Must see the secrets of the imitation watch world, don’t be deceived anymore, netizens: Are Taobao genuine after counterfeiting?

In this period of anti-counterfeiting on the cusp, I believe that clicking on the brand watch on the homepage of Taobao will know that a large number of brand watches are being removed or have been deleted, which is very appropriate. At the same time, I also saw many Taobao sellers complaining about Ali’s father’s desperation and injustice.

If Ma Dad does not fight counterfeiting, Taobao will become a market for counterfeit goods to circulate, it will be the enemy of the government, and closing the store is the best protection for sellers, I hope that sellers must be calm when they see it, I believe that you can also make a comeback in other markets.

The Taobao brand-name watch page closes a large area

Guangdong watches, Fujian footwear, Jiangsu and Zhejiang women’s clothing, Shandong luggage leather goods,

I believe that people who have understood A goods are not unfamiliar, with general geographical concentration, as a post-80s watch controller, I am not rejective of A, the reason is simple, the price of genuine products cannot be afforded, and the price of a genuine product is enough for poor children’s life of tuition and miscellaneous expenses. Might as well do something more meaningful.

The watch market is chaotic, a certain treasure guarantees the brand price, whether the rest is genuine remains to be examined, and a group of sellers who act as daigou but cannot issue invoices are doubtful.

Back to the topic, ten years of in-depth exploration in Guangzhou, share what you see, mainly for the questions of wanting to buy a watch Xiaobai, I hope it will be useful to everyone (welcome to add):

1. Classification of brand watches

Premium Watches: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Haujue, Parmigiani, Blancpain (Complex), Athens (Complex), Franmuller (Complex), Girard-Perregaux (Complex), Glashütte (Specific).

Class I: Rolex, Chopard, Earl, Cartier, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Class 1 and 2nd Class: Zhenli Shi, Kunlun, Zunda, Ruibao, Panerai, Omega, Du Bu Xiaoden, Yubao.


Second Class II: Radar, Movado, Kinihua, Chaumei, Soman, Botteret, Ayden, Longines, Fullis, Meneva, Jacques, Timma, Sinn, Renner, Illustrious, Stova, SOTHIS, Baoxing.


Second Class 4 Categories: Plum, Ingna, Sima, Rome, Ibolu, Porto, Parado, Aichva, Shidu, Sandos, Nevida, Olma, Bulova, Swatch, Certina, JUNHANS, Heavenly King.

Second Class Five Categories: Seiko, Citizen, Touhou (Double Lion), Casio.

Second class six categories: Chinese mainland watches, polaris, seagull, Shanghai, Beijing, Rossini, etc

The legendary top replica water ghost

Second, the common word ETA

ETA – the world’s largest supplier of finished and semi-finished watch movements, assembly lines throughout Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan also have ETA movement assembly factories. The annual production of movements can reach more than 200 million. It can be said that 90% of the world’s watch movements are made by Swiss ETA, and there are many Swiss brand watches that rely entirely on ETA movements.

So how much is an ETA movement worth? $200 a piece for more expensive. The cheapest ETA movement costs just a dozen dollars each! But its finished watch products can be sold for tens of thousands! It mainly depends on the degree of polishing of the movement and the influence of the brand. Therefore, the expensive and cheap of a watch is not to see its insufficient materials, but to see its brand influence and movement polishing process, in fact, no matter how expensive the watch itself costs little money!

ETA movement if it is a Chinese mainland OEM, it is not valuable, only two or three hundred yuan can be obtained, in fact, it is an imitation ETA movement, whether it is the classic 2824 2824-22836 2836-2 2892 2671 2896 2894 7750 and so on, but if it is an original Swiss finished product, it can usually reach a price of 600-2000 yuan!

It is precisely because of the strength and quality diversity of the movement that some movements that are not sufficiently refined have been taken by other assembly factories to make various replicas because of their low price.

Genuine product guarantee, Tissot that can be inspected at special counters

Third, the so-called imitation table A goods are also divided into three, six and nine

The following part is an excerpt from a senior, which is exactly what I want to say.

1: B goods, street stalls, night market stalls are sold, ten or twenty yuan, now generally no one buys, some of the pinduoduo as high-end products to sell, very weak, packaging is very important.

2: Mechanical movement cost 30-50 yuan, quartz movement cost 30-50 yuan, domestic movement The general price is about 100 yuan, called A goods, the quality is average, most of the alloy, PU and other materials, capable manufacturers can also customize full waterproof, idle fish pinduoduo is more popular.

