How to fix the fan base if it is broken

Replacement of electric fan base:

1. Turn off the machine, power off, and then unplug the power supply line of the fan, and unlock the radiator of the U (CPU), this lock may be tighter, the force should be appropriate, do not use brute force, try a few more times.

2. Remove the heat sink and fan to see if the heat sink of the new fan matches the original radiator base. If it matches, fix the fan to the heat sink, and then fix the fan and the radiator to the base, buckle the card lock, and connect the power supply line.

3. If you just buy a fan without changing the heat sink may be simpler, after unplugging the power supply line, you can open the card lock of the radiator and remove it with a cone to unscrew the screws at the four corners of the fan, install the new fan, put on the screws, and then card this whole to the U, or do not open the radiator card lock, directly unscrew the screw from the four corners and then remove the fan from the heat sink, replace it with a new one, and connect the power supply line.

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