Yuan Shanshan went out on the street with | embroidered jacket, and this fashion should give full marks

Spring is blossoming, and it’s time to buy shirts and add new clothes. If you are a fashion-sensitive girl, you will not be difficult to find out what actresses, bloggers, and celebrities are wearing from the street photos of them? You will know which trend items will prevail in the coming days, and they will be included in the must-buy list.

In order to celebrate the number of fans reaching 60 million selfies, Yang Mi wore a Gucci green embroidered jacket worth 10,000 yuan, and wore a hat on the back, full of naughty girls. As a popular queen, I believe that this embroidered jacket will be on fire again.

Yuan Shanshan

From being hacked by 10,000 people to being praised by 10,000 people, Yuan Shanshan recently appeared in London wearing striped Tee with one-piece denim suspenders to reduce age playfulness immediately reappeared, and an embroidered bomber jacket + baseball cap is full of spirit.

Angelababy’s private clothes are also dynamic, wearing a red and black embroidered jacket and black jeans to appear at the airport, accustomed to the noble and elegant goddess image in front of Baby’s camera, this handsome private dress also allows people to see a side of her life.

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo wears a jacket with “flowers, birds, fish and insects” and a cutout knit underneath, which is simple and not rigid, while a red high heel gives it a sense of chic that jumps off.

Rihanna also wears an embroidered coat, but it is a small area of bird embroidery mixed with flower embroidery, which makes her feel more girly.

Catwalk popularity

Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection

Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2016 collection

Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection

Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. have launched related series of embroidered jackets similar to Bomber Jacket styles, but more distinctive Souvenir Jacket is also known as Yokosuka jacket, and we are more accustomed to calling it an embroidered jacket, this style of jacket originated in the 40s of the last century during World War II, because the popularity of American soldiers stationed in Japan quickly became popular in Japan, its signature feature is embroidered with dragons and phoenixes, birds and white tigers on the satin surface , eagle carp and other patterns.

Turn on the hipster style of the street photography party

Simple patterns add a stylish touch

If you don’t feel brave enough to wear intricate embroidery patterns, start with simple flower patterns. Floral motifs embroidered on the sleeves or chest add a stylish look to the Bomber Jacket, while the less obtrusive pattern also matches your understated personality.

Let’s wear a bold color scheme!

When you put on the embroidered aviator jacket, you will find that the rest of the body will be covered by its light, whether you are wearing jeans, T-shirts, long skirts, etc., the jacket will become the focus of your whole body outfit! So it’s definitely not a problem to be bold, of course, the premise is to remember to master the color matching!

The exaggerated pattern adds individuality

After seeing a series of street photos, I still think that pompous and brightly colored embroidery is more suitable for trends! The style of embroidery has a strong oriental flavor, and the exaggerated animal and plant motifs highlight the uniqueness of Embroidered Bomber Jacket, which exudes the taste of East and West.

COSMO single product recommendation

Jonathan Saunders embroidered bomber jacket 13,635 CNY

Stella McCartney “Elgin” embroidered bomber jacket 16,515 CNY


Chloé leopard embroidered bomber jacket 20,505 CNY

TopShop embroidered bomber jacket 780 CNY

In 2015, a bomber jacket was popular, and in 2016, the pattern was refurbished, and an embroidered bomber jacket was popular from men’s week to women’s week, which can be described as male and female; Souvenir jackets full of Japanese flavors, delicate embroidery patterns and bright colors have been especially popular these days, but are you ready again?

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