Which nail polish looks good Choose the right nail polish to add points to your date

Introduction: How to apply nail polish to look good? Now more and more MMs like to make a fuss on their hands. All kinds of beautiful manicurs are loved by everyone. So which nail polish is popular with MM, which brand is easy to use, and it is not easy to fade if applied, Xiaobian reveals for everyone.

Making nail polish paint a beautiful “coat” for your fingertips is something many fashionable women like to do. All kinds of nail polish make MMs love it. So, what brand of nail polish is good, today I recommend several popular and hot-selling nail polishes for everyone, learn to choose nail polish, and go out on a date to add more points.

M.A.C Croak Custom Collection Custom Nail polish

M∙A.C Wanbao’s custom series, the main visual image of this series was taken by Chen Man, a prominent Chinese photographer, who said that the series was inspired by the dual beauty of feminine femininity and brave and fearless spirit. Wan Bao decorates her face with her favorite gold and rich jewel color, making her face the focus of the stage; She breaks with tradition and pioneers new trends, M∙A∙C joins hands with Wanbao to give new life to every face.

Deborah Lippmann Acorss the universe

Deborah Lippmann classic nail polish, blue-green sequins, very layered after applying a few layers, so that your nails have a cosmic depth.

OPI Lincoln Park at night

OPI Classic Color, BAZAAR magazine recommends Victoria’s favorite OPI sauce purple nail polish, which is perfect for autumn and winter application and makes you look cool. With winter dark clothes, it is not obtrusive.

OPI Big Apple Red

OPI Big Apple Red is the most representative red in OPI, a bit like the color of ripe apples, very white. The texture is moderate and it is the easiest color to apply in OPI.

DIOR’s new nail polish #777

Fingertips are not simply pursuing “fashion nail art”, but also focusing on expressing a different mood of romantic spring. Dior’s new nail polish (#187) embraces the glamorous spring glow with a celebratory mood. Once applied, the glossy nail polish transforms into a matte texture for a distinctive gelling effect.

Givenchy Givenchy Haute Couture Glow Nail polish

Long-lasting brilliance. The packaging is atmospheric, following the Givenchy style design with high gloss, mirror-like color effect, high saturation, rich color, high color hiding power, only one layer of application. When applying nail polish, it is common to apply a stroke forward from the middle of the nail base and then along the edges of the nail. The brush is in the center, followed by the order of the two sides and brushes about three times on average to prevent the nail polish from falling off quickly.

CHANEL Red Collection Nail polish 587

Paints nails with brilliant color and strengthens their protection. Nails have a bright color, shine and last. The effect is long-lasting. Contains biochemical ceramic to strengthen and protect nails. And there is Ceramides ingredient, which has the effect of moisturizing nails.

Dior Nail Polish #902

Dior Nail Polish #902, Dior finger color has always successfully led the fashion trend with a variety of colorful colors. 2014 Dior Autumn Makeup launched 5 limited edition nail colors, selected the most in line with Dior’s classic 5 elements, bringing your fingertips into Dior’s classic fashion world.

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