Applying nose strips can lead to bigger pores, and what really works to do is…

Applying nose strips can lead to bigger pores, and what really works to do is…

Many people’s faces, especially the tip of the nose, nose wings, forehead around, there are some annoying blackheads, some people by sticking nose strips to remove, this practice may make the pores bigger and bigger, so is there any other more scientific way to prevent and improve? Today An An will share it with you.

1. Why do you grow blackheads?

In fact, blackheads are short for blackheads, how does it come about? This starts with the occurrence of acne.

The formation process of acne is roughly as follows: keratinocytes are blocked or adhered to the mouth of the hair follicle, causing the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands to be blocked in the mouth of the hair follicle, and at the same time, the propionic acne bacillus in the mouth of the hair follicle grows rapidly in a hypoxic environment. In this way, oils, metabolites of P. propionic acidaceus and keratinocytes are mixed together to form a sebum mixture – acne.

This mixture of sebum is white or milky white at first, also called whiteheads, and after a period of time, it oxidizes or mixes with dust in the air, and it will turn coffee or black, which is called blackheads.

2. Frequent application of nose strips may lead to enlarged pores

Occasional use of nasal strips to remove blackheads may have little effect on pores, but regular use can make pores bigger.

The surface of the nose strip has water-soluble adhesive, by using water-soluble adhesive and the skin to fully contact and bond, when tearing off the nose strip, relying on its own adhesion, the blackheads on the skin are pulled out, but the blackheads pulled out are shallow blackheads, and the deep blackheads still exist in the skin. Therefore, nasal strips are always a palliative, not a cure.

3. How to effectively remove blackheads?

The blockage of pores and the strong secretion of sebaceous glands will promote the continuous production of acne, and when blackheads are not very serious, they can be prevented and improved by cleansing and moisturizing.

(1) Pay attention to cleaning

Effective cleansing helps the normal exfoliation of keratinocytes and avoids clogging pores, so that the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands will not be blocked, the chance of acne will be reduced, and blackheads will be reduced accordingly.

(2) Moisturizing

There are many factors that lead to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, such as hormone levels, skin type, life and rest, etc., but doing a good job of moisturizing can help soften the keratinocytes at the mouth of the hair follicle and make them fall off better, which has a certain role in preventing and improving blackheads.

(3) Seek medical attention in time

If whiteheads or blackheads are more serious and even have caused acne, An An recommends seeking help from a dermatologist for effective treatment through medication.

Have you all learned the above methods to prevent and improve blackheads?


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