A schoolbag intertwined with love and hate

Author: Li Liushen

The daughter finally stood in the bucket room rented by her parents, and her crystalline tears swirled on her eyelashes like acrobatics.

The mother hugged her daughter tightly, warm lips, shivering tone, trembling voice, rushed to her daughter: After two days of train, tired, right?

Haha, the exhaustion has long since dissipated.

Is college life stressful?


The daughter’s voice changed from childish to tenacious.

The mother tightened her arms and pursed her lips for a deep kiss.

The father stood there and giggled, his hands taking turns serving his moist eyes.

Sleepiness was like an uninvited drizzle, quietly filling the entire cabin. The mother tilted her head, blinked her eyelids that could not be supported, and mysteriously sang the words that had been planned for a long time:

Daughter, look!

The words and sentences are like colorful notes, jumping in the air and hovering in the ears.

Wow, it’s still a brand, I dreamed of owning it!

The daughter took the bag with both hands, condensed her eyes, flipped back and forth, and kept stroking, as if looking for an ancient treasure, focused and engaged. The giggling laughter broke through the curtains and rushed into the Milky Way, making ripples.

Looking at her daughter’s expression, her mother’s face was like a peach blossom in March, like a purple rose, and the vicissitudes of her face were also very colorful.

It seems that the secret of the schoolbag must be hidden.

It was the beginning of spring, and a group of new workers had just moved into the staff dormitory. My mother was cleaning inside and outside the dormitory in the morning sun, but her eyes suddenly lit up.

– It lies quietly in the trash.

The mother wiped and wiped, washed and washed, the gold was placed in a plastic bag, when thinking of her daughter, the mother gently touched it, snuggled it intimately, as if the schoolbag was a stand-in for her daughter, pulling her mother’s soul every moment.

Looking at her daughter’s input, the mother smiled mysteriously. This smile opened her daughter’s eyes, and the mother made a coquettish voice that had never been heard before:

What does it bring to mom?

The daughter lifted a blue schoolbag with a missing nose and teeth—the front of the bag was crampled and crowded, and the mottled stains on the back changed the original appearance of the fabric. Strange shapes, colorful small holes appear in front of you, as if the schoolbag has just escaped from a rain of bullets.

The mother’s brow furrowed, and her heart was full of muttering:

The afterlife is terrible! Wearing rotten clothes is called “sharp brother”, is it fashionable to wear school bags?

No, this is the best embodiment of the family economy.

The mother’s neck was tilted, and tears of sadness poured down.

It’s all to blame husband!

The daughter’s brows furrowed, her eyes rolled, and her resolute words were put in her face: This is the treatment of the same scholar – we don’t want it, okay?

The daughter’s skillful movements dazzled the mother, and she took out sesame oil, fruits and red dates from her hometown from her blue school bag like a cube.

The daughter’s joy instantly dissipated, and the big “Chuan” character occupied the eyebrows, and her voice was hard and cold.

Fellow students have your favorite spicy oil and spicy chicken! But…… The daughter bowed her head deeply, her black hair trembling rhythmically.

Daughter, it’s already hard for you.

At midnight, my daughter put her schoolbag to her chest, hugged her hands tightly, and lay on the wooden board with her kimono.

Fluttering, coming to a familiar place, the smell of ink comes to the nose, penetrating the heart and lungs, and exciting. The beating of the heart from small to large, shaking heaven. With his feet stepping on the beautiful melody, breathing in the fresh, soft and smooth air, a unique coziness hits the heart field, and enters the ocean of books in the blink of an eye.

Yan Hui showed a knowing smile, Zilu stretched out a friendly hand, floated leisurely, and fell into the sacred hall. An elder, with a calm expression and slightly closed eyes, sat quietly in the hall, the gentle incense fluttering, blowing up the long silver whiskers, like stars twinkling to the beat.

Please meet Mr. Kong.

The mellow voice swirled in the air, and he made his daughter’s soul palpitate, and his clenched lips were difficult to close.

Old Mr. Kong’s chin clicked, his eyes moved slightly, and the schoolbag in his daughter’s arms emitted a golden light, and in an instant, it flew into the air like a heavenly horse out of control, circling leisurely. In the blink of an eye, his daughter’s sight flew out.

Old Mr. Kong’s lips moved slightly, and a wonderful voice rose in the hall, fighting like a blow in the air:

Cherish it when you have it, and don’t regret it when you lose it, as long as you have a fate in your heart, you can still understand the mystery.

The daughter threw herself on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly. A colorful robe fell from the sky and fell on her daughter. The crispy, warm and sweet feeling surrounded the whole body.

The daughter woke up from her sleep with her hands moving slightly, and her mother’s kind face swayed in front of her.

In the blink of an eye, the holiday was nearing its end, and the daughter bid farewell to her mother and returned to school, and entered the home of martial arts halfway through politely.

An airwave, a cordial meeting…

When her daughter turned back to the martial artist with a grin, the black melancholy cloud pressed overhead, and the two rays of light that were strongly condensed hit the ground, and a kind of anger burned strongly, and a sound came out from the seven tips-small items all over the ground were messy…

Mom, this is a small gift from my mother, they are delicately placed in my bag, is it to verify my mother’s infatuation with me? Or look for items you like? I have given your gift!

It’s too much!

No, what about school bags? Why is that? The daughter lost her voice and screamed:

Do not cherish the mother’s love of the world, regardless of the feelings of others.

The immortal said, don’t worry about me.

Another masterpiece of martial arts!

The daughter’s teeth made a piercing sound, and the muscles all over her body beat like crazy.

You said that the rotten schoolbag will not be brought back, and why did you steal your mother’s heart, the fairy bent down to pick up the gift from her mother, and the daughter looked at the fairy’s room desperately:

Nike, Li Ning, Adidas. Skyworth, APP, Lego, Too Low Energy, Samsonite, Anta 361, Jordan – brand-name school bags, everything, it has simply become a showroom for school bags.

The mother’s mind lay anxiously at the head of the fairy’s bed, blinking her eyes and beckoning to her daughter, praying that her daughter would quickly rescue her from the cage, and she would accompany her daughter to the sacred academy and give her all to mankind.

The daughter swept the high-end furniture and modern electrical appliances of the martial artist with a disdainful gaze, clicked, her gaze fell on the bedroom door of the martial artist, staring at it deadly, and an angry voice sounded in her heart:

This is the noble you? Spokesperson for neuropathy!

In the blink of an eye, the National Day holiday came, and her daughter stood in the hall of a martial artist carrying the crystallization of hard work (knitting school bags). The dignitaries in the hall waved to the bags:

Come on, there is a unique comfort in the world!

The schoolbag refused to be comfortable and gave you a happy smile, but it attracted the favor of the immortals. The immortals gave their pleading gaze to the martial arts. Wuyi is like a bee finding the source of sugar, staring at the crystallization of her daughter’s cultivation.

This bag is good, quite discerning.

The daughter straightened her chest, raised her head, and deliberately shrugged her shoulders:

This is the will of the saints!

A schoolbag intertwined with love and hate

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