The classic and popular Adidas Stan Smith small white shoes, see how Japanese women wear them in summer

Adidas’ Stan Smith little white shoes are sought after all over the world and are very versatile and perfect for casual looks. Let’s see how Japanese women match it in summer.

Japanese matching of small white shoes + pants

Sleeveless T-shirt x leg pants

Adidas Stan Smith shoes with green accents are a popular matching piece for light mature women, white is easy to wear for any occasion, and a little green seems to be the icing on the cake for your summer look. Paired with leggings and a white T-shirt, it’s simple and stylish. Use silver bracelets, elegant bags and watches to increase the feeling of a light mature woman.

Short cardigan x checked wide-leg pants

Adidas Stan Smith little white shoes can leave a clean impression on your feet. By combining casual little white shoes with plaid wide-leg pants, you can have a moderate casual feeling. Red cardigans are used as a color scheme to attract more attention. High-quality watches and women’s bags combine to make up the summer wear of urban women.

Sleeveless T-shirt x leggings

The Adidas Stan Smith white shoes with black accents are perfect for everything from pretty to casual. This casual summer look features black leggings and contrasting Stan Smith white shoes. The top is chosen in army green, which is very suitable for casual style.

Letter T-shirt x leggings

Wear it with a black lettering T-shirt on a white background and Stan Smith to maintain the unity of color to create a comfortable summer outfit. Gray leggings for fashionable summer wear for light mature women. Pair it with a monogrammed shoulder bag to complete a sleek, sporty mix-and-match look.

Letter T-shirt x lace-up wide-leg trousers

Casual summer look with white trousers and little white shoes. A simple black and white T-shirt creates a stylish and mature look. The T-shirt and tote bag are unified in black to create a clean silhouette.

Long T-shirt x split leggings

Wear it with black split pants in summer to create a uniform outfit. Together with a plus-size T-shirt, you can express a strong sense of summer wear. Small white shoes, hats and carry-on bags are used to create a stylish athleisure mix-and-match style.

Japanese matching of small white shoes + jeans

Printed T-shirt x ripped jeans

The casual look of a light mature woman combines ripped jeans with Adidas Stan Smith small white shoes. Pair it with a rock-print T-shirt for a playful look. The backpack can be used for summer outdoor occasions with a beige hat for cohesion.

Crewneck T-shirt x straight jeans

Vintage jeans and white tops for summer casual wear. Waffle top, summer fashion refreshing. The bamboo-handled tote bag adds a ladylike neat feel, and the little white shoes create a stylish summer relax.

Striped top x jeans

Small white shoes are paired with low-rise jeans and a striped T-shirt for the perfect summer casual feel. The use of tassel bags as decoration realizes the femininity of summer wear.

Simple t-shirt x jeans

The jeans are rolled up to create a balanced silhouette so that wearing Adidas small white shoes with bare feet will stand out. It’s a modern feminine style paired with ripped jeans that has become a casual summer fashion. The style of the loose-fitting T-shirt creates a stylish and casual atmosphere. By introducing a lady’s bag full of feelings, the perfect summer outfit was obtained.

Pleated top x wide-leg jeans

This casual look is paired with jeans and a ruffled top. If you wear little white shoes, you will have a simple atmosphere. Adding a newsboy hat can bring a cute feel.

Striped shirt x jeans suspenders

Wearing small white shoes barefoot seems refreshing. The combination of denim suspenders and striped tops looks casual and cute. The straw hat with ribbon design makes it a stylish look with a resort vibe. Use high-quality watches to show the feeling of a light mature woman.

Japanese matching of small white shoes + skirt

Letter T-shirt x polka dot skirt

By combining small white shoes with a light ripe vintage polka-dot skirt, the atmosphere is pleasant. Oversized T-shirts blend easily into your look. White monochrome shape, bring freshness,

Sleeveless T-shirt x plaid skirt

By pairing small white shoes with a black and white checkered skirt, you can create cute outfits for light mature women. Choose a standard sleeveless T-shirt and show a balanced silhouette. The stylish color scheme of black and white creates a stylish summer outfit.

Sleeveless T-shirt x printed skirt

Small white shoes are also good with patterned skirts, such as geometric patterns and Glenn check patterns. White sneakers bring lightness to dark summer wear. Use affordable PVC bags to show the summer breeze.

Crewneck T-shirt x split skirt

Split tight long skirt. The cool color scheme of black and dark blue is combined with white Stan Smith small white shoes to reduce weight. The beige handbag adds texture to the look to upgrade it to a high-quality summer fashion look.

Vest x pleated skirt

The design of the little white shoes is simple, in line with modern fashion trends, and very easy to match. Pair casual little white shoes with pleated skirts for a moderate casual feeling. Use the mini clutch as a highlight to add personality.

Black T-shirt x plaid maxi skirt

A summer getaway look with little white shoes and a checked skirt, and a loose T-shirt for a relaxed and stylish look. The round basket bag enhances the summer feel and completes the resort-inspired look.

Japanese matching of small white shoes + dress

Beret x lace-up dress

Small white shoes paired with an army green dress. The dress with a vertical silhouette gives you a relaxed feeling. Choose a white beret to match the little white shoes and add a sense of French elegance. Mature and cute summer outfit complete.

Women’s bag x sleeveless dress

The sleeveless dress shows neat vertical lines. Stan Smith’s small white shoes and a basket bag add lightness to the look.

Straw bag x split long skirt

Stylish dress with slits on both sides. With a straw hat and straw bag, a casual look with a resort feeling. The green accents of the little white shoes add a touch of eyesight to the look.

PVC bag x windbreaker dress

Velcro design of small white shoes with a stylish sleeveless trench dress. The bracelet and silk scarf tied around the neck create a more tasteful outfit. PVC bags add a stylish feel.

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