Wind dry beef has become Chifeng “new business card”

Editor’s note: In recent years, with the continuous improvement of Chifeng and the continuous development of tourism, the wind-dried beef in Chifeng is in most parts of the country. In a sense, Chifeng’s wind-dried beef has become a new new year in Chifeng. “Business Card”. In November 2014, the Chifeng Wind Dry Beef Association was established, and the Chifeng Wind Dry Beef Association proposed a slogan: the industry handed hands to build China’s wind-dried beef. We know that many cities in China have strong aggregation effects in a certain industry. It has the same title in the industry, such as Hohhot is known as “milk”, Jingdezhen is called “porcelain”, Foshan It is called “the capital of the drink”, Fuling is called “the capital of the vegetable”, and Chifeng should create “Chinese wind-dried beef capital”, indicating that Chifeng is still a distance from this title, then Chifeng how to make a name What about Chinese wind dry beef?

Chifeng is called by the world due to a long history and a splendid culture, and it will mention Chifeng. Many people will think of Hongshan culture, Yulong and National Health City. In recent years, a specialty of Chifeng has gradually known by foreigners, and this special product is a dry beef. Now, almost all travel specialtics stores are selling wind-dried beef. Chifeng people go outside, will give wind-dried beef to local specialty gifts, friends and relatives, and foreign tourists to Chifeng, will also buy a few bags of wind dry beef to try It can be said that wind-dried beef has become a food that can represent the image of Chifeng, and the foreign tourists have not tasted the wind, but there will be some little regret.

“Local wind-dried beef is prospected in the 1980s, and the individual business is based on individual business. It has gradually gradually, and Chen Shiqing, president of Chifeng Dried Beef Industry Association,” Chen Shiqing, the president of Chifeng Dry Beef Industry Association, Feng Dry Beef is naturally air-dried, the color red brown is bright, and the taste is dry and tender, and is very popular among consumers. With the development of Chifeng economy, the sales of the wind-dried beef in Chifeng, which have increased year by year. Later, a large-scale food company specializing in the production of wind-dried beef, more than 20 manufacturers, and sales of sales, the land of Inner Mongolia, current to the country, current marketing The network covers more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and the annual output value of large enterprises has been over 100 million.

Nowadays, wind-dried beef has developed into an industry in Chifeng. It has a complete industrial chain. “Our upstream industry is a high quality beef cattle farm industry, downstream is a tens of thousands of supermarkets, franchise stores, franchise stores, etc., now, Chifeng There are more than 40 direct stores in the central city, and the franchise store has more than 40, plus other brands of direct stores, franchise stores, and wind-dried beef direct stores in the central city. The franchise store has nearly 300. “Inner Mongolia alone A person in charge of Jia Food Co., Ltd. said.

After entering the new century, Chifeng vigorously develops tourism, and wind-dried beef because of a very rich grassland characteristics, naturally it is a special tourism specialty. According to the staff of the Chifeng Wind Dry Beef Industry Association, currently, the tourism specialty store of Almost all tourist attractions in Chifeng is selling dried beef. Dairy products, national handicrafts and national costumes and wind-dried beef have become the largest tourist souvenirs in sales, while the wind-dried beef in Chifeng produces is sold out through the tourism market. (Zhongyu)

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