Gloves + earmuffs + scarf = warm three-piece! The cute burst

Hi, hello little sisters!

Here is your little cute lord~

It’s cooling down again! It’s really cold

It doesn’t feel much warmer in the south than in the north

What season are the sisters?

I still prefer summer to winter~

The taste of freezing is too uncomfortable

Wear a lot and be very bulky

But there is no way, it is still necessary to keep warm

So go out in winter

I have to arrange mine

Warm three-piece

That is

Gloves, earmuffs and scarves

If your hair is oily, you can put on a hat again

(Lazy people like me usually wear hats when their heads are oily)

Arrange a warm three-piece set to live directly!

Although mainly to keep warm

But we girls have to look good, too

So today I’m here to give Amway to the sisters

Let’s come to Kangkang together~

Especially the babies of the North

Gloves are certainly essential in winter

It’s cool to play in the snow with gloves

(Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, which hardly snow, are envious)

And the Southern sisters riding little electric donkeys or something

Gloves are also a must-have!

Some of Amway for everyone can also touch the screen~

In winter, as long as the wind blows

Our little ears are frozen unconscious

There are also sisters

It is relatively easy to develop frostbite


Be sure to wear earmuffs to protect your ears~

With earmuffs and gloves

Plus a scarf to protect the neck

The whole thing was warmed up~

Winter really loves the feeling of being buried in a scarf

Today’s warm three-piece

The sisters hurriedly arranged for themselves

Let’s warm up for the winter together~

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