Fall/Winter 2020-2021 accessories trends

Accessories can make or ruin a suit.

So, make sure every accessory you have is the right choice.

Thankfully, the world’s top designers are offering us a variety of fresh, creative accessories. So, if you’re ready for some fresh accessory inspiration, check out our collection of the best accessory trends of 2020.


In the last few years, harness has become very fashionable and more and more people are starting to wear it, and this time, harness is also taking a considerable share on the high fashion runway, becoming one of the sexiest trends in accessories for autumn/winter 2020.

Junya Watanabe’s collection features lace-up leather harness in red or black patent leather, which can be paired with a classic menswear-style wool coat, adding a sexy touch to a more modest coat.

In Gucci, thick straight striped harness made of black leather is decorated with silver details, contrasting most with puritanical or heavy ruffled dresses. Finally, on the runway of Alexander McQueen, a strap was draped over a loose white fluffy sleeve dress to make the image of women more like warriors.

Body jewelry

At different fashion weeks, one word often comes to my mind, and that is “body armor”. While most pieces are so elaborate that they can be counted as ordinary clothing (although they are made of metal and are often set with jewelry), others are slightly more elaborate and more suited to the accessories trend of autumn 2020.

In Dilara Findikoglu, a model wears body jewelry made of silver chains on her shoulders with two twisted round ornaments that hang around her body like a bra, and then tie it around her waist with a thinner chain that hangs more chains from the bottom.

Rokh showed a set of chains consisting of two belts – one at the waist, the other on the torso fixed diagonally. Y/Project, Area and Alexander McQueen also showcased jewelry designs as body armor.

Swaggering cross

Religion is a major theme on all runways, and it has also influenced the fall/winter accessories trend of 2020-2021, especially in the form of oversized crosses.

Chanel’s cross is perhaps the most memorable. These stocky crosses made of artificial jewelry appear on necklaces and bracelets, and even the CC logo is decorated in the middle.

Gucci’s large metal crosses hanging from the ears and long chains add to the puritan vibe of the show, though we think the crosses will be more popular with show-off fashionistas in the coming months.


There are a lot of tassels on the runway, echoing the jewelry tassel accessories of 2020.

Prada’s tassels are not very luxurious. The representative of this trend is a colorful and interesting collar made of thin metallic leather, from which hangs a beaded tassel of soft color.

In contrast, Paco Rabanne’s tassels stand out, decorated with wire scarves and the edges of the headscarf. We also saw more fringed jewelry and accessories at Celine and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Jewel Falls

One of the most glamorous jewelry trends is the jewelry waterfall, which includes a wide variety of jewelry made of grids or chains covered with gemstones.

Area show’s crystal-encrusted headdress wraps up to look like a turban, and Gucci designers love long, layered earrings paired with headbands decorated with square crystals for a consistently flowing effect.

Finally, at Off-White, extra-long X-and-O earrings hang down to the shoulders, reminding us of last season’s off-the-shoulder ones. Each earring of the models consists of a row of white circles with a gemstone embedded in the middle.

Leather gloves

On the catwalk, gloves appear in a wide variety of materials, but leather gloves are the most prominent, it gives a warm feeling, and it is very practical.

Valentino combined fashion with long leather gloves that were longer than the elbow. Made from supple leather, most styles are black, brown, red or fuchsia and have a slightly loose design that can be elegantly wrinkled. We found similar gloves in Balmain, although their length is sometimes difficult to judge because they are worn under a long-sleeved coat.

Marc Jacobs introduced shorter leather gloves that were just length to the wrist – lengths that had their own elegance and femininity. We also saw more leather gloves in Lanvin and Maison Margiela.


Elegant long gloves are one of the main 2020 accessory trends, adding a luxurious upgrade to any evening wear. It is perfect to use to keep your arms warm during evening activities. At Erdem, there are strictly decorative gloves, all the way up to the elbows, in both bright metallic tones and transparent fabrics.

Giambattista Valli made a pair of long gloves out of light-colored printed fabrics that were longer than the elbows, and then paired the gloves with equally elaborate dresses and coats and dark-colored clothing.

Richard Quinn, The Row, Anna Sui, David Koma, Tadashi Shoji, Marc Jacobs, and many others have raved about many opera gloves.


In the autumn/winter 2020-2021 jewelry trend, the wide waist belt heralds the coming of an important era.

In Rochas, square buttons and long-tailed belts are mainly used to tie coats, but they also help add shape to flowing dresses.

Saint Laurent’s belt is a fashion statement, and many of the belts introduced this season have slightly thicker designs and buckles that are larger than usual. Finally, at Elie Saab, the belt is a small shape designed a bit like a wide Japanese belt, with a layer of black rope tied around a wider, slightly curved belt.

Male ties

Gender play is part of the spirit of the modern fashion world, which means we’re seeing a wide variety of ties in our fall 2020 accessories.

On the Christian Dior runway, a black tie paired with a buttoned shirt paired with several formal outfits, with the exception of a more rock-roll look, which was paired with a large handkerchief and a leather jacket.

We also saw a lot of ties at big fashion shows in Milan. On the runway at Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, the tie was mostly black, but Prada added some red, light blue or purple colors to the tie.

Tight scarves (narrow collar scarves)

Shrimps’ scarves or large handkerchiefs around their necks have a vintage charm, or they give the feeling of really living together. If you like old-fashioned and decent looks, or you like to subvert it, look for your styling clues from the fall 2020 accessories trend. With a ribbon or scarf, usually with a coat or dress, wrap it around your neck a few more times, tying it on one side with a small ribbon.

Saint Laurent’s design is more subversive, with models tying a scarf on the front, like a scarf, paired with an oversized suit in the 80s, giving it a masculine Victorian style. Finally, in Etro,

The effect of a tightly wrapped scarf is reminiscent of a man’s scarf, but this time it combines colonial and nomadic styles.

Fall/Winter 2020-2021 accessories trends

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