The new Baojun 730 shot up, and said to the competitors that everyone here is garbage!

Recently, the hottest on the big screen is “Wolverine 3: Battle to the Death”, which reached 105 million at the box office on the first day of release, and exceeded 340 million in 3 days, directly winning the weekly list. “Wolf” uncle Hugh Jackman is back as a tough guy again, with countless fans with a responsible, manly performance.

Also in China’s MPV market, there is a star model with many fans, which is the new Baojun 730. According to the official February sales data, Baojun 730 sales reached 23,036 units in February, continuing to rank at the forefront of the MPV sales list and opening a lot of gap with the models behind it.

In the “Wolverine” series of movies, “Wolf” Uncle Hugh Jackman protects the people around him from harm with his strong body, and the comprehensive security system upgrade of the new Baojun 730 can be described as a highlight, which not only meets the key needs of many home users, but also shapes a good reputation.

The new safety configuration is upgraded to give the family more comprehensive protection

For a man who cares for his family, the safest travel guarantee for his family is a top priority. Like Wolverine’s modified super body, the new Baojun 730 has also been comprehensively considered in the vehicle’s safety system.

The body of the new Baojun 730 adopts more than 55% high-strength steel, which greatly improves the safety factor of the whole vehicle, which is rare in the same class. At the same time, it also uses hot-stamped steel plates in many key parts, which improves the rigidity of the vehicle while reducing the weight of the body, which also plays a good role in reducing fuel consumption of the vehicle. At the same time, the new Baojun 730 also adopts the design of front and rear energy absorption boxes, so that it can effectively absorb impact energy and maximize the safety of family members.

In addition to the “steel and iron bone”, the new Baojun 730 has also been comprehensively optimized in high-tech safety equipment. First of all, Baojun 730 upgraded the ESP body stability system to the ninth generation Bosch system, which includes VDC vehicle stability control function, ABS vehicle anti-lock braking function, EBD electronic brake force distribution function, TCS traction control function, HBA brake assist function and HHC uphill assist 6 functions, the performance is comprehensive and stable, so as to more intelligently avoid unnecessary risks.

Secondly, there are 4 airbags and 2 air curtains, 360-degree panoramic view, tire pressure and tire temperature monitoring, EPB electronic parking, automatic headlights, sensor wipers and other practical safety equipment. It not only makes the user’s driving easier and more convenient, but also gives passengers more protection. This kind of meticulous care is also the key to Baojun 730 to impress consumers.

Advanced safety design concept creates five-star safety standards

Before the launch of the Baojun 730, China’s MPV market showed a polarization trend, on the one hand, Wuling Hongguang firmly controlled the entry-level MPV market, while on the other hand, Buick GL8 occupied the mid-to-high-end market. With the arrival of Baojun 730, this situation has been completely broken, and it has completely monopolized the MPV market in the price range of 7-90,000 yuan with relatively higher safety performance and cost performance, and the cumulative sales have reached 840,000 units in just a few years.

The success of Baojun 730 is not unrelated to its leading safety design standards, it is understood that as early as 2015, Baojun 730 passed the C-NCAP five-star safety assessment, including in the side collision, Baojun 730 also achieved full scores, which also makes it the first domestic 7-seater family car within 100,000 to obtain this certification.

In the development process of the new Baojun 730, the safety standards were optimized again, the design and development were carried out in strict accordance with the new five-star safety standards, and through advanced technology and meticulous experiments, the vehicle safety performance of the Baojun 730 reached the industry-leading level, which further met the higher requirements of users for automotive safety standards.

Leading the 7-seater family car market, Baojun 730 is “real” to “famous”

In fact, Wolverine gives us not only the image of a tough guy, he also impresses us with his tender side. The improvement of the new Baojun 730 is not only reflected in safety. For example, the front of the new Baojun 730 is inspired by the flying stance of seagulls, and the double banner grille is integrated with the headlights to enhance the horizontal visual tension. The addition of a series of leapfrog configurations such as automatic sensing LED headlights and active grille has improved the quality of the whole vehicle.

In addition, the new Baojun 730 also adopts a five-link rear independent suspension, German SACHS shock absorber, 3M NVH silent package, horse brand tires and front gear silent glass and other parts, which also greatly improves driving comfort.

At the same time, in terms of the space that consumers are concerned about, in addition to the wheelbase remaining at 2750mm, the length, width and height of the all-new Baojun 730 have been further increased, and they are 4780/1820/1755mm respectively. In our actual experience, we found that the seating space and storage space of the new Baojun 730 have been well improved, which further meets the ultimate needs of family users for space. It is precisely these down-to-earth investments that allow Baojun 730 to continuously improve the reputation in the hearts of users.

At last:

In the past 2016, Baojun 730 sold a total of 370169 units, ranking second in the domestic MPV market and first in the segment. However, it should be noted that in the future market, more products will participate in the competition, and the market competition will become more and more fierce, but Baojun 730 can be based on the actual needs of consumers, through the research and development and upgrading at any cost, I believe that it can still control the initiative of the market.

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