Fuyang, Anhui: In order to show her thin legs, female customers buy jeans as long as S size, “buy forks, lift hard”

There is a kind of self-deception, called covering up ears and stealing bells!

In ancient times, some people wanted to steal a bell, but they were afraid that others would find out. In desperation, he could only choose to cover his ears to reduce the sound of the bell in the theft. In the end, the thief was caught by the family. When he was caught, the thief still couldn’t figure out how he would be discovered: the bell had become much smaller.

After this incident, people often used the term “covering their ears and stealing bells” to describe people who deceived themselves.

Until today, the simple operation of stealing the bell is gone, it has risen to new heights.

On April 17, a female customer came to a clothing store in Fuyang, Anhui Province.

The woman was slightly chubby, came to this store to buy jeans, insisted on a size S. The store attendant found many strips for the woman and tried them on one by one.

Because of the woman’s slightly chubby body, many of them have been worn “forks”.

The kind clerk reminded: “Beauty, you can’t wear such a small one!” ”

Woman: “I can wear it!” ”

The clerk still didn’t relax: “You have several forks!” ”

The woman looked indifferent: “Ouch! I will buy a few forks, and I will buy them if they are rotten! ”

The kind waiter is still persuading: “You change to a bigger one!” ”

The woman began to be stubborn: “I don’t want the big one, I want this small one, the small one looks like my legs are thin!” ”

“Help me lift it, work hard!”

The woman began to push on her jeans, and the two waitresses in the store also moved together.

The three of them worked hard, and the clerk couldn’t help but laugh!

The woman began to criticize the two waiters: “You are not hard! “Because she was too hard, her body lost support, and the woman suddenly collapsed on the ground.

In the end, the jeans were barely lifted. Although the zipper could not be closed, the female customer was super satisfied.

Things like this happen in a lot of places.

In a clothing store in Xingtai, Hebei, a slightly chubby woman also appeared. 150 pounds of jeans for size S, it is also carried for half a day, and the waiter is also helping.

After working hard for a long time, I still can’t wear it.

The woman was angry: “Don’t buy it, don’t buy it, what torn pants, I can’t mention it!” The two waitresses also laughed angrily.

This has to make the editor laugh too!

Even, some clothing stores in jeans suddenly found that no one wanted the size S pants after a year. I couldn’t figure out the reason, so I could only shout: “Little sister who wore size S pants years ago, you guys come back soon!” ”

How important is the figure for women?

I can’t think about this question clearly!

In fact, men choose women not only by their figure, but also by their authenticity. But some female netizens retorted: “The body is not good, how to understand our realism.”

That makes sense!

Perhaps, covering your ears and stealing bells is sometimes needed, self-deception sometimes deceiving others, and you are still very happy to watch! I can only think so, helplessness and sadness are hidden in my heart at the moment!

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