Polaroid Wisdom Cottage takes children into the dream party of developing intelligence

Now children live very happily, do not worry about eating, not worrying about wearing, not worrying about playing, with a variety of snacks, clothes and beautiful toys, toys are not just a toy, let children learn in the process of playing, open intelligence in the process of playing, gradually cultivate children’s interests, gradually improve children’s abilities, why not! However, the current toy function is relatively single, can only bring short-term interest to children, but can not accompany children for a long time, can not develop children’s intelligence in an all-round way, so this requires a new type of toy that integrates many functions.

The author recently experienced the children’s puzzle learning house provided by Poly Toys, which is a puzzle hut with 7 panels, with functions such as music world, revolving hall, good sound hall, contact room, forwarding sound hall, animal hall and driving proving ground, etc., each regional function is refined into different music, stories, and tracks, even if older children play, they will have fun!

With 71 matrix keys, 8 keys, 4 timbres, 5 animal cognition, 5 stories, 13 tracks, 35 pieces of music, 15 groups of English words, 5 percussion instruments, 5 jazz drum effects, 5 drum sounds, 5 wheels, 5 cute sounds, Poly truly achieves a children’s toy with many functions. As a children’s toy, the design of the outer packaging is also very important, it must be attractive to children and parents, so the outer packaging uses physical product photos to attract children through color, and at the same time briefly outlines the main functions of this children’s toy.

This smart learning house launched by Poly has a total of 2 color styles for choice: yellow and red, and the front and back sides of the packaging box are equipped with these two different colors of product physical pictures, you can compare and reference, choose your favorite color style for children, the author experienced this belongs to the picture above: yellow model.

The two sides of the outer packaging of the smart learning cabin record the detailed operation and introduction of the 7 function panels in detail, and the illustrated explanation is simple, interesting and efficient.

The top surface of the outer packaging of the toy cabin is equipped with a handle, which is easy to carry, very convenient, but easy to fall off, the design is slightly lacking, after all, there is no design box buckle, easy to fall off when lifting, it is recommended to improve the design of the top cover of the packaging box.

The bottom of the box introduces the relevant maintenance of the toy hut, battery use precautions and the use of the smart hut, this smart learning house is suitable for children over three years old, under the age of three, the author still recommends using under the supervision of parents and parents.

Panel 1: Music Universe

Poly smart learning house adopts seven panel design, 5 side panels and 2 upper and lower panels, each side has its own music function, the shell and buttons of the learning house adopt safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly ABS plastic design, the color is diverse but not dazzling, it looks more comfortable, the design of the buttons and corners is more rounded, smooth, no angular protrusions, to protect children’s play safety. The power switch of the whole learning house is designed in the music world, with 8 keys, able to play relatively monotonous music, and there are 4 different timbres such as violin, harmonica, trumpet, guitar, etc., rhythm keys support 13 random piano tracks, music keys support 20 different music, cultivate children’s musical interest from an early age, children with a certain musical foundation can use, and the power switch of the entire learning room (also the volume keys, divided into high and low volume) is designed here, In the middle of the 4 tone keys is the speaker position of the learning room, and the sound is relatively clear.

Panel 2: Driving Proving Ground

In order to prevent the wear of each function button, the 7 music function panels are recessed to greatly reduce the wear of each function button, while forming their own area and preventing accidental touching of other panels to produce sound. The driving laboratory truly simulates the effect of real driving, including steering wheel, horn, steering, switch, gear, acceleration, braking and other functions, and also designs driving tips and traffic safety tips to help children improve traffic safety awareness, do not grab the road, do not run red lights, and be an obedient good child.

Panel 3: Zoo

The zoo panel of the Poly Wisdom Learning House has a total of five small animals: kittens, birds, dogs, rabbits, and elephants, each of which can be pressed five times in a row, and each time you press will appear the words of the little animals and music or stories related to the small animals, allowing children to enter the fantastic fairy tale world. It’s just that these stories, talks, and music have been solidified into it, and every time it is played is a replay, if it can be updated in real time, it is more effective to help children increase their knowledge.

Panel 4: Runner

The rotating wheel panel of the Poly Smart Learning House is designed with gears that can rotate, and cartoon elements are also added, and the sleek gear design protects children’s small hands while taking children into the era of mechanical rotation technology, and every time the gear rotates, music will be played to improve children’s interest in playing.

Panel 5: Contact room

The contact room panel of the Poly Smart Learning House includes dialing pad, handle, phone book, voice mail, police telephone, through the phone book, to exercise children’s ability to make calls, through the stored police phone, let children know each emergency number. The dial key design of the phone is round and transparent, the pad printing design is not easy to fade, and the design of the handle is very cartoony, which improves the stickiness of children learning to dial.

Battery compartment

Poly Smart Learning Cottage is powered by 3 No. 5 batteries, supporting dry batteries, and can also use rechargeable batteries, which are very convenient to replace and not dangerous, and directly remove the old battery after using up the battery and replace it with a new battery.

Panel 6: Multi-faceted learning circle

The multi-faceted learning circle panel of the Poly Smart Learning House, by rotating the five-pointed star smiley face in the middle, the pointer points there, the learning room will play the corresponding Chinese, English words and word-related sound effects and sentences, there are a total of 15 different types of words on the panel, through learning, children can deepen the impression of each word.

Panel 7: Good Voice Demo Stand

The good sound demonstration table panel of the Poly wisdom learning hut, although the author does not understand the rhythm, but also prefers the feeling of playing the drum after beating, this panel has a similar function, belongs to percussion instruments, but electronic percussion instruments, need to have a certain rhythm hitting ability, in order to play perfect music. Through the middle button of the panel, you can convert various sound modes, including sound conversion mode (5 different sound effects), music conversion mode (15 music in total), cute sound conversion mode (5 cute sound effects), animal sound conversion mode (5 animal sound effects), and jazz drum conversion mode (5 jazz drum sound effects). The upper and lower panels are equipped with different color indicators at the five corners, and the internal status lights flash alternately while the sound of the study room is emitted.

Poly smart learning room with different colors of plastic lampshade, under the internal LED lighting, showing different light colors, the light is relatively soft, the percussion instrument is in a flashing state, do not hit the instrument, LED light will not flash, such a design, greatly save battery power, but also increase the interaction between the learning room and children.

Summary: The overall appearance design of this children’s smart learning house brought by Poly is very cartoonish, with 7 learning panels with different control functions, making full use of every space of the learning room; At the same time, the functions of each function panel are very rich, and the colors of each button are bright, the workmanship is excellent, there is no burr protrusion, and it is made of safe ABS plastic, which really thinks about the safety of children; The function panels in each place are concave and self-contained, without affecting each other; Each function button of the smart learning hut follows the principle of back hitting (that is, the learning house always executes the last keystroke command, and the previous keystroke command ends with it), so the learning panel can be changed arbitrarily, which greatly improves the playability of the learning house. Recently, Suning Tesco is on sale, half price sales, like the parents hurry up to pay attention!

Panel 6: Multi-faceted learning circle

Panel 7: Good Voice Demo Stand

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