The four most popular Gucci belts are recommended, and the chic and cool must-have belts

If you want long legs, what is the most important thing?! Dew! Waist! Line! If you want to look good at your waist, you need a belt that is so beautiful that it is fried! You can’t mention the belt without mentioning gucci! Focus on the belt for 50 years, the Gucci belt sold can circle the earth many times!

To say that the belt appearance rate, it is actually quite high!

Don’t you have to tuck a corner in a shirt! Be barren!

Don’t you have to wear a crop when it’s hot! Be barren!

Think you won’t need a belt if you wear a long model? Are you not allowed to charge a waist for a long payment? Be barren!

The suit is paired with a belt, and the fan comes out in an instant! Today we recommend four of the most popular Gucci belts that are used by fashionistas.

1, Double G series Gucci belt

The GUCCI double G belt was launched after the change of logo, and it is the most simple and versatile style, with a slight change in the logo details.

From the double G of the inverted ring clasp to the design of parallel interlacing letters, the logo made of brass has a retro tone, and is the most popular item TOP1 on Instagram.

Celebrity supermodels and street photographers have one for each other, and even wear belts of all different widths.

This belt also has a slim version of 2cm! Available in all colors!

2, ssima series Gucci belt

The ssima series is a classic belt launched by Gucci, which comes in red, blue and black colors, and the gold reverse double G mark.

Although this belt is not as popular as the double Glogo, it is also one of the versatile artifacts! Perfect for sending boyfriend or dad!

3, Horsebit series Gucci belt

Classic horsebit design with a slimmer strap! Suitable for skinny girl paper, petite sister paper, the horsebit has become one of Gucci’s most classic designs since the 50s of the 20th century! This belt looks a little complicated, but it’s vintage.

4, pearl series Gucci belt

The pearl series Gucci belt, the body shape is very sharp, but the double G mark is set with pearls, which balances the sharp feeling, which is very suitable for the atmospheric and sweet sister paper!

There is also a black version!!!!

Wear it with a lace skirt without any sense of harmony!

If you like the belt, you can also chat privately to ensure the lowest price of the genuine product!

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