Parents can’t refuse children’s listening, work and rest management intelligent alarm clock

Still worried about not having time for fitness yoga self-appreciation after having children?

Still having a headache for your child who doesn’t eat and sleep on time, and doesn’t obey?

Are you still feeling guilty about being busy at work and not being able to teach your children all the time?

Still worried about your child’s English learning?

Have mothers ever thought that a good day for you and your child can also look like this:

After lunch, an alarm clock rings and you hear a magnetic male voice say, “Dear baby, it’s 1 p.m., it’s time for a nap, the kindergarten teacher said, the baby who goes to bed on time is a good baby…”

Wake up from a nap, you accompany the baby lying on the floor of the study to play coloring games, the sunlight in the room is mixed with soft music, and another voice reminds you “coo~ It’s three o’clock in the afternoon, baby you should eat fruit, today we will first eat a fruit, apple, AAA, Apple ~” The baby unconsciously read Apple~ English is learning subtly.

4 p.m. is your yoga time, and the curious baby is also following you, and you tell her with practical actions to develop a good habit.

The baby sits and watches cartoons for a long time, and a voice reminds you “Little master, after playing for so long, get up and do something else, such as looking at the flowers on the balcony…” So you hold the baby’s hand, sprinkle a packet of seeds together, water the flowers and plants on the balcony, and tell her stories about those flowers~

PS: Little Trouble gives you a pack of flower seeds that you planted with your child

In the dead of night, a voice reminds you and your baby to go to bed on time. “Children, it’s time to sleep, before going to bed, brush your teeth and develop good hygiene habits~” The baby lies in your arms, you listen to the baby’s favorite “Peppa Pig” story together, the baby in the warm yellow light sleeps with a smiling face, and you also sleep deeply~

Such an organized ideal day is not very exciting, now, you can achieve it with the help of a gadget, it is

Allah’s magical little fuss

It is not a toy for children

It is also the formation of children’s healthy habits

In a strict sense, Allah’s magical little trouble is not a smart toy for the baby, its main function is to accompany the baby to learn to read and grow, be a good assistant for parents and help parents better accompany the baby and arrange life.

Children’s growth habits are based on curiosity to imitate the habits of parents, you often play with mobile phones at home, children will also be the same as you; You usually like to Erlang’s legs, cold one day she also cocks Erlang’s legs, all habits, come from the example set by parents, we want to let the child grow up on the predetermined route, then we have to discipline ourselves first and lead by example.

Hourly chime

Create a language environment and a subtle learning atmosphere

Mothers who are deeply affected by cramming education should have experienced that learning English, rote memorization is useless, to learn in life, listen more and speak more, it is especially important to create an English-speaking language environment for the baby.

We often like to sign up for various preschool tutoring classes for children, every day after the child’s training home, they also have to accompany the tutoring review, after work is already very tired, for our parents, the child’s tutoring companionship, is simply a nightmare. Preschool children are very curious, and fault tolerance and adaptability, regular smoking is a good learning habit, usually when we are not at home, every hour time with a piece of English learning, whether it is phonics or fun phrases may attract her attention, slowly under this subtle influence, cultivate children’s learning habits, timely use of children’s curious nature.

In addition to the ones that are suitable for babies

Children’s English chime

, those who have elderly people at home can also subscribe to one

The hourly time chime of the wellness version

, pregnant mothers-to-be can subscribe

Hourly Annunciation Pregnant Mother Early Education Edition

, learn pregnancy knowledge, by the way, prenatal education, haha ~ let every bell ring, bring us a good time.

Little fun time with children

My time

Give your baby healthy habits that will last a lifetime

A child’s ability is important, as is character. However, health is the secret weapon to defeat all opponents. Start with a healthy schedule and give your baby a lifetime of wealth.



