Want to do provincial workers, effectiveness, energy saving, environmental protection? Quickly use automatic hypoders

In recent years, with the disappearance of the population dividend and the continued rise in the employment costs.

Provincial work, effectiveness, energy saving, environmental protection

Significant advantage

Automation, intelligent production equipment

It is “artifact” that is a transformation and upgrading such as labor-intensive industries such as clothing.

Automatic filling (cotton) machine

It is a single-handed member of the “artifact”.

A kind

Subverting automation equipment

, A huge advantage in provincial workers, promotion, environmental protection, etc. Compared to traditional artificial fills,

Automatic hypoder efficiency is more than 3 times, and the velvet accuracy is high. More importantly, it can greatly improve the working environment, solve the problem of pollution of artificial filling is difficult to avoid.

Therefore, in recent years, automatic hypoders have become a big down jacket and cotton clothing production enterprises.

Respond to the difficulty of recruiting difficulties, employment costs



The automatic filling machine has attracted the eyes of many entrepreneurs in a huge advantage and rich profits of the world. For a time, the automatic filling machine manufacturer flows everywhere.

At present, there are more than 20 small and small,

Most of them are small and micro enterprises with no core technology, and they are based on prices.

In the middle and low-end market.

At present, the automatic filling machine market

Mainstream products are large automatic velvet cotton one machine,

Sheng Hongwei is an advantageous brand of a large automatic velvet cotton. Shenghong Weiye’s automatic velvet cotton integrated machine has a smart interception, automatic hitchn, intelligent breaking, automatic iron, automatic branch ingredient, automatic detection failure, etc., is favored by the market and users. Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo, Haishu House, 361 °, Jinba, the factory of the world’s famous brand is the hardware of the army. With this product advantage, Sheng Hongwei has been steadily in the forefront of the automatic filling machine industry for many years.

The development trend of automatic filling machine, its core technology is still

Electronic control, software

aspect. Dew Huawei, Shenghong Weiye said

“The automation of future equipment, intelligence is constantly improving, such as the use of robot (mechanical arms) instead of artificiality, and development of the DPRK.”

The development prospects of automatic filling machines in garment production in China and Southeast Asia, there are still a lot of gap in the market, and the prospect is broad.

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