After buying dozens of pairs of high heels, why can’t you walk well in them?

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It took me years to really get my hands on high heels. Today, I have sorted out the questions about how to control high heels for your reference.

Kaichun took off his boots and began the single-shoe battle “all the masters” again. I don’t know how other cities are, Triya’s coordinates are in Guangzhou, the road conditions here are complicated, good places can skate, bad places turn over the mountains. Many girls are especially envious when they watch others wearing various high heels to conquer various road conditions. And I will never be able to buy those pair of IT shoes.

Let’s go to buy shoes, especially online shopping, there will be a lot of pictures to illustrate your foot shape, such as this:

Size comparison table commonly used in well-known shoe stores

Many sisters buy shoes according to Tusuoji. However, if you have never bought a pair of single shoes that you think is particularly good, I recommend that you go to physical stores and counters more often. Try it on more, so you can see at a glance which shoes are right for you and which shoes are impossible for you to control.

In general, there are several reasons why you can’t control high heels:


Choose a size bigger to drop roots, choose a size smaller to squeeze your feet

This problem is the biggest problem I’ve ever had wearing high heels, and there isn’t one of them! It’s really painful. My foot type is skinny, with flesh on the sole, a very skinny instep, and the soles of my feet are narrow but my toes are thick, and all kinds of contradictions come together. Therefore, the problem generally appears in the position of the circle below:

As shown in the left shoe in the picture above, if I choose a size 4 and a half 5, those hoops in pointed toe shoes are where I will grind my feet. And when I choose size 6, I basically don’t squeeze my feet, but I lose roots. At this time, some friends will say, let’s have a half-yard pad!

Where is the half-size pad? As shown in the following figure:

This picture clearly tells everyone that if you wear pointed toe shoes and squeeze your feet one size smaller, don’t add half a size pad to your forefoot, because it is likely that you will squeeze your feet if you add them. I recommend that you choose a heel sticker, which can be used to prevent the heel from falling off.


If the center of the foot does not stick to the shoe, it hurts when you walk far

The importance of another try-on. High heels are different from other shoes, and there is a curve between its forefoot and heel. Different forefoot lengths, different heel heights, and different foot shapes of each person are destined to have different degrees of fit between each pair of shoes and heels.

According to my experience of trying it on, the higher the heel and the sharper the toe, the more likely it is to have the problem of the sole of the foot not fitting to the shoe. Because the tip of the toe means that the forefoot can hold the foot space is smaller, if it is a girl with long toes, long forefeet, and forefoot meat, this problem will be more common. The toe toe squeezes the foot that cannot fit into the middle, so that the instep arches and the center of the foot does not fit against the middle of the shoe. Walking this way is a little better than tiptoeing, but it’s easy to get tired. This can also happen when the shoe size is too small and does not fit. As shown in the following figure:

Small partners with thick forefoot meat, long toes, and large toes, try to buy pointy shoes online as little as possible. Pointy-toe shoes are to be tried on, otherwise they will be left idle when they are bought. And square head may be a better choice, since there is a small square head, the “ugly cancer” I bought shoes has been cured.

RV mirrored cowhide heels


No matter how high or low the heel is, the single shoe loses roots

This always happened to my mother. My feet follow my father’s, while my mother’s feet are wide but the heel bones are not protruding. Figure 1 below:

The heel situation is different for different people

In the picture above, the heel bone above is not as convex as the foot below, and this foot type wears a single shoe, if the mouth is too shallow, soft leather, etc. will cause the heel to fall. There are many girls who will listen to the store’s advice, put the front palm pad (if you have the front palm width will only make it worse), add the heel patch (in most cases it will not be the same). I suggest that if this is the case with the heel, it may be better for girls to choose the following shoes:

A deeper loafers

Ferragamo patent leather loafers

I love loafers myself because my feet are relatively small, and most shoes wear a size 5, and some even cost a size 4. On the counter, there are not many yards 4 and 5, so you often have to buy 6 yards for your favorite style. And buying size 6 loafers will be loose, but they will not fall off. For example, ↓ This pair is a fall/winter ’16 model, and a spring-and-summer ’17 model has also entered, but it’s a heel model, and it’s too cold to start wearing.

It’s me ↑

B shoes with stiff leather and more pronounced heel curves

As shown in the picture above, the first pair of V family classic rivets, and the second pair is the mermaid’s super hot MB. The heel curvature of the leather V is more curved, while the heel curvature of the satin MB is not as large as that of the V family. The heels often can’t hold the shoes, and the next time you buy shoes, remember to pay more attention to this part. Large radians should be easier to hold than smaller radians.


The shoe wobbles

This condition usually appears on stiletto heels. I bought a lot of pairs of stiletto shoes, and what I get what I pay for is especially vividly reflected here. The more expensive it is, the less likely it is to cause this problem.

As shown in the picture above, the connection between the heel and the sole must be stable and well shaped. You can actually feel this when you put it on. If the connection is not well designed, the whole person is wobbly and cannot walk well.

In addition, when buying shoes, you can pick up the shoes, put them on a flat surface, gently shake the shoes, and then let go to see if the shoes immediately stand firmly or dangle on the ground for a while or even fall. If you stand up immediately, it proves that the shoes are easier to control and are not easy to shake, and if they will continue to shake for a while or even fall, this pair of shoes is more difficult to control, and it is easy to break your feet when you wear them.


The heel is too high

I have previously written a small review to see what the medical community says about heel height. THE APPROXIMATE CONCLUSION IS THAT THE OPTIMAL HEEL HEIGHT IS ONLY ABOUT 3CM. But I believe that 3CM cannot satisfy your “centipede essence”. So how high do you have to wear to be able to be harnessed?

It stands to reason that in order to achieve the same heel height, the smaller the foot, the steeper the shoe will be worn. Therefore, the appropriate one also has a certain relationship with the size of the heel. The best way is to put on high heels, tiptoe, the heel is still 2-3 cm from the ground, the shoes are likely to be harnessed.

6. Incorrect walking posture

Walking posture is important for wearing high heels. Some girls are not used to wearing high heels, so they walk with their feet on the pads. This way of walking is wrong. With high heels, you have to grasp the center of gravity and tilt the center of gravity of your body forward slightly. When walking, stand up and lift your legs forward, still landing on the ground with your heels first. Otherwise, why do you listen to those “centipede spirits” walking with “Caracalla” loud noise, instead of tiptoeing like cats?

As shown in the picture above, when lifting the leg forward, the heel lands on the ground first, the heel leaves the ground later, and the step by step goes forward, so that the correct gait is correct. Some friends will not tiptoe when wearing high heels, but when they lift their legs and step, the entire soles of their feet fall like steps, which will look very awkward. If this is the case, it is likely that the shoe has fallen off and the heel is too high for the foot to hold the shoe

According to the above six situations and their solutions, I made a thinking map for everyone’s reference:

I hope that all “centipede essence” and “quasi-centipede essence” can find the most comfortable and good-looking high heels in 2017.

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