In winter you can always believe in “white pants”, with sweaters and various coats, elegant and high-class

Among the various types of pants, the most elegant and good temperament is probably white pants. The freshness and brightness of white is not only suitable for summer, it appears in winter, and it will also bring a different style.

Many girls are always worried that white pants appear fat and thick legs, but when we see the street photos of fashionable people, we are always amazed at the beauty of white pants. In fact, in winter you can always believe in “white pants”, it is versatile and practical, can be interpreted in different styles of dressing, with sweaters or various coats, elegant and high-class. Next, let’s start with different shapes of white pants and see how white pants should be matched!

White cropped pants

Cropped white pants often appear in street photography of French girls, who like to choose white cropped flared jeans with sweaters or blazers. This shape of white pants narrows at the thighs, and the slightly flared trouser tube can modify the calves and appear slender, so don’t worry about appearing fat.

The khaki blazer and trench coat are layered, and the nine-point white pants are exposed, revealing the ankles, not only looking tall and thin, but also looking particularly light and bright. Black sweater with white cropped pants, classic black and white match, simple and good-looking.

White wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are loose and comfortable, the easiest pants to wear, and cover the flesh to show thin and tall, and can also modify the imperfect leg shape, casually worn can become long legs in seconds.

In winter, a camel coat and white wide-leg pants are a perfect match. The simple camel color, due to the white background, has become no longer dull and dull, the color matching is elegant, very temperamental.

If you are not tall enough, when choosing white wide-leg pants, you can avoid too wide pants and choose slightly narrower straight-leg wide-leg pants. In terms of color, you can choose warm white tones, such as off-white, cream white wide-leg pants, with light-colored knitwear or sweaters, with comfortable and light white shoes, lazy with a bit of freshness and casualness, winter wear is particularly elegant.

White straight-leg trousers

The tube of straight-leg trousers is narrower than that of wide-leg trousers, but it is not too tight, and it can also hide the shortcomings of the leg shape well, covering the flesh and showing thinness while appearing more neat.

Winter coat or windbreaker jacket, usually the color is dull or mediocre, with white straight-leg trousers, can dissolve the dullness, increase the refreshing and bright atmosphere, while making the overall dress present a simple and neat sense of line, looks elegant and not lose the beauty of knowledge, suitable for office workers to learn from.

In winter, a red sweater, the best match is white pants, no matter what level of red, and white pants are a perfect match. The cleanliness and freshness of white pants can alleviate the visual impact of red sweaters, and the warmth of red sweaters can make white pants not so cold, and the collision of enthusiasm and calmness is eye-catching. The gray coat and white straight-leg trousers are soft and elegant, and they are also a high-end color scheme that shows temperament in winter.

White pipe pants

Pipe pants are slimmer than straight-leg trousers, the cuffs are slightly narrowed at the ankles, and the cropped pants are longer, which is more refreshing and neat. White pipe pants are perfect for pairing with any sweater or knitted cardigan for a relaxed and intellectual style look for autumn and winter.

In terms of shoe matching, you can choose casual and comfortable black loafers, or feminine pointed heels, paired with white pipe pants, which can increase the sophistication and elegance of the dress.

Office workers can choose from a variety of small blazers or coats with white pipe pants. Especially some coats with more difficult colors to control, with a pair of white pants, can instantly turn mediocrity into wonder.

For example, a small brown blazer, easy to appear dull, with a pair of white pipe pants, can immediately make your dress refreshing and high-end. The top is made of white underwear, which is the same color as the pants, simple and very high.

White jeans

Another option for white pants in winter is jeans, which have a more casual texture and shape and a stronger sense of casualness. If you want to wear boots in winter, it is best to choose white jeans for pants, which are more compatible in texture and style. Brown or camel coat, easy to show old, with white jeans and black boots, add casual and handsome, can weaken the formality of the coat, make the overall dress more fashionable.

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