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#Solid shorts#

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Black shorts and cargo shorts are also a summer must-have, as not only do they go well together, but you can’t go wrong with any T-shirt in crisp colors.

Students who like military style and Hong Kong style can use shirts, camouflage, converse and other single rows to match, and military-style earthy color items can be collided with some color blocks.

You can use all black to present the look like Wu Yifan, or you can use colorful items to achieve eye-catching effects, and the combination of white and black is also a classic outfit.

And khaki can be paired with dark blue and white T-shirts, a pair of VANS blessings, full of Hong Kong style teenagers.

#Printed plain T-shirt#

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Basic T-shirts are actually quite versatile, whether it is going out on the street in the summer, sports, sleeping, you can use it as an undershirt to wear, the key is so cheap, even if it is worn out for a month or two or washed and stained, they will not feel distressed at all.

Narrow-leg pants are no longer popular this year

The wide-leg pants with wide and loose pants are the favorite of street photographers

Adding some line-like accessories can also increase the attractiveness of the lower body

And white T-shirts are often the best match

Pants and lengths of any color can be worn to a great effect

And T-shirts for boys and girls can also be worn!

The wide T-shirt shows the legs for more sexiness

#Short sleeve shirt#

Short-sleeved shirts have always been my favorite, and wearing a white T-shirt in the summer and choosing a loose size makes it cool to think about.

Companions who like high street style can’t let go of short-sleeved checked shirts because it’s really a fetish!!! And the brighter the color in summer, the better it is to match.

The military-style shirt is a man-like piece that makes your boyfriend more powerful for a second after the upper body

Not only refreshing but also creating a cold wind and minimalist style, suitable for people who like a clean style.

#Stripe Tee#

Sailor shirts are definitely the top 2 items that the editor loves, and they are not only refreshing but also very fashionable in summer

Not only can it be used as an underwear for the vest, but the line of the stripes will also give people a sense of age-reduction

This black and white sea soul shirt is a classic style

Pair it with a pair of khaki cargo shorts!

When the popular children privately like this striped shirt, it seems that the whole person is full of youth.

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