Wake up in a small noisy trick awakening, if she is dependent on bed gas, then customize a “cute baby get up artifact” schedule for her, and give her some movement every few minutes;


Remind the baby to finish breakfast and memorize the ancient poem learned yesterday with the little trouble; By noon


, let the little trouble tell the baby that you must wash your hands before eating, this is a good child ~ long time in the afternoon, it is more suitable for telling stories to children, and occasionally learn to learn a few new English words. At night


Point, the baby falls asleep again in the little hilarious story. Eating, drinking, playing games, reading picture books, exercising… Baby’s activities can be customized reminders in Little Trouble My Time, and the time and content (children’s songs, children’s stories, news, English, Chinese studies, lullaby, etc.) can be set for the child. Correct work and rest guidance can standardize children’s habits.

In addition to these, moms can also customize the family day schedule for weekend families, schedules for learning new skills, etc., so that moms and dads become better versions of themselves in order to be good role models for their children.

I want to say to you

Small troubles help you speak for you, more interesting parent-child communication

Due to the education received since childhood, most of our generation of post-80s generation, most of them say, are very shy, shy to express emotions, and not good at saying love. My husband was busy with work some time ago, and he was a little less patient with his children, and once unintentionally made the child cry, looking back afterwards, I regretted it, but I couldn’t pull my face to apologize to the child, so I used a little trouble I want to say to you, apologize to the child: “Baby, I’m sorry, daddy shouldn’t scold you today, forgive dad, okay, no matter what, daddy loves you, good night!” ”

More often than not, I want to say to you, yes

As is

Fun and warm interaction between mom and dad and kids. “Baby, do you remember to brush your teeth today, Peppa Pig’s toothbrush was specially bought for you by your father, as well as your exclusive toothpaste, brushing your teeth twice every morning and evening is a good baby”, “Yiyi little princess, how to say your English name”; If you shout at night and refuse to sleep, then silently push a sentence “children must go to bed early and get up early, eat well, so that they can grow taller and more beautiful in the future”, one or two amused or kind reminders, conveyed through small troubles, so that the time with children is colorful.

I want to say to you that it carries 3 voices, which are a mellow male voice, a childish child’s voice, and a beautiful female voice, just like a family.

Companionship, more than that

In addition to the above, the small fuss also carried more than 100 sources


Sogou Confidant


Tencent Jingle Bell

More than 100 smart skills. Yes

Sleep management

, small boisterous with

Snail sleep

Cooperation, through Allah’s night APP to open sleep management, record the baby’s sleep at night, dream talk, grinding teeth, the next day voice broadcast to you; Ask usually




(2 years QQ Music copyright), listen to it

Current news

, listen occasionally

talking book

, these are all okay.

If you have a storybook at home, try a small hilarious one

Take pictures for identification

Function, shoot text can be converted into voice broadcast out, listen and speak

Pat the flowers

, and can also tell you what kind of flower. The small noisy instruction manual is also very interesting, it is a coloring picture book card that can be completed with the child, the packaging box is a flower pot, random flower seeds are given, and it is also a good choice to plant a pot of flowers with the child.

The little fuss also has a dual-role voice assistant function, Aras House is a deep male voice character, Jingle Jingle is a soft female voice, we can wake them up through “Arath House” and “Jingle Bell” respectively.

A small fuss is also provided

Tsing Yi embroidered coat

Made of silk, it is very comfortable to the touch, and the elegant cheongsam shape integrates the classic national essence, and it looks good anywhere in the home. You can also bring your children to play dress-up games together.

Going back to the original question, if you are struggling with your child’s disobedience; If you are a working mom and are struggling to balance workplace and family relationships; If you are worried that your grandparents will spoil their children too much and find it difficult to develop good habits… So little trouble can just help you, my time helps children to work on time; The hourly time is the child’s reading companion; I want to say to you, speak for mom and dad, teach and communicate; Dual characters awaken massive content from Tencent and Himalaya.

I often listen to the complaints and complaints of my mother’s girlfriends, and I feel more and more that it is important to participate in the growth of a life, in addition to giving him a material life, more is the education of children, from eating habits, sleeping and getting up, whether to write with the left hand or the right hand, walking posture, teaching him to speak, teaching him arithmetic… Mom and dad are the best teachers for children, every word and deed will be learned by children, help children develop healthy habits at the same time, parents should also develop good habits, be a good example, and cheer with children.

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