Chanba No. 24 Primary School March Art Festival series activities

Life education seeks truth, art education is still beautiful, moral cultivation is advocated——— Chanba No. 24 Primary School March Art Festival series activities

In order to further enrich the cultural life of the campus and create a good environment for students to learn inspirationally, live happily and develop in an all-round way, Chanba No. 24 Primary School held a week-long “Campus Art Festival” on March 7. During the art festival, the campus art works exhibition activity of “Showing Personality and Talent, Showing Artistic Style” was carried out, and the teachers and students of the whole school participated together, expressing everyone’s love for life, respect for life, and pursuit of art from a rich perspective.

Activity 1: Handmade lantern display

On March 7th, our school displayed the handmade lanterns made by students during the winter vacation. The art teacher carefully selects all the works submitted and finally selects the excellent handmade lanterns for exhibition. In the exhibition, teachers and students of the school came to see it one after another, and they were amazed by the exquisite works.

Activity 2: Exhibition of Teachers’ Calligraphy and Paintings

On March 8th, our school held an exhibition of teachers’ calligraphy and painting, and the teachers of Chanba No. 24 Primary School, who worked diligently with their pen in hand, showed their hearts, and depicted the big world in a small picture frame, and their works conveyed the spirit of artistic innovation with life, thought and strength.

An exhibition of Mr. Ren Qiuli’s paintings

Exhibition of Bai Ling’s calligraphy and paintings

Exhibition of calligraphy works by Mr. Li Jie

A: An exhibition of Mr. Yun’s paper-cutting works

Exhibition of Zhang Yu’s paintings

These not only show that teachers have endless learning and a wide range of interests and hobbies, but also become a professional and ideal display platform for teachers to learn from each other and collide and communicate.

Activity 3: Logo design work display

In order to enrich students’ extracurricular cultural life, comprehensively improve students’ comprehensive quality, and further create the school’s cultural and artistic atmosphere, our school held a project logo (logo) design work exhibition on “designing school emblem, class emblem and family emblem” on March 9.

Activity 4: Exhibition of students’ paintings

On March 10th, an exhibition of students’ paintings was held, with creative and colorful paintings cooperating with each other, and emotions flowing rhythmically with time.

“Life Education Art Life”, simple eight words, is both a method and a goal. In the daily practice of aesthetic education, the school takes art education as the starting point, but it is by no means limited to art education, and through multi-dimensional and multi-level aesthetic education, it leads teachers and students to feel beauty in life, discover beauty, express beauty in artistic creation, and reproduce beauty.

“Green mountains do not ink thousands of autumn paintings, green water without strings Wanguqin”, silent, fruitful exhibition. This exhibition fully demonstrates the achievements of the school’s aesthetic education construction in recent years, and shows the aesthetic literacy and artistic accomplishment of the students of the school. The school will take this as a new starting point to promote aesthetic education to a new level, and make unremitting efforts to build the school into a brand school of “life education seeking truth, art education is still beautiful, and moral cultivation is noble”!

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