TWS is all the rage, are wired headphones really declining? Weston Audio Pro X10 headphone review

TWS is popular, the basic mainstream headset selection is around the true wireless Bluetooth headset, with the update and improvement of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, further narrowing the gap between wireless transmission and wired transmission, coupled with convenient carrying, storage and other characteristics, true wireless headset fire is not without reason, TWS has become mainstream, does not mean that the wired headset market is gone, on the contrary, the real audiophile players actually tend to wired headsets, headphones, and today the author brings you Westton Audio Pro The X10 headphone review is a classic return to the HiFi space, so is it worth a try? Let’s find out with the author!

The Weston brand, regarded as the old-timers of the moving iron unit, but later changed its name to Westone Audio, inheriting more than 60 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of professional headphone acoustics, and becoming one of the world’s professional headphone index brands. Its most classic UM PRO30 is favored by enthusiasts. The new product of this experience is Westone Audio PRO X series professional monitoring products, so many audio enthusiasts are still looking forward to its performance, and the packaging is not too much, relatively decent.

After opening the package, the first thing you see is not the earphone itself, but the brightly colored red storage box, compared to the earphone itself, this storage box is slightly large, but it actually contains mystery.

The appearance looks in addition to a little bigger, the process is okay, in fact, there is not much highlights, but careful friends should find that in addition to this storage box is actually a waterproof box, the sealing is guaranteed in all aspects, and considering the internal and external air pressure after a long time, affecting the sense of experience, you can adjust the internal and external air pressure through this knob, convenient to open the box, very detailed design, considered very comprehensively.

And for the headset itself, the first feeling is that this cable is really slender, I believe that many people are the same as the author after seeing it, worried about the cable breakage and the like, according to the author, this headset uses Lunum Bax cable, which belongs to a special version. Can not be defined by thickness, although this original line is slim, but also has stability and not easy to slide, and not easy to break, anti-interference, low line noise, etc., but also understand that when this new product was released, the scene of lifting 6 kg heavy objects was demonstrated on the spot, so the concerns caused by the thickness of the wire can be eliminated.

The list of accessories is indeed rich, 10 pairs of earphone covers (5 pairs of inert sponge covers and 5 pairs of high-quality silicone sleeves), sizes and sizes, compatible with most people’s ear canal size storage bags, silicone cable straps, and an additional mobile phone adapter and other composition, and waterproof boxes, are very detailed, no wonder audiophiles are still so fond of the brand.

The headset itself adopts an in-ear design, the appearance adopts a relatively bold transparent style, you can directly see the internal unit design, very distinctive, the shell is also printed with the brand LOGO, not very conspicuous, the internal red cavity and the transparent shell have a strong contrast, it looks very characteristic, and overall, the headset itself is not large, and the slim cable is not obtrusive.

If Lunum Bax cable is one of the guarantees of sound quality, then this slender duct design is the second guarantee, as one of the originators of the moving iron unit, Westone Audio has its own considerations in the design of the guide tube, this slender design, itself can ensure bass superposition, lower potential, make the low frequency fuller, etc.

Returning to the headphones themselves, Weston Audio Pro X10 main action iron unit, built-in a moving iron unit, if everyone impression still stays in the previous single action iron unit like the sound quality performance, then may be the biggest misunderstanding of this single action iron headphones, with the upgrade of technology, single action iron headphones in the three-band performance has become more and more mature, high and low frequency performance may have unexpected surprises.

Other parameters can be taken a look together:

Sensitivity: 114 dB@1mW

Frequency response: 20Hz – 16kHz

Impedance: 19 ohms

Unit: Single action iron unit

To be honest, as a thousand-dollar single-action iron headset, these parameters are already good, although the frequency response and sensitivity are slightly insufficient, but don’t ignore the price, don’t move to benchmark thousands of yuan of big ears, so individuals can still accept these parameters.

To be honest in terms of wearing, this L-shaped in-ear design plus small shape design, wearing is still very friendly, firm is on the one hand, physical noise reduction is on the one hand, long-term wear does not exist swelling pain, may be related to the small shape of the headset, so users who like to listen to songs, in the wearing comfort requirements are higher and pursue noise reduction, you may wish to try this in-ear design of headphones, and wear in addition to wearing around the ear, directly along the ear contour wearing is also very comfortable, so there are also innovative points in the wearing method, There is no limit to one wearing style.

As mentioned earlier, in the use scenario, in addition to the mainstream through various players, it can also be played with a mobile phone through the adapter cable, and the sound quality is not much different, but after the transfer of the transmission method, there is no difference and there is no difference.

In terms of player matching, to be honest, after the author received this headset, the first intuitive feeling is that it is very large with iPod shuffle 4, the same mini shape, of course, there will be users who say that the front-end thrust is not enough and so on, but as a daily listening song, I personally feel that it is still enough.

In terms of sound quality, thousands of yuan headphones are actually relatively better in the mid-frequency part, although this headset is a single-action iron unit, but in fact, there is a lot of room for improvement in the extension of both ends, the mid-frequency is thick and powerful, the mid-high and low connection performance is also good, not muddy, a slight deficiency is the low-frequency detail processing, will be slightly lacking.

Known as the human subwoofer – Zhao Peng “Country Road”, the overall performance of the low vocals is okay, the sense of force is slightly insufficient, and the collection will be slightly compact, so relatively speaking, this thousand-yuan headphones, for daily listening to songs are still competent, and the sound quality performance is also very sufficient if it does not pursue the high and low frequency limit experience.

Let’s summarize it briefly! As a wired headset cable winding problem still exists, but the official harness strap can be slightly improved, in addition, the performance of the limit of high and low frequency is insufficient, but the overall sound quality can be rated as superior performance at the same price, plus the wearing comfort brought by the small shape is a lot of points, although the true wireless headset is popular, but really like the HiFi sound quality experience, this headset as an entry model is actually a good choice.

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