“Only 1 of the 4 cameras can be used”, 24 million fan anchors sell fake “ZTE mobile phones”, ZTE: lying guns

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The Internet celebrity anchor overturned again with goods.

Recently, 24 million fan anchor “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” was exposed to sell cottage “Duowei 12Pro” mobile phone, “two of the three cameras are fake”, Kuaishou promised to compensate consumers 9 times first, and some consumers accused Donkey sister-in-law of selling cottage “ZTE mobile phone”.

In this regard, the ZTE brand denied that it had produced the model mobile phone in question, saying that the mobile phone was a fake and shoddy product.

The Internet celebrity anchor was again accused of selling cottage machines

According to surging news reports, recently, some consumers said that “donkey sisters-in-law” sell copycat “ZTE mobile phones”. The consumer said that the “Shanghai ZTE Guardian Treasure F6Pro” mobile phone purchased was fraudulent, and the live broadcast room claimed that the mobile phone had 256G memory, but in fact it was only 64G. Of the 4 cameras on the phone, only 1 can be used, and the streamer claims that all 4 cameras are available in the live broadcast room. At present, Kuaishou platform has refunded the consumer and does not need to return the mobile phone.

On June 2, Shanghai ZTE Yilian Communications Co., Ltd. responded on its official Weibo:

“Guardian Bao” is a product brand of Shanghai Yilian, but Shanghai Yilian has never produced and sold the “Guardian Bao F6 Pro” model products, nor has it authorized any company to produce this model of products.

“Guardian Bao F6 Pro” is a fake and shoddy product, infringing on the interests of consumers, damaging the goodwill of “Guardian Bao and ZTE Mobile Phone”, affecting the normal operation of Shanghai Yilian, and the enterprises behind it have been suspected of illegal crimes.

Shanghai Yilian has never reached any cooperation with Kuaishou platform anchor “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong”.

According to public information, Shanghai Yilian is ZTE (000063. SZ), the main products are concentrated in the field of wireless transmission, indoor coverage, network optimization and guardian treasure terminal products.

On the 2nd, Ni Fei, president of ZTE’s terminal business unit on Weibo, also said on Weibo, “Resolutely resist infringement, counterfeiting, disrupting market order and infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.” ”

Copycats frequently appear in the live broadcast room

A few days ago, the “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” live broadcast room attracted public attention because of the suspected sale of cottage machines.

After the detection of Weibo big V “Technology Xiaoxin”, it was found that the mobile phone sold by “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” is suspected of stealing the network access license of other mobile phones, and its advertised configuration of 8+128 memory is actually only 4+64 memory, and there are three cameras but only one can actually be used.

The blogger said that “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” claimed that the mobile phone could only be bought in its live broadcast room, and the official website cost 4999 yuan, and in the case of the anchor constantly reducing prices and “making up a hundred”, the blogger finally grabbed the “fully stocked” mobile phone at a price of 899 yuan.

On the afternoon of May 28, the company involved Shenzhen Yougou Times Technology Co., Ltd. issued a relevant announcement statement on the official website of Duowei, saying that “Duowei 12Pro” is a product to be listed, but due to internal management errors of the company, there are problems such as camera and memory mismatch, and it was sold in the “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” Kuaishou live broadcast room.

On the 28th, Kuaishou E-commerce issued an announcement in response to this matter, saying that all products of Duowei will be permanently returned, and the enterprises involved will never cooperate. In the face of consumers, Kuaishou E-commerce said on the basis of the previous “non-refundable return” that it will give all consumers who purchased the “Duowei 12Pro” mobile phone in the live broadcast room 9 times compensation, 3 times from Kuaishou E-commerce’s “pet money”, 3 times from the anchor “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” compensation to consumers, and 3 times will seek recourse from Duowei brand owners and merchants.

On June 1, Kuaishou E-commerce once again issued a mobile phone industry governance announcement, which stated that Kuaishou would carry out special governance and rectification of the mobile phone category. Doov/Doov (all products have been removed from the shelves, never to be invested); SUGAR/Candy, Scooby-Doo/Koobee, Soai/Soaiy, Royole ROYOLE, Tianyu/K-Touch, Guardian Bao, ZTE/ZTE, Yadi Xin, Owo, Coolpad, Newman/Newsmy (all the above brand products have been removed from the shelves and are not invited for investment for the time being).

Then on the evening of June 1, ZTE mobile phone said lying gun, ZTE Lu Qianhao explained that this time it was the cottage brand caused by oolong, “I didn’t expect a cottage product to stick to the brand of our subsidiary, harm us top bag!” ”

On June 2, the official Weibo of Coolpad Mobile also issued a statement, saying that the donkey’s sister-in-law’s live broadcast brought goods caused serious damage to the reputation of Yulong Computer Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and its Coolpad Group. “Our company verified at the first time, and the models sold in the live broadcast room involved were not sold by Coolpad officially, and Coolpad officials never authorized them.”

In addition, according to surging news reports, another consumer said that the purchase of “Soai” mobile phone in the “donkey sister-in-law” live broadcast room was a copycat machine, and it was found that the mobile phone involved did not match the filing information on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Consumers demand that the platform compensate consumers 9 times by taking Duowei mobile phone as an example.

According to incomplete statistics of “Feigua Data”, Kuaishou anchor “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” has brought more than 20 models including Tianyu, Candy, Coolpad, Soai, ZTE for 30 consecutive days, with a single price ranging from 679 yuan to 1499 yuan, and a cumulative pre-sale amount of more than 470 million yuan.

In the April live broadcast sales ranking of self-media, “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” ranked fourth after anchors Weiya, Li Jiaqi and Sydney.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Internet celebrity anchors have fallen into the storm of fakes. At the end of 2020, after the fake bird’s nest incident of Simba, another anchor of Kuaishou, was exposed, “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” was also exposed to “sell radiation-proof wine”, and “Donkey Sister-in-law Pingrong” took the initiative to apologize and compensate.

Not long ago, Wei Ya was questioned by fashion bloggers that the halterneck fan sold in the live broadcast room was a copycat fake, which also caused controversy. Afterwards, Wei Ya did not admit to selling counterfeits in her response, saying that the product was recommended by the official Xiaoer of Tmall International, and she understood the mistake and solved the incident by non-returnable refund.

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