3: Mechanical movement cost 50-100 yuan (imitation pearl movement), domestic movement, quartz movement cost 50-100 yuan (ordinary Japanese imported movement), may use solid steel and general quality of the first layer of cowhide material, AA goods, the quality is average, can be fully waterproof, if you are lucky, you can also wear it for a while, this grade of watch is the most popular, Rolex Longines Tissot is available.

4: Mechanical movement cost 100-200 yuan (authentic pearl movement or Japanese movement), domestic movement or Taiwan-made, Southeast Asian, Japanese-made, quartz movement cost 100-200 yuan (original imported Japanese movement), 316L or 314L stainless steel and first layer of cowhide material, AAA goods, good quality, can be fully waterproof, Taobao priced between 300-500 is basically this kind of watch, there are some so-called “authentic” Casio, Tissot, Seiko, Citizen and others are basically such watches. If you are lucky, you can really buy good things, and you can’t blame anyone for bad luck, it’s not expensive anyway.

5: The cost of mechanical and quartz movement is more than 300-1000 yuan (ETA movement and Citizen Miyoda movement) super A or 1:1 quality, workmanship, materials are sufficient, almost no difference from the original, close to the quality of the genuine product in all aspects! It can be imported from Switzerland or domestically assembled! But buying such watches requires a certain understanding of watch knowledge or professional watch players, who do not understand anything, may be fooled

6: Original genuine parallel goods (smuggled goods). People who don’t understand the watch don’t talk about it.

In this mainly talk about the fifth type of watches: that is, watches with ETA movement, ETA2892A22824 (main Longines), ETA2836 2836-2 (main Ronets) 2824 2824-22836 (main with Omega) and so on.

Each brand has its own characteristics, Rolex because the watch is relatively thick, with ETA2836 or 2836-2 (double calendar), Jinlao generally has a 3-point position monthly calendar and a 12-point position weekly calendar, then if it is equipped with ETA, it can only be 2836-2, if it is a double calendar he configures 2836, if he configures 2836-2 in a single calendar, then the audience can spray him if they see it! Omega can be matched with 2824 2836, Longines can only be matched with 2824 or 2892, because Longines and Omega are not as thick as Rolex, so mechanical movements such as 2824 2824-2 2892 are characterized by being relatively thin. Multi-configuration Omega Constellation, Butterfly Series or Longines Master, Military Flag Series

The main thing is the price, and watches equipped with ETA movements generally cost between 1000-5000 yuan.

ETA2824 is the most affordable and stable. It is also the low price of these kinds of movements, the most expensive are 2892A2 and 2836-2, ETA2892A2 is actually the basic configuration movement of Longines genuine mechanical watches, Longines movement is completely dependent on ETA!

To distinguish the quality of a watch steel, mainly look at the color, feel, polishing fineness, the brighter the color of the steel, the better, the feel depends on the workmanship, the polishing degree is also the same.

Tissot Junchi series

Fourth, finally, I want to talk about whether Taobao Pinduoduo Idle Fish reprints some genuine guarantee products to purchase products is trustworthy? In addition to regular invoices and regular stores with relevant authorized qualifications, we cannot talk nonsense about stores with relevant qualifications to protect brand reputation.

Most of them are not strictly speaking, original genuine products, at least not the kind of goods sold at counters. It is more appropriate to call it a second-line genuine or 1:1, that kind of watch can be started, because the movement of that watch is the same movement as the genuine counter, the most important thing is the specifications of this watch, steel mouth, feel exactly the same as the counter original, as for why the price is cheaper, mainly because of the off-site assembly, the piece is the original, but not produced in the original factory. The definition of a genuine watch is usually described by the original original original product, referred to as four original goods. But it cannot be said that a watch that is not assembled by the factory is not a genuine watch, as long as the accessories are authentic, the assembled watch is considered genuine. When it comes to size specifications, in fact, it is still different from the genuine counter, but the difference is very small and negligible. From this, it is concluded that it is genuine, but not original. It’s also a real 1:1. There are many such goods in Japan. The price is generally about 3% off the domestic counter. For friends who love watches but don’t have much rice, it is enough to buy such a watch.

The advantage of choosing this kind of watch is that it is very similar to the original in appearance, operation, quality, and workmanship, and people who do not understand or are laymen cannot see the real thing at all.

Today I will write here first, welcome colleagues to add, do not spray if you don’t like it. If you want to buy a watch, you can’t help but leave your questions. It can be reproduced, and the source of the excerpt is indicated.

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