We bought the iPhone 12 case that sold in the top eight on Taobao

The vast majority of people after buying a new mobile phone first thought is to buy a mobile phone case to protect the mobile phone, the current market mobile phone cases are varied, the price is mostly from a few pieces to hundreds, so these mobile phone cases which are relatively cost-effective, which are thunder?

We spent hundreds of huge sums of money to buy iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini phone cases from the top eight stores and downstairs markets, respectively, and roughly evaluate these cases from several dimensions, hoping to bring you some reference. However, everyone should note that almost all of these shells we started have a common problem, that is, the screws at the bottom are not completely covered, so we will not explain otherwise. In the summary session, we will put a summary of scores in the form of a table, you can refer to it.

The first is taken by the downstairs market

Contrast shell

: It is relatively hard, the border part is also thicker, and the mobile phone is wrapped very tightly and held in a larger circle in the hand. There is no big problem with this phone case as a whole, there may be slight glitches in the speakers, volume keys and other places, and the volume keys under the shell of this 12 on my hand are still a little crooked, and the quality control is not very stable.


‘s workmanship is rougher, burrs are many, the front bezel fit is poor, and the exposed white border can be seen on the 12 mini. After taking it off and putting it on several times, the phone case is seriously deformed.

Next are the two downstairs markets

Transparent silicone shell

。 The first is the one with the worst workmanship texture, the whole reveals the two words perfunctory, the bottom hole is asymmetrical, there are burrs and clamping lines everywhere, and the frame is also protected by air cushions at the corners.

The second middle frame has a clear clamping line, the back is basically not higher than the lens, and all buttons do not have any rebound feedback.

Good partner black matte shell

The overall problem is not big, the feel is light and thin, the workmanship is average, there are obvious burrs in some places, and the bottom border is not very good.

As for


There are not too many faults, and I subjectively prefer this electroplated shell, the frame has a clamping line, but it is hidden well, and the bottom border does not fit well.

XP flagship store

At first glance, it looks perfect, but the quality control is not stable, such as my iPhone 12 shell front border is generally fitted, and the socket is a little burr.

And then there it is

Weyido & Ovello

This pair of thunder brothers. From the appearance and texture point of view should be the same foundry, there are no obvious defects in the workmanship, but the volume key is too difficult to press, and there is no rebound feedback when pressed, Ovello’s clamping line is more obvious, the white of weyido is dirty, and there are stains that cannot be erased just bought.

Pinsheng transparent shell

The opening cures OCD, but the screws are still exposed. The frame is protected by airbags, but the rear lenses of both Pinsheng are large holes, which are not as good as precise hole protection. The key opening is accurate, but pressing requires more force, and the rebound feedback is obvious.


Pinsheng electroplated shell

It is the only one with a screw covered at the bottom, and the workmanship is good, but the volume buttons are very difficult to press, and there is no rebound feedback when pressed.


The opening is more accurate, the package on the front and back is not much higher than the fuselage, the workmanship texture is OK, and there is no work. The biggest advantage is that the button part is handled well, and there is feedback without pressing it, which is a relatively convenient one for me to use.


The back cover is stiff and the workmanship is good. The lens is wrapped better, but it does not do the protection treatment higher than the lens, and the force required by the button is similar to that of Pinsheng, which is more laborious.

Based on these aspects, we think that the shell that has a good experience to use is a product

Katsu Transparent Shell, Kirakudo, Tulas, Vasque, Market Contrast Shell and XP Flagship Store

, but Tulas sells for up to 68, to be honest, this shell is only a solid point of material, and the extra features are really not worth the price.

Mobile phone cases are a profiteering industry, this is known to everyone. For me, from the point of view of practicality, 20-30 yuan can buy a mobile phone case that meets my needs. After the price climbs further, it is generally an upgrade of materials, extended functions (such as fill lights, LED lights, etc.), or a brand bonus. Whether you are willing to pay for this part and how much you are willing to spend varies from person to person.

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