Luxury Appraisal teaches you how to authenticate a Tiffany ring

In order to buy cheaper Tiffany rings, many consumers directly find someone to buy, but it is difficult to ensure the authenticity of the ring, and then share some ways to identify the authenticity of Tiffany rings

Look at polishing

The materials of Tiffany rings are 18K yellow, 18K white gold, rose gold, PT950, 925 silver, etc., and these are quite fine in polishing and polishing, without sharp edges and corners, gently rubbed with the skin, feel smooth and comfortable.

Look at the engraving

In the case of imitations, it is generally only printed with TIIANY & CO925, and there is no English name given by the designer.

Look at the packaging

Tiffany blue is the Tiffany brand logo, the unique CMYK value is only owned by Tiffany, and even in the color value table can not be found, the real tiffany packaging color is the same as we usually see in stores and magazines, this color is very special, counterfeit is difficult to make.

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