How to install snow chains? Will it damage the tire?

On snowy days, don’t bother to take pictures of snowy scenes, the road surface is icy and slippery, which is naturally a big test for family cars to drive safely. In addition to winter tires, snow chains are one of the common winter driving equipment. Some friends are reluctant to install snow chains, thinking that snow chains will damage tires. Can snow chains really damage tires?

Snow chains must be installed when driving on snow and ice roads, especially in mountainous areas. Let’s start with the correct use of snow chains.

First, roll out the chains in the ground, and then fasten the first latch of each chain to the tire. Then check to see if each tire is fastened to the chain and whether a gear is attached to each side.

Then slowly move the car forward or backward for a distance. After making sure that the snow chains are placed on the tires, fasten the device through the two opposite sides of the chain loop. At last

Start the vehicle slowly, and the sound of the wheels pressing on the ground can tell the installation of the snow chain.

However, incorrect installation methods do not cause small damage to tires. In particular, automatic transmission vehicles should pay attention to installing snow chains on both front wheels at the same time, and do not use snow chains on only one wheel, which can easily damage the automatic transmission gearbox. Do not travel at a speed of more than 50 km / h.

In fact, although iron snow chains are cheap, they are the most damaging to tires, difficult to install and noisy.

Rubber snow chains are less damaging to the car, but they are more expensive.

In fact, in addition to the extremely cold area to use snow chains frequently, other use time is very short, as long as the installation method is correct, the damage to the tire is not large.

When there is no more snow and ice on the road, the snow chains should be removed. Do not drive with a chain attached on a road without snow, as this will seriously damage the tires.

Finally, remind all friends that snow chains cannot guarantee “100% safety” in driving, and you also need to have good driving habits, control the speed of the car and drive carefully, maintain a safe distance, and avoid sharp turns or emergency braking.

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