Do you have to choose Seamaster 300 for a budget of 30,000? This Tudor is more domineering than the Rolex Air Master

It is not wrong to choose the Seamaster 300 with a budget of 30,000, and the elegant and somewhat coquettish design has made the Omega Seamaster series quickly popular around the world since its birth; Of course, Tudor is also good, and the little red flower design of the Biwan series is also funny and a little sullen.

But often Rolex is the watch that fans love deeply, basically no one can refuse the temptation of Rolex, in fact, the threshold of Rolex is not high, 28,000 can enter the empty series.

And the Tudor series introduced below seems to be more domineering, and the temperament is not inferior to Daytona. 1-30,000 budget, a total of five, clockwork fish takes you to choose a watch quickly.



Airmaster series 14000M mechanical men’s watch

First of all, let’s take a look at Rolex’s Airmaster model, compared with the white Airmaster, this Airmaster uses a blue dial and is embellished with radial patterns, which is versatile and durable as a formal watch, and is more gentlemanly.

Although it is called an air master, the watch diameter is only 34mm, and it is equipped with “

Model 3130

The movement, with a 48-hour dynamic reserve, is suitable for most Asian men.

As an entry-level, Rolex is a good choice, wear it out for a lot of face.


Tudor Tudor

Qi Cheng series M70330N-0006 mechanical men’s watch

Compared with Biwan and Junjue, Tudor’s Qicheng series is too low-key, so that most cousins hear that Tudor only knows the first two, and the actual God’s Tudor’s Qicheng series is inspired by the seventies of the last century, absorbing retro elements and reinterpreting modern style.

Black, white and gray complement each other, orange accents highlight the sporty vitality, and two counters are located on both sides to echo the gray disc face.

Rolex’s classic panda disc design

, but this Tudor is more young and stylish, with a 42mm dial with bold contrast stitching and domineering!

Do you love such a unique and domineering “red panda”?



Blue balloon series WSBB0015 quartz men’s watch

Blue balloons see more, black balloons to understand. 42mm black dial, white Roman numeral hour markers, sword-shaped hands with red seconds hands! Using ADLC carbon plating process, the sapphire mirror surface is transparent and rounded.

Counters are rare, and even rarer styles on the market!



Portofino IW356501 mechanical men’s watch

Buying a Wanguo Portofino as a formal watch within 30,000 is very practical, and the simple and low-key design gives people a calm and capable temperament. The sleek and elegant disc is simple and bright, with a black alligator leather strap, gentlemen are not pretentious, reliable and professional, suitable for workplace business elites.

Versatile and attractive, Wanguo as a men’s formal watch is not a mistake choice.



Seamaster Series Mechanical Men’s Watch

Although the budget of 30,000 does not have to be a seahorse, it is indeed very reliable within this budget. This Seahorse all-blue design gives people a deep and stable feeling, and the classic elements of Seahorse design coexist with fashion and business. Equipped with “


The movement, certified by the observatory, is 300 meters water resistant, professional and reliable, and the rubber strap is just right for this winter.

If you like it, hurry up!

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