The magic capital “quick freeze” mode is turned on, and the sales of cold equipment have soared

Today’s magic is firmly controlled by a strong cold air, the lowest temperature in the city in the morning is 5 °C, although there is sunshine, but it is insignificant in front of the cold air, the maximum temperature is only 10 °C! The citizens felt the atmosphere of early winter in advance.

The pedestrians on the road were fully armed and put on thick winter equipment: scarves, hats, gloves, down jackets… The sudden cold air also made the cold equipment in Huangpu’s major shopping malls feel a wave of “early winter enthusiasm” in advance. There is an endless stream of citizens and tourists who come to try on the shopping.

In a fast-moving consumer goods brand store, the staff placed warm clothes in the most prominent position at the entrance, informing customers that it was time to add winter clothes.

In the down jacket area of the store, a pair of elderly customers are choosing a suitable down jacket for their little grandson, “The child grows fast, last year’s down jacket can no longer be worn, take him to see it today.” Aunt Zhang, a citizen, said while picking out clothes, “I bought this same one last year, the price is quite affordable, and the quality is also guaranteed.” ”

In the end, Aunt Zhang bought a down vest for her grandson after some selection, and she told reporters that she valued quality more than price, and the style was as long as it was passable.

The thermal underwear area on the other side of the store also attracts many customers to buy, and you can buy a stylish and warm underwear for less than 100 yuan.

In another domestic brand down jacket specialty store on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the enthusiasm of citizens and tourists is unprecedentedly high.

The reporter noticed that the brand’s down jacket is divided into high, medium and low stalls to meet the needs of different customers. Uncle Sun, a citizen, bought a thin down jacket worth thousands of yuan, in his words, you get what you pay for, “The price of down jackets is related to the material, the amount of down, and the shape, last year I bought a long down jacket here, very satisfied, so this year again.” ”

In the crowd, Xiao Li, a customer from Jiangsu, was impressive, he told reporters that he was going back to his hometown in Jiangsu today, so he specially dragged his suitcase to buy a down jacket for the whole family, “Although the price is cheaper online, but you can’t see the real thing, you still trust your eyes more, and buy a down jacket for the family for the winter.” ”

During the visit, many customers said that they had learned about the online price before going to the physical store to buy down jackets. This also led to a small queue in front of the cash register in the store.

Coincidentally, the time-honored brand on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Zhang Xiaoquan, also ushered in a small peak in sales today. Many citizens and tourists come to buy soup dumplings.

Tang Pozi is a copper or magnetic flat round pot with a nut opening at the top, through which hot water is poured. The earliest can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. “Tang” – ancient Chinese means boiling water; “Mother-in-law” refers to its function of accompanying people to sleep, so it is named Tang Pozi.

At present, Zhang Xiaoquan store has a total of small, medium and large three specifications of soup mothers, the best sales is large, although the price of 498 yuan is not cheap, but durable, warm and leak-proof, by many customers sought after.

Mr. Zhou, a citizen who lives in Xuhui, came to the store today to buy soup for his mother, who is in her 80s. He told reporters that his mother had used hot water bottles before, but the temperature was too high and vulnerable to external pressure leakage, so he came to buy soup ladies this time.

According to a staff member in Zhang Xiaoquan’s store, the soup ladies in the store are all made of aluminum, with constant temperature and warm characteristics, “This is also the reason why many customers buy soup mothers, and it is not a problem to use them for more than ten years.” ”

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