The difference between plank wood combined furniture and solid wood furniture, panel furniture

To be precise, this is a question for which there is no definitive answer. The following is the difference between the two products of Jiajia children’s furniture:

Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture:

Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of natural wood, and the texture of wood can generally be seen on the surface of furniture. Its advantage is that the use of natural wood, the appearance is more natural, and durable, green environmental protection, (generally qualified solid wood furniture) does not contain artificial additives, no pollution hidden danger.

And its disadvantage is also the use of natural wood, which makes its price rise; The styles and patterns that can be selected are also limited by the wood itself, and the selection space is relatively small; The material of solid wood is soft and cannot be exposed to sunlight, and maintenance requires more effort; Finally, most of the assembly of solid wood furniture uses mortise structure and adhesive, the finished product can not be disassembled, and special attention should be paid to handling.

Advantages and disadvantages of panel furniture:

Panel furniture, that is, wood-based panel furniture, is made of incomplete scrap wood, mixed with other fibers.

Generally speaking, the price of panel furniture is cheaper than solid wood furniture (but the price of some imported panel furniture with excellent workmanship and novel style may far exceed the price of solid wood furniture with rough workmanship); And its color and texture mainly rely on the effect of veneers, so there are many changes in this regard, which can give people a variety of different feelings, and there are many changes in the appearance design, and the choice range is large; The material is not easy to deform; The combination of components is usually made of various metal hardware, which is easy to assemble and disassemble.

And its disadvantage is precisely “unnatural”. Some panel furniture because of the use of strips of veneers, so there will be a sense of repetition on the pattern, and there is a lack of natural variability (now many brands of panel furniture notice this and use large pieces of imitation natural change wood grain veneer, to a certain extent can make up for this); Short service life; The biggest problem is environmental protection: additive adhesives are used in the production of artificial panels, and if the furniture veneer and edge banding are not handled well, there will be hidden pollution risks. There are many pieces of furniture on the market, and there is a strong pungent smell when opening cabinets and drawers, which belongs to this type of problem, and such furniture is not suitable for purchase.

Shop reference

In general, if the price is not considered, and the home space can be matched, it is recommended that you buy solid wood furniture that meets the concept of environmental protection; Taking into account the price, style, and interior decoration, in many cases, high-quality panel furniture will also be another quite satisfactory choice.

For the purchase of children’s furniture, it is best to use solid wood, which is more beneficial to the healthy development of children.

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