Global handbag sales revenue to restore the level of epidemic, price increase, innovation and mushroom skin who is the hero

Xinjing News (Reporter Quluni) According to the data released by the NPD Group of Market Research Co., Ltd., the global handbag sales income will only fall 2% compared to the same period in 2019, and it is restored to the epidemic. On the one hand, the big luxury brand handbags have frequent price increase in the past two years, and the new design and new materials are continuously introduced in these two years. Which trick can grasp the Z generation’s eye, let the brand continue to hand over the excellent transcript?

Female handbag market rebound speed is super expected, travel expenses temporarily turned to luxury goods

According to the fashion enterprises of each head, it is true that the sales performance of the handbag is indeed. The financial report shows that within 9 months of September 30, the world’s largest luxury group LVMH revenue rose by 46% to 44.2 billion euros, and the growth of 11% compared with the same period in 2019, the best performance is Fashion leather departments in Louis Vuitton, Dior, Celine, Loewe, Fendi and other brands. 9 months ago, the LVMH Group fashion leather department sales increased by 53% year-on-year to 23,1315 million euros, an increase of 38% compared to the same period in 2019.

US Light luxury Group Tapestry 2021 The operating profit and operating profit margin of $ 968 million and 16.8% respectively, the highest record since the establishment of the Group, mainly due to the business growth of Coach brand. During the period, the COACH net sales of the main product for handbags increased by 21% year-on-year to 4.25 billion US dollars. In addition, Mulberry’s retail sales in the Asia-Pacific region continued to grow, an increase of 36% in fiscal year, and retail sales in China increased by 81%.


NPD Group Fashion Shoes and Accessories Analytics Beth Gordstein said that the rebound rate in the female handbag market exceeded expectations, and even compensated for most of the 2020 losses. Best Gordstein believes that on the one hand, global consumers are gradually recovering consumption habits before the epidemic; on the other hand, people have more funds into other aspects due to travel and social activities during the epidemic. Ms. Wang, the consumer Wang in Beijing, said that the travel expenses in the previous year are around 100,000 yuan. I saved this money last year. She intends to buy a luxury goods that can be checked, “compared with jewelry, diamond, car compared to the car. The brand-name handbag is higher. “It is understood that during the epidemic, people have increased relatively low-cost luxury demand, especially Asian women consumers, more than brand-name handbags, 2020 Amaz bags investment index increased by 17%.

Have a good results on a price increase? Chanel classic handbags rose 47% in recent years

The “price increase” of luxury handbags, some people believe that this year’s luxury goods company transcripts, there are many “credits”.

For example, Chanel has increased three degrees from 2020, and the data shows that the popular Classic FLAP medium handbag has risen by 47% in recent years. “In 2019, this handbag price was 42,000 yuan. At that time, I wanted to buy a gift to myself, and the results have risen to 56,000 yuan this year.” Shanghai consumers Liu Yun (pseudonym) said. Not only that, Louis Vuitton has increased 6 times in 2021, 4 price increases in 2020, and the rise cycle is getting shorter; Gucci has raised product prices in September this year, and the price of 1955 series handbags has exceeded 20,000 yuan. Liu Yun said, “I have already gave up, I plan to buy a second-hand package.”

In fact, regular price increase is a conventional means of maintaining luxury brands and enhancing brand value, usually raising prices once or twice a year. However, since the epidemic has entered in the 2020, Chanel and Louis Vuitton price increases and price increases seem to be exceeded by consumers. Although the brand is explained, the price increase is the increase in material and labor costs since the outbreak of the epidemic. But the industry believes that in addition to this factor, the sales of luxury goods in the epidemic are frustrated, and the price can be maintained. According to the senior people of the fashion industry, although some consumers will give up the purchase, turn to other brands or second-hand markets, but with other brands and second-hand markets, they have stimulated consumption impulsive, “this for the whole luxury The market is favorable. “

For another part of the consumer, the price of price increases will often stimulate shopping desires. “Buying rose does not buy fell, I feel that I have earned it.” Since 2020, Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton store queued, almost It is normal. However, Lin He pointed out that the frequent price increases can make up for the income loss during the short term, in the long run, the value of damage to the brand will be the loyalty of the medium-income consumption crowd. “If you continue to increase this price, the future may face a new round of price adjustment.”

The office workplace package “lost”, the mushroom skin is a new trend?

There is also an interesting phenomenon. According to the global handbag sales data released by the NPD group, the retail revenue of the spring and summer shoulder bag is 14% higher than the same period in 2019, the Messenger bag increased by 7%, and the bag increased by 2%, the cosmetic bag Up 48%, while the bags and handbags of the office class fell 5% and 1% respectively. According to the report, this is more popular with the home office, and the people are more eager to relax and relax, “shoulder bags, Messenger bags or pockets are more suitable for the streets of young people, outdoor leisure, even home wind Take it. “For example, Dior’s new flip handbag Caro Bag, which is launched in Dior 2021, can also be a single-shoulder, becomes, becomes a large heat product. According to industry insiders, next year’s undertake, chain bags, mini bags, and knitted handbags will still be hot.

Lin He believes that luxury brand handbags are not enough by classic price increase, and the innovation of products and sales channels is the key to grabbing the Z generation customer group. The NPD Group’s report also shows that “from 2019, the global handbag market has changed, some brands have fallen, consumers have begun to give priority to other categories, such as leisure and technology.”

In addition to design innovation, the innovation of sustainable materials is the focus of many fashionable brands. Italian light luxury manufacturer Furla and Circular Regeneration Research Design Company Nativa, for classic CANDY bags, to introduce a RE-CANDY handbag series made of renewable plastic. Hermes will use puree leather for the first time in luxury goods, and will launch a mushroom Pot Victorian travel bag made from “mushroom bacteria”. At the 2022 spring, Summer Paris fashion week, the British fashion designer Stra McCatney showed the world’s first mushroom leather handbag. French luxury giants Kaiyun Group announced earlier, from the autumn in the autumn in the autumn in the autumn, all brands no longer use animal fur. This means that Gucci, San Rolland, Paris family and other brands will abandon the animal fur handbag. Lin He believes that adoption of sustainable development materials is the development trend of future fashion circles, which is more popular, but the current consumers are bought, and they will wait and see.


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