blue and green, and the space is instantly much livelier. The bay window of the balcony uses shutters, which have a good light and heat insulation effect and will not block the sun.

Walnut wood lockers, peacock blue table lamps, green landscape paintings, make this corner of the room like an oil painting. Here you may wish to follow the owner to learn the color matching, heavy god tones, the use of green color palette to embellish, so that the home is a lot livelier.

The editor’s favorite is the bathroom of Mr. C’s house, which is large enough to be used in design. The light-colored tile laying makes the space appear larger and brighter, the exhaust ventilation equipment is installed on the top of the dry area, and the huge bath mirror expands the viewing space again. Two bath faucets on the left and right are convenient for multiple people.

It can be seen that several sockets are prepared in the dry area of the bathroom, which meets the charging needs of Mr. C’s hair dryer, electric shaver, electric toothbrush, etc., which is more convenient. Well home is

The more sockets, the better?

Just look at this and you’ll know!

What Mr. C enjoys is when bathing, huge windows, you can enjoy the night view of the city while bathing at night, Mr. C pays attention to the taste of life, likes to drink some wine or watch TV when bathing, so the wall of the bathtub is equipped with a TV and a comfortable storage table. Of course, for safety, the bathroom should still be equipped with a waterproof TV. It is a TV that can be used in a humid environment with water vapor, except for waterproof, it is not much different from ordinary TVs.

The bathroom door is used to place the washing machine, the design of the niche increases the storage space, and the commonly used shampoo, shower gel and other orderly displays. Speaking of which, I have to say a small thing, floor drain, although this thing is small, but it affects the whole family,

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Many niches are also designed in the bathroom, saving storage utensils and making the space more simple and unified. There is also a mirror behind the sink, so you can see your image 365 degrees when dressing up, and also make the space larger through the mirror effect.

The bedroom is mainly comfortable and simple, the snow-white bedding has a cotton ball-like texture, are carefully selected by Mr. C, in addition, the owner also pays great attention to the lighting of the bedroom, the bedside embedded wall lamp and two table lamps illuminate the part, the lighting is more gentle, creating a comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

The bay window area is a good place for owners to read and relax, matching chairs and coffee tables constitute a simple reading corner, a large side of windows are rich and comfortable, in order to ensure mild light, the owner specially installed shutters. The heavy gray fabric curtains have excellent blackout, which makes Mr. C have sweet dreams every night.

The purple velvet sofa is the only accent color in the bedroom, which adds to the fun. The custom side table is used to store Mr. C’s common items and bedtime books.

There are three such walk-in cloakrooms, and there are 3 such cloakrooms, and you can fit as many clothes as you want. Including the shoe cabinet, all of his more than 300 pairs of shoes are sorted into categories.

Construction standards comparable to industrial product levels are also a powerful control of the sense of quality, improving the ecological aesthetics of everyday homes. Life has many postures, alternating between stillness and arrogance, solitude and coexistence. Even the selection of materials and colors for the doorknob, Mr. C had to personally see it.

△ Floor plan

As an elite mature man who is elegant and cultivated, Mr. C has a rigorous insistence on personal living. After reading the detailed introduction and display of this case, the layout of the room type of the case can be seen more freshly from the floor plan. For the interior design details, Mr. C’s requirements are no less stringent than the strict standards of luxury hotels, so the super ordinary team traveled to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and even to Italy to inspect the hotel, furniture, materials, and measure various functional dimensions in Mr. C’s current home in Shenzhen and Shanghai, tailoring this restrained and warm gentleman’s residence for him.

Editor’s Message:

Mr. C’s home is completed by a super ordinary interior design firm, and the editor’s biggest feeling is that it is a highlight everywhere and likes it everywhere, whether it is the curved sofa area in the living room, the shelf shelves, or the kitchen with a view of the bathroom in the bathroom, all of which meet all the editor’s imagination for a better life. Of course, Mr. C’s home also provides readers with a lot of decoration inspiration, such as the use of marble, wine cabinets, and the installation of TVs in the bathroom. What other highlights do you see in this case? Let’s chat in the message area! (This case was completed by Shenzhen Super Ordinary Interior Design Office)

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