Anti-shedding shampoo | save a few strands of your poor hair

Many babies now lose their hair at a young age

Staying up late is really super hurtful

Many of our current problems and unhealthiness

Lifestyle habits, eating habits

It’s all interrelated

All you have to do

Tune! Tune! Tune!

Today I will introduce you to a few

Prevent hair loss

of toiletries

Save a few of your poor hairs

Yanagiya medicinal hair root nutrient solution

Reference price: 65RMB

Specializes in treating less hair and serious hair loss!

Sort of for now

It promotes hair growth the fastest on the market

of products

Gentle, non-irritating and chemical-free

Fat sausage cooling, hair growth effect, summer use is not too cool

Babies with less hair must try it, it has the effect of nourishing hair

It is best to spray it on the scalp with a spray bottle, two or three times a day

Surprises will be discovered after a while

Lion PRO TEC shampoo

Reference price: 50RMB

Developed by Professor Takashi Hashimoto of Kurume University, Japan

Added plant extracts such as seaweed

Zhihu claims to be the best shampoo

The foam is particularly delicate and feels comfortable after washing

The cleaning power is relatively strong, suitable for the kind of people who are very oily

It is mainly a product that protects the scalp

Long-term use will improve hair loss

Grow gorgeous hair tonic oil

Reference price: 250RMB

There are regular and enhanced versions

If it is the first time to use, it is good to buy the regular version

The effect of this product is relatively slow

Basically, the first bottle is used up and has no effect

Telegraph reports a hair growth artifact that awakens hair follicles

Every day

Massage 20 drops until absorbed

, hair density can increase by 13% in four months

This equates to about 13,000 more hairs, and the growth rate will also increase

Bulao Lin shampoo

Reference price: 90RMB

A silicone free shampoo from Shiseido

Black is better for the men’s version than the pink female version, and more than one loss

Easy to lather and rinse, the scalp is super cool

Gentle and non-irritating, it soothes sensitive scalps

Basically, with half a bottle, you can feel a small and obvious effect

And it can

Improve scalp itching

and so on

If you don’t use lush or Wrigley, give this product a try

Redwin tea tree shampoo

Australian local brand, focusing on deep cleaning, oil removal, dandruff prevention

Free from silicone oils, fragrances and harmful substances

Reduces flaking scalp through a process of gentle hydration and exfoliation

Restore and maintain healthy hair

and scalp cleansing

Soothes and moisturizes itchy or dry scalp and balances scalp pH

Children, pregnant women

can be used

The taste is very refreshing, and it is a little dry after washing

Be sure to use it with conditioner

Zilu shampoo

Reference price: 60RMB

Lu’s shampoo is still very good overall

The main effect of purple is to prevent hair loss and nourish hair

Strong smell of Chinese medicine, strong cleaning power

The feeling after using it is

Hair loss is really reduced

It’s not the kind of thing that works once it works

Long-term use will achieve the desired effect

Akin rosemary shampoo

Reference price: 175RMB

Australian local brand, safe, gentle, additive-free

It foams easily and rinses easily

Even if you don’t use conditioner after washing, your hair won’t dry out

After blow-drying,

The hair is fluffy


The taste is good

, a bit like the smell of lavender

Hair loss will improve

Although the price is a bit high, it is acceptable

Rene Furterer anti-spill oil silicone-free shampoo

Reference price: 120RMB

A French hair loss prevention and care product

Results can be seen in a week

This shampoo is sent out green with small green gels

It is very fluid and thinner than the average shampoo

The taste is particularly liked, fresh lime flavor

I can’t believe it

This product must be used when using



Rich foam, strong cleaning power and strong ability to remove oil

So be sure to use conditioner

Reference price: 90RMB

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