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Zhao Liying: AB: Who is better than the United States on the same stage?

Recently, Dior held a grand opening event for the new Chinese flagship store in Shanghai Henglung Plaza, and brand ambassadors Zhao Liying and Angelababy in China were present, and they also chose a long dress with the shape of Lady Dior handbags.

Angelababy wears Dior’s Dior Early Spring 2018 collection

Zhao Liying is wearing a white dress from Dior’s 2018 Early Spring Collection

Wang Likun

Wang Ziwen

Reba Liu Wen’s street shooting collided!

This week, many actresses have exposed the latest street photos, and they have worn Chanel on street photos, and the CODECOCO one-button watch in their hands is even more eye-catching.

Liu Wen wears a black jacquard sweater from CHANEL’s Fall/Winter 2017 Trailer Collection



Wear the latest CHANEL CODECOCO one-button watch

Song Qian

Xi Mengyao

Jiang Shuying

H&M X ERDEM is on sale soon

Is the wallet ready?

On October 18, local time, H&M x ERDEM Runway held a show & party in Los Angeles, and many actresses appeared in the latest season of collaboration.

Mackenzie Foy

Kirsten Dunst

Kate Bosworth

Barbara Palvin

Compared with previous collaborations, this collaboration with ERDEM seems to be more girly, and it also retains the brand’s best print elements, predicting another wave of rush sales!


Ni Nijing Boran combined to show affection

Ni Ni and Jing Boran, who have always been low-key, recently reunited to appear in the UNIQLO premium light down series and the 2017 fall/winter fleece full series advertising blockbuster, hand-in-hand interpretation of how to use basic models to build a sense of fashion in autumn and winter.

Ni Ni interprets UNIQLO’s premium lightweight down series

Jing Boran interprets UNIQLO’s premium lightweight down series

Ni Ni interprets the full range of autumn and winter fleece

Jing Boran interprets the full range of autumn and winter fleece

The biggest advantage of the premium lightweight down series is that it only weighs an apple, but it is extremely functional, waterproof and cold-resistant, enough to cope with ten weather changes.

UNIQLO Premium Light Down Series

UNIQLO’s Fall/Winter 2017 Shake Fleece Series has been upgraded to the soft touch while keeping warm, adding a new windproof function to heat up for autumn and winter. Not only that, but there are 19 styles and 81 colors to choose from!

Zhang Yixing became Ray-Ban Greater China

The first brand ambassador

On October 20, 2017, Ray-Ban, the top sunglasses brand under the world’s leading high-end eyewear company, Ray-Ban officially announced in Shanghai that all-round artist Zhang Yixing became the first brand spokesperson in Greater China.

Zhang Yixing became the first brand ambassador of Ray-Ban Greater China

The two parties will work together to create the “Ray-Ban x Zhang Yixing Cooperation Series”, pay tribute to the Ray-Ban spirit of “adhere to the true self”, and sound the youth note of “young, energetic, fearless, and true self” with an outstanding fashion attitude, helping every young person to live happily and achieve a unique transformation on the road of chasing their dreams.

Ray-Ban x Zhang Yixing collaboration series

Queen S dresses up 7 sets a day, beautiful to the point of glowing

In order to promote the new film “All I See Is You”, Blake Lively attended the promotion event on October 16, local time. And she is undoubtedly the focus of all the limelight at the event ceremony, after all, she changed 7 outfits in one day, and each set is a beautiful rhythm.

Blake Lively wears a Monse dress

Blake Lively wears a Brandon Maxwell suit

Blake Lively dressed in CHANEL

Blake Lively is dressed in a Jonathan Simkhai suit

Blake Lively wears an Oscar de la Renta dress

All right! That’s all for this week’s gossip! See you next week~

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Ni Ni interprets the full range of autumn and winter fleece

Ray-Ban x Zhang Yixing collaboration series

Blake Lively dressed in CHANEL